Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Starry Night

Happy Weekend! 

Ophelia, your travels sound wonderful and I am selfishly pleased that you are on a mini holiday because I miss your emails ever so much.  Have you heard from Flora... I bet she is running her own PR firm by now and has forgotten all about us little gals.  Seriously, though she hasn't returned my calls or emails and I am beginning to think that we might need to plan a trip to NYC soon and just show up at her door to make sure she is OK.    If you have heard anything, please let me know.

Week two was much better than the first at my current job.  I was less busy fetching coffee for everyone and  more busy driving people around! Ha!  The best part of being on set though is the food!!  I haven't had to spend a single dime from my own pocket.  All the catering is great for this Eternal Intern's budget ;)  

Nothing too exciting to report except that I am secretly falling in love with the Director.  He is so flippin' talented and adorable, I don't know what to do!  I seriously can't stop staring at him, and the highlight of my week is when I get to exchange a few words with him after I fetch him something during break... or set up... or whatever it is!!!  I am embarassed to say that I also dreamt of him, and the day after... I immediately started to blush every time we were within 10 feet of each other.  As if we had done something naughty the night before!  Ha!  I know what you are thinking... GET A GRIP... HOW OLD AM I?

Well, that's all the childish excitement that I have to report.  I am spending my weekend, once again, doing a whole lot of lounging around by the beach and I might even try to drag my a** for a hike tomorrow!  Provided my dreams don't get in the way of my rest !  ;)

xxx Rose

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Weekend en Normandie

Hello my dear girls,
I hope you are both well.  I am, as of Friday, on holiday for three weeks!  I am happy to report that I have already profited from the time off.  This morning I returned to Paris after a lovely, relaxing and at times, somber, weekend in Normandy.  One of the other assistants from work, Amandine, is from Normandy and she was shocked to learn that despite my extensive travels in France, I have never been to Rouen.  She invited us to her family home outside the city and the boyfriend and I were all to happy to accept her invitation!

We arrived in Rouen on Saturday afternoon and after a delicious lunch in her family's gorgeous garden we went to the rive droite of Rouen to check out the Impressionist exhibit at the Musee de Beaux Arts.  I wasn't sure what to expect in Rouen, but I was instantly charmed by the gorgeous architecture.  It is nothing at all like the Haussmannien buildings of Paris!  A coupe of cidre normand and a few macarons from Grand-Mere Auzou was the perfect end to our afternoon in Rouen!

Sunday was a more somber day as we drove along the cote de Nacre passed Deauville and Trouville to the Plages de Débarquement.  We stopped first at Juno beach where Canadian and British soldiers landed, then at Gold beach, then finally on to Omaha Beach where the Americans came ashore on 6 June, 1944.  The beach is now a popular vacation spot (we found this pretty odd...), but there is something eerie about it.  Our last visit was to the American Cemetery to see the over 9,000 white crosses commemorating lost american soldiers.  As the Star Spangled Banner played, a Canadian-American girl, her French friend, and her Canadian boyfriend paid respect to their grandfathers and others who fought on those beaches (or in other battles in Europe!) over 60 years ago.   It was a truly sobering experience.

After one last restful sleep in her gorgeous house and an evening ride in the woods (Yes, they have horses!),  we caught a train back to Paris ce matin.  While it is nice to be back in la capitale, there is nothing like escaping the noise and chaos of Paris... even if only for a few days!

Bisous xx Ophelia

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Hello girls,
I apologize for my long absence.  Between the move and the new job, I haven't had a single free minute.  En plus, I was without internet for close to a month and I haven't had a single free second at work to write to you.  I hope you are both well.  Rose, you sounds like you're keeping busy!  Flora, send us news!  Did you ever go to London to visit el novio?  As for me, I have been working away in my current gig as intern/assistant.  We have been busy busy at the magazine and there is a lot to learn along the way.  As I mentioned ages ago, I was thrown right into the middle of the madness so I have had to pick things up as I go along. So far so good, I guess!

That said, I am already getting a little tired of my current situation.  Don't get me wrong, it isn't terrible, but I am starting to doubt the path I am on.  There are too many fashion-obsessed girls fighting for limited fashion jobs and frankly my heart isn't in it.  I love fashion magazines and I always will, but the life of a fashion assistant or a stylist is not pour moi!  No thank you!  So where do I go from here?  Who knows!  Truth be told, the many months I have put in in the world of magazines has showed me what I do NOT want to be, but sorting out what to do with myself now is another story.  Last night, inspired after watching The Wizard of Oz, I started thinking about my own Yellow Brick Road.  Dorothy's road ultimately led her to where she was going, but what about me?  I don't even have a destination!  And worse, it seems that I am now standing at a crossroads with no clue which way to turn!  Luckily, after only a month at X Magazine, the office is closing for the summer break (Vive la France and their summer holidays!).  I have close to a month to sit down and sort this who thing out.
On the list of things to consider:

1.  What does Ophelia want to be when she grows up?

2.  What steps should I take to realize this career goal?

3.  Who do I know that can give me advice, feedback or even an "in" somewhere great?  *As Rose mentioned not too long ago, it's all about connections.  Frankly, I am a little tired of watching everyone call in favors while I try to do things my way.  Those days are done.  That's not to say I intend to ride on anyone's coat tails...

4.  How long will it take me to get to where I am going?  Enough is enough already!  I see girls jumping to the front of the job line all the time and I have be waiting long enough. 

And so, during my summer vacation, I intend to sit down with my notebook and pencil in the Jardin du Luxembourg for as long as it takes to come up with some solid answers.  Thinking Cap?  Check!  Ruby Slippers?  Check! 

Cross your fingers girls!  And I promise, I will keep you posted every step of the way!  

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do You Take Milk/Sugar?

Good Evening! Hope you ladies had a fabulous week!

I started my new gig this week and it has been one adventure after the other.  My arms are sore from lifting items and setting them down all around the set and as of Friday night I haven't moved more than about a few feet to my fridge.  I was exhausted!

It is exciting to be on set again.  I prefer it to being stuck in an office all day... and in sunny SoCal it is always a pleasure (although this heat wave was slightly unpleasant for the set designers).

The people I work with are pretty cool.  I don't think I will be making any BFFs, but they are pleasant enough...

Look at me writing away.... let me get to the important stuff.... guess what I learned this week?!?!?!?  I CAN MAKE THE MEANEST CUP OF COFFEE ON THE CONTINENT!  At least according to the director!  That's right... I am the on set coffee b**ch.  I guess every production has one... and this time it is your truly!

"Rose can you grab me a latte!"  "Rose! Two coffees, stat!"

and my response:

" No Foam?"  " Non-Fat?"  "Milk and sugar?"

I'm not complaining, it got me great face time with almost everybody involved in the production!  Go me!  I knew my coffee making skills would come in handy sooner or later...

xxx Rose

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Broke = Bored = Rose

Happy Weekend!  I just came back from the movies... no need to even ask... anyone who knows me knows that I OF COURSE went to see Predators!  I am a huge fan of the original and although this one is not as fresh, it definitely does not disappoint. 

My mood changed drastically when I came home to check my account balance... I have $6.78 in my checking!

Being on budget certainly puts a cap on how exciting life can be, and that is why I have been totally bored this past week. I have tried to keep busy and arrange work drinks... but having friends and networking costs major $$$.  So not only am I broke, but it has also led to boredom!
I have a couple of days left and then I am back to the grind.  Quite frankly,  it cannot come soon enough!  I know I will be eating these words come next Friday, but right about now I would rather drive around pompous producers and take care of their pets/children and earn a little bit of dough. 

Sending you love from Hollywood.
xxx Rose

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Date With Kong

Wow!  I don't hear from you guys for a couple of weeks and then SHAZAM!  Congrats to you both for your new gigs!  Now I am the one that is twiddling thumbs in between internships.  I am still waiting for a start date for my new job on set.... you never know with these people.  I was supposed to start last Friday, but now it seems like next Monday is to be my official date.

So what am I doing with my free time? Editing, editing, and editing some more!  I am rewriting most of my script... AGAIN!  I had a friend in the industry read it and they gave it back to me with an abundance of notes.  I am not complaining, because it is these notes and criticisms that are going to push me to have the best possible product!  Then, maybe, I will have the nerve to send it around.  I suspect another year of work ahead of me.  If I could do this as a full-time paid job I would be done within a few months, but with the life of An Eternal Intern, a year of editing and reworking is my reality.

Tomorrow, however, I am playing hookie with my boyfriend and escaping to experience Peter Jackson's NEW 3D King Kong ride at Universal Studios!  Firstly, Peter Jackson is my hero!  Secondly, it has been a decade since the last time I went to Universal Studios! ...  Third.... I get to spend a beautiful day with P. at a theme-park!  Enough said.  It is going to be undoubtedly glorious and I will most definitely send you guys pictures throughout the day.

Congrats again on your fabulosity!  Keep it real ;)

xxx Rose

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back on Track

Hello girls,
Rose, enjoy your movie!  Flora, have a lovely time in FL!  I'm jealous!

As for me, it is hot hot hot in Paris (35 C°, 95 F°!) today and it's also moving day!  I get the keys to my new apartment this evening and then, suitcase by suitcase, box by box the boyfriend and I start the long, strenuous process of moving!  En plus, I have had to take the day off from work (yes, I did say "work"... more on this later!), to move.  The lovely CS has been so kind to let us crash in her apartment, but I am sure she will be happy to return from her summer travels to an empty, tidy apartment!  Heureusement, the new apartment is just around the corner, so the move shouldn't be too difficult... but in this heat, who knows!  The next step is, of course, the housewarming party which will take place next weekend.  I already have a few ideas up my sleeve!

And now... the work situation....  Well, it's not the "Eternal Employment" that Flora may have "caught" but it is something... and something good!  I have scored an Editorial assistant position (I fall somewhere between an intern and an assistant!) in a super cool, respected fashion magazine.  I won't say which one (I'm so mysterious!), but I can say it's not Vogue. That said, the one and only Karl Lagerfeld is a frequent contributor (he is a "cher ami" of my boss!) and with any luck our paths will cross.  I wouldn't even know what to say to Karl Lagerfeld, but just to meet him would be out of this world!  We are a small team of only 10 (5 in the office, 5 freelance!), so I will be right in the middle of all the action.  In fact, tomorrow I will be at the studio when the Artistic Director (and head Photographer) shoots a very well-known former supermodel!  All this and it's only my first week!

And I cannot tell you how many calls I have gotten this week offering me internships.  I went to several interviews last week and it would appear that I got them all!  It just goes to show you... all you need to find a job is another job!  Great timing!  haha!  

Well mes amies, after a month of instability, it seem that this Eternal Intern is finally getting back on track.  I'll report back tomorrow once I am settled in my new place!

Bisous, Ophelia


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