Monday, March 26, 2012

Taking the Plunge

Hey girls!
OMG I know an update is long overdue!
Well what excuse can I excuse actually! I've been travelling in Asia for the past month...yes girls a lot is new! A lot! I'm so sorry I didn't mention it...I kinda left "sur un coup de tete"...from on day to the next.
But, ok let's start at the beginning...I know this is gonna come as a shocker...but: I quit my job!!
Don't judge please! I quit for solid grounds - I promise! Things were not going well...the environment was too rotten...and I also just started questioning everything all of a sudden. Did I belong in this position? Was this job right for me? I had a knot in my stomach every morning as I walked to work...
So's a me too...but listen it's opened some doors to plenty of other things - including something I had always dreamed of doing: packing my bags and trekking throughout Asia! Well I did it! And I'm back! And I'm 10 pounds lighter...which is actually not that great a thing!!!  But what an eye opening experience it has been. Incredible! I have met the most interesting people, seen the most incredible sights and lived the most intense of experiences. Coming back to NY after all this was unreal...I mean we live in such a bubble - it's incredible and almost sickening.
I'll tell you all about my travels soon, but I have to admit I'm still not 100% recovered from the trip...I got sick right at the end!
But what I can say is that as scary as it is to find myself single, jobless and without much savings in the Big is something I will over come and I know it. Even if I sometimes feel as though I'm standing at the edge of a cliff!
I was able to make it from being an Eternal Intern to a full-time employee with strength and I know that this experience will be the same!
So girls, I def won't be visiting any time soon! But you guys are more than welcome to come over to NY and visit whenever you please :)
Big kisses and speak soon!


Friday, March 9, 2012

A Bashful Intern

OK so just wanted to message you guys to say I <3 my internship!  The director s treating me like a f**king superstar assistant! I am meeting the coolest people!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they just cast an actor who I am absolutely obsessed with!  You know... the kind of obsession that if I were married and had an 'allowed list' he would definitely be 2nd if not 3rd on my list. Let's just hope I don't start blushing every time I am around him... because that could be slightly embarrassing!  Ugh... it might not be avoidable at this point :-/

I have, however, become sick to death of the grey skies in Londontown.  I miss sunny SoCal.  Not to mention the fact that I miss driving... never thought I would be saying that !  You can't have it all can you!?

Miss you guys f**king loads! Flora please tell me that everything is OK.  We are kinda worried about you.  You have been so MIA.  Call me when you get a chance please!

Thinking of you both.




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