Friday, April 30, 2010

Bon Appetit!

Hello darlings, 

Ma chere Flora, is it terribly selfish that I am secretly hoping you'll spend lots of time in London so we can be closer together?  For as long as I have known you, you have always been oh so resourceful.  If anyone can make it work, it's you, ma belle!

Rose, I've got one thing to say... Hit the road, Jack!  The open road is calling your name!  Tell your boss you've got a road trip to start and let him try to find another Rose.  I guarantee he won't succeed. You're one of a kind!  

As for lil old moi, I had such a lovely mid-week treat that I just had to share with you.  My very dear friend M and her fiance are visiting for two weeks after a trip to see his family in England.  M and I go way back but we hardly see one another because life has put an ocean between us!  In the past few days we have had several marathon catch up sessions over numerous bouteilles de Sancerre.  Luckily, the boyfriend and the fiance get on very well because they are both foodies.  My boyfriend writes a great food blog called The Global Gourmand and M's fiance is best known as The London Chef.  As you can imagine, we have had some incredible meals thanks to the fellas!  

Last night, in my petit kitchen The London Chef and his sous-chef The Global Gourmand hosted a cooking class for me, M and a few lucky Parisian girlfriends.  Let me tell you, girls, the life of an intern can truly be fabulous!  My demonic boss Victoire was out of the office all day on a photo shoot and I returned home to find my counters loaded with fresh produce, delicious wines and two handsome chefs ready to work their magic.  What a day!  

On the menu last night:  

Pan seared diver scallops on cauliflower and vanilla puree, with crisp leeks, beurre noisette foam and a balsamic reduction infused with smoked bacon and garlic

Classic white risotto with arugula

Pan roasted fillets of gilt head sea bream on fennel, sweet onion and lemon zest confit with sauce vierge and herb salad

Swordfish steak charred with black pepper and sea salt on crushed new potatoes with salsa verde and caramelized lemon

A melange of shellfish in a Marseille-inspired spiced cream broth

Bon appetit!

Bisous x x x Ophelia

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Transatlantic Interns...

Rose, I'm so sorry to hear that your replacement was fired! Crazyness over there on the West Coast... Happy to be over here in NYC ;)

That said, right now I don't know how happy I am to be over here on the East Coast...Yes, I know, it sounds contradictory...I am a New York loooover, absolutely love this side of the country and this ab-fab island that is Manhattan, but hear me out and I think you'll understand...

So I've worked my butt off to network, meet/greet, apply etc... to get this ab-fab internship at the X Group...Sofia has been an angel, and luckily, through her and this internship, I've been able to get my visa to stay in NY...

Now, behind every story when a girl begins her tale by saying that she has fought her way to get a visa to work and stay in a particular country/city...there is of course: a boy!!!

Yes, indeed in my case there is also a boy. No, he is not the absolute sole reason I have fought so hard to stay put in NY (face it, I am a New Yorker at heart and will always be!), but let's just say he's a big reason I did ;)

Why the anger then? Why the unhappiness about being on the East Coast at the moment?

Well get this: el querido novio is to soon become an INTERN!! Yes, 'tis crazily true...Given his MBA and 'previous' extensive work experience...I doubt that he will become an "Eternal Intern", but oui les filles...el novio is himself soon embarking on a "summer intern" experience...and all this for LE MBA...

Now, el novio becoming an intern, in itself does not madden me one bit. On the contrary, I find it amusing!
What infuriates me, however, is the geographical location of this "so-called" internship: London, England.
Yes, you heard me right LONDON! As if we weren't far in Manhattan, him a few hours north east at school...

What used to separate us was a train ride or Peter Pan bus ride...What will now separate us is the Atlantic Ocean and a British Airways roundtrip ticket... WTF?!?! How the hell are we gonna afford this?? Me on my intern stipend and him on his MBA debt!!

I'm freaking out already...and he hasn't even yet left!!

Chicas, reassure me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!!!!

I'm off to check plane tickets...JFK direction Heathrow...already!!

Flora xoxo

Monday, April 26, 2010

This Is The Job That Never Ends

Good morning!

Flora, I can barely handle when my building manager turns off the water for maintenance for only a few hours... what an inconvenience that must have been for you!  I think you should just come and live in LA with me :)

Sorry I have been M.I.A.  My replacement and I had to work throughout the weekend, and I thought everything went smoothly enough with the boss... but I was sadly mistaken.  I just got copied on an email from my boss to the new girl saying that SHE WAS FIRED!  She called me immediately, as if I would have the answers...  I had no idea what to say! So I gave her the 'it's not you it's him' speech, which seemed to help.

I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel... but the tunnel seems to be getting longer and longer!

I have been looking up some really cool writing workshops, mentorship programs and even some exciting internships/entry level positions for the end of the summer.  I am so excited for my roadtrip and then diving in head first into a brand new opportunity!

For now I must concentrate on getting through the next couple of weeks... actually, I am hoping week and a half... but will have to keep you posted!  Unfortunately, I promised that I would stay until I finished training someone and I have come to far to burn any bridges at this point.  Wish me luck!

xxx Rose

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Drought in the UES

Ophelia!! While you were surfing the waves of Biarritz I was suffering from a drought here in NYC!! Yes, you heard me right a drought - NO water...

No, not a literal drought...but yet another problem with my cramped, small, cozy studio of a home: my water was cut last night! As if it wasn't hard enough living as an Eternal Intern on a meager stipend...added to that are all the problems that come with living in a decrepit studio of a flat!! Hehe!!

I'm luckily now laughing about this adventure, but let me tell you, you do not understand and value the importance of running water until you are faced without it. It's unbelievable...I had already had a stint of bad luck when I moved into this apt and realized the importance of "hot" water and "heating" ( not having hot water or heat in the apt in the middle of winter!!), but this time, not having ANY water at all was just too much! Fortunately, post-lengthy conversation with el novio in a panic, I solved the mystery and turns out someone must have switched my water opening closed.....fieuff...

So yes, no waves to surf here in NYC, other than the figurative waves of Eternal Interning and all of the troubles and turbulences that come with the "lifestyle" of an Eternal Intern. No, no upscale modern, no hight tech kitchen appliances (let along a full kitchen!), no elevator (walk...up!)...yes to cracks on the walls and the ceilings and squeeky doors...yes to hearing your neighbours come home wasted and fall over in bed in the middle of the night...yes many things I wish I could have said goodbye to so long ago!! hehe!!

But funny enough I realize that all these little "Eternal Intern" lifestyle tid-bits are also found, even in the lives of young, prosperous, ambitous MBA students!! Yes, many of those MBA students ditch their Wall St. financed lives of luxury to fall back into "student life" oh so quickly once 1st semester commences...Dorms, cafeterias, libraries, common bathrooms...or the roommate flats with dirty dishes stacked up in the sink and pilled on the counters, 30 year old couches with cigarette burn holes....yes oh yes...sometimes we "Eternal Interns" think we have it bad...but let me tell you...el novio has confirmed that "MBA" life isn't always all that grand either ;)

OK girls...speaking of which I must give him a shout...he's in exams and in a terrible be continued....



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surfs up!

Hello ladies,
As I mentioned last week,  I had a lovely time falling back in love with the City of Lights.  The life of an intern although precarious and stressful at times, can also be quite exhilarating!  I have been able to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world and meet the most fascinating people!  As much as I stress about Eternal Employment, what will I do when my vacation time is limited?!  haha!

As I'm sure you can imagine, things are pretty interesting in Europe en ce moment.  Grounded under the volcanic ash cloud, people have been forced to stay close to home (or find creative ways to get to their destination!).  Lucky for me, France has so much to offer without ever having to board a plane!  The boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of my friday half days and hope on a train to Biarritz for the weekend!  It is gorgeous in Paris, but my inner surfer babe was feeling a little landlock and the ocean was calling!   After a pleasant TGV ride, we arrived in Biarritz late last night!  Here's my itinerary:  Beach, Beach, Museum of Chocolate, Beach!  It's not quite "beach weather," but no one can keep me from the coast!

La Grande Plage
I adore the beach!  I am going to have a hard time leaving la Grande Plage!  The only thing Paris is lacking is a beach... 

 La Roche de la Vierge
The power of the waves crashing against the breathtaking Roche de la Vierge.  It really was so beautiful! 

Hotel du Palais 
Having never been to Biarritz, I wanted to see it as Empress Eugenie (wife of Napoleon III) did! She built the Villa Eugenie in 1854 which is now the stunning Hotel du Palais.

Biarritz is most famous for its surfing.  I myself didn't surf, but there were plenty of people out in the water and it really got me thinking.  Surfers and Eternal Interns have a lot in common.  A job is like a wave...  you wait for a good one and when it comes, you ride it as far as you can!

Bisous x x x Ophelia  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A welcome to Spring...on Spring...

Rose, I'm happy you've finally found your replacement - what will you do now? Eternal Employment calling? And Ophelia, ma belle! Profites a fond de Paris - quelle chance!!

As for me, I spent the most splendid weekend! A seriously brilliant fabulous friend CL was in town and along with a bunch of NYC Frogs (or shall I say frenchies...) we headed for the most memorable apero on Saturday afternoon...An "apero" that lasted well into "dinner" time and "drinks" time...From 5pm to a little past midnight we sat, laughed, rambled on randomly, laughed some more and seriously enjoyed the greatest afternoon/evening I have spent in a long while...

It felt so good to just let loose, feel free, and seriously have an endless "apero" over...hmm...4 or was it 5 bouteilles de Rose with the terrace doors open down on Spring St... Spring has finally officially come upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with CL and the frog crowd over one too many Domaines Ott on Spring st...?

Of course, no story or apero can ever be perfect - isn't that correct? Haha!! Or at least, this one way indeed, until...yes the dreaded "until"...I got to my walk-up...and decided (well past midnight...and my head spinning just a tad...) to check if I had any mail... Yes, I had mail!!

One postcard marked Shanghai from a friend travelling the world (lucky thing!!!!!!!!) and under it...there it was...yes...a perfectly sealed, print embossed, magnificient enveloppe....Yes oh yes, this evenlope came from one of the world's most fabulous luxury brand...the enveloppe itself could have been framed (or sold on ebay for a hefty sum)...

Stumbling up my stairs I began to try and open, oh so delicately the serenely pretty vain!
I thus waited to get into my studio...slump myself into my couch/bed, and there in a matter of minutes my "oh so happy" face turned blank...well from blank to mad...

The gorgeously expensive stationery was a gorgeously expensive way to reject me!!! Yes, to reject me!! I should have known better! Had these people wanted to hire me, I would have gotten the news by call...telegram even!! But a letter!?!?! Such a politely expensive way to rub into my face that yes my application was a great one...and wow did they ever study it hard...but no, oh sorry, no we have nothing that matches you!!

I was furious, I was mad...and so, I turned on some music and decided to forget about it! yes forget about all the negative that one can come across while being on the "Eternal Employment" search, and instead to focus on the good: the fabulous evening I had just spent, the wonderful stationery I had just collected, the great Sunday that was before me the next day!!

And with that, I realized how important one's attitude is, and its impact on one's confidence and humour!

Stay positive girls!!!


Flora xoxo

No More IM-ing

We have hired my replacement!  Over the next two weeks I will be passing down the knowledge that I have accrued over the last few months and  hope that I can make a smooth exit to sweet freedom! 

Training is so exhausting because you have to be working every minute of the day, which means that I can't take the 5 minute breathers every now and again to IM a coworker or friend!  How will I survive?

Ophelia, I am so glad that you enjoyed the treasures of your city last weekend.  Those are always my favorite days.  It is so refreshing to fall in love with your city all over again and to take the time to appreciate all that it offers.  I can't wait to visit you in Paris!  Maybe this summer... I am seriously considering it! 

Back to the grind!  Wish me luck with the training...

xxx Rose

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paris Je T'aime

Hello girls,
One of the greatest things about being an Eternal Intern is the free time it affords. Every friday (depending on the work load) my boss sends us home at lunch to enjoy a long-ish weekend.  It makes the week (and the lack of salary!) a little more bearable and I get to spend a little time with the city I adore.  Unlike my fellow Parisians, I am still completely in love with this city!  I have lived here for years and yet I always find a new rue to meander down or a quartier to explore.

A few years ago, a very savvy amie gave me a book called Paris Insolite and since then I have read it cover to cover and then over again!  It has some random and often overlooked sights in this fair city that even the most knowledgeable Parisian may not know.  There is nothing better than a sunny afternoon spent wandering the streets with the boyfriend.  On friday, we decided to see Paris' narrowest street (a bit of a disappointment!) and the only remaining Appel de Preparation à la Defense from World War I.  Seriously, you never know what you'll stumble across!

Today, we hit the streets again to check out other hidden gems.  From the 6th arrondissement we made our way to the Rive Droite.  After a pause for the most delicious Baklava from a bakery on rue des Rosiers and a petit cafe at the darling Cafe Charlot (an Eternal Intern favorite!) we did a little shopping on the Rue des Francs Bourgeois.  We eventually wandered up to République and then on to the Canal Saint Martin (if you know Paris, you know we did a lot of walking!) where we stopped again for an apéro at the adorable Hotel du Nord.   Exhausted (and a little tipsy!), I am now back in the 6ieme arrondissement mentally prepping for another week with the delightful Victoire!   I just hope she had a as nice a weekend as I did so she'll be in a better mood.  Here's hoping...

I hope you both enjoyed your Sundays!

Bisous x x x Ophelia

Paris Insolite

Ophelia's Outfit

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just another day...

Dearest Eternal Interns,

My job comes with a few perks:  Screenings, a tiny bit of travel, and exposure to all sorts of A-list talent... BUT... when my boss let me  house sit for him the last couple of days while he was out of town (AGAIN)... I thought I had won the jackpot! 

In my language there is a saying that pretty much translates to.... it doesn't suit a donkey to eat pomegranate!  I would be the donkey in this analogy and the mansion in Malibu would be the pomegranate...

The following is a true story:

I was laying by the pool in my shorts and bikini top... wasn't really in the mood to wear my full bathing suit as I had no intention of going swimming...
I decided to invite a girlfriend over to enjoy the beautiful house with me and plus we were due for a catch up.  So we did just that... we lay by the pool, munched on a bag of almonds, and chatted away...

You can imagine how thirsty one would get after a handful of almonds... so I went inside the house to get some refreshments and on my way out I played with the golden Labrador for a moment.... the dog got so excited.... he decided to follow me... BUT he is not allowed within a certain perimeter of the pool.... because he will undoubtedly jump in! And of course, despite my yelling and instruction, the dog pushed past me and...  SPLASH!!!!

The dog jumped into the pool and was doing laps, not to mention having the time of his life!
 " Lucky OUT!  Lucky out... come on Lucky.  No! No! Lucky No!"

All of a sudden,  it was like the dog understood exactly what I was saying and decided to get out of the pool.  Unfortunately for me, it was from the deep end!  Desperate to latch onto anything that might help him out, the dog held onto my towel with the bag of almonds and my Blackberry on it!
He took it with him across the pool.... at first the towel floated... there was hope... but midway across the pool it sank and took my Blackberry with it... of course the almonds did not sink and floated all over the pool! 

I had no choice but to jump in, without a bathing suit, and assisted the dog (that weighs as much as I do) out from the shallow end... then tried to collect as many of the almonds and humanly possible.... and of course watched my Blackberry vibrate to its death!

I am traumatized, but must get through the next few hours so I can mourn the death of my dear friend (my blackberry) over the weekend.  Just another day in the life of an Eternal Intern.

xxx Rose

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unknown Caller

Hey! While you Rose may be having a crazy boss day, and Ophelia deals with a crazy boss herself...I myself do have to say that my boss is not my problem! No, not at all, in fact I love Sofia!

My problem at the moment is this "Eternal Employment" search...Get this, after my bummer "informational interview" at the beginning of the week, Tuesday afternoon I see my phone light up and vibrate...Unknown Caller...

If there's one thing I've learned in the world of 'job searching', 'employment hunting''s that you never, under any circumstance, answer your phone if you (1) do not recognize the number or (2) it's an unknown number. Why? You may ask...for the very simple fact, that the person at the other end of the line could very well be an HR assistant phoning up to "ask you a few questions"...

Low and behold...I was right!! As soon as I checked my "one new message" I smiled and thanked my lucky stars I hadn't answered the call! It was indeed an HR chica....

Now, don't get me wrong...I could have indeed answered the call. I could have very likely answered all her questions brilliantly...but there's just something about being called up and having to basically conduct a phone interview "on the spot", "cold turkey"...and, on top of work!!

So, calmly and collectedly...a few hours later (2 to be exact...) I called back. The ball was back in my court.

I hit every ball...or I mean, answered every question to the best of my ability (hmm...not too bad I have to say)...until...yes, always an until...she asked me what my "salary expectactions" were. I honestly think the lady on the other end of the line heard my "gulp"...I had no idea. I had never really thought up that answer...a salary has always been something I've dreamed of, but never something I had been confronted with...(a big salary that is...).

Gulp after gulp of anxiousness I finally answered..."entry-level", I said...quickly regreting my answer...I should have gone for the millions (said the little devil on my left shoulder hehe!!).

Look, I don't know what will happen next, interviews could start as soon as next week, but I'm not too motivated by this I guess we'll just see!! In any case, any interview is good experience, and I go by the philosophy that one should always accept an can do no harm!!

I'll keep you posted on what happens next chicas!! For now I must jet!

Big bisous!

Flora xoxo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Case Of The Crazies

It's official... I have the crazy boss gene! Don't get me wrong, I play hard with my interns, but I am definitely tough on them when it comes time to work.  At the end of the day, it is my ass on the line, and I work diligently to keep it out of trouble.   This is the first time in a long time that I have been on payroll, and I will be damned if I let anyone get in the way of my last few weeks as a assistant before inevitably returning to my eternal intern ways!

With my boss being overwhelmed due to the complications in marketing one of his movies and setting up the financing for another, it is unavoidable that he will be taking out his stress on your truly, and yours truly will be taking out her frustration on the interns!

In all seriousness though, I have the best interns in the world... some even have the potential of achieving Eternal Intern status!  They are working hard all over this town, and I am convinced that I will be working on projects with them in the future... If they will have me!
That said, they will all willingly confess that I definitely exhibit the crazy boss gene!

Flora, good luck with your cover letter!  I never use them... so I can't offer much advice about that...

Ophelia, not sure if you have ever told us, but I imagine V to look like a witch!  Does she have a big nose with boils on it?  I have one word for her... UGH!

Love you guys

xxx Rose

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sign on the Dotted Line

Hello my dearest girls,
Allow me a moment to vent... Victoire is truly out of her mind.  Today, a fellow intern gave notice that she would be leaving for a paid job.  What did the Princess of Darkness do?  She threw a hissy fit and refused to let the girl go!  On friday, at 4:00, she insisted we sort the closet by designer (fair enough), but then 45 minutes later (after 98% of the clothes were sorted) she changed her mind and wanted it broken down by look!  Today, she arrived with a list of furniture stores and assigned me the task of doing preliminary research on a sofa she is thinking about buying... she wants to know what her options are!  The tyrant is really reveling in the power since her boss is away for a week.  There is no buffer between the victims and their tormentor!  

So again I ask, why would someone take such joy in making others miserable?  It got me thinking about what kind of boss I will be someday.  Having interned for an eternity, I know how awful it can be to toil away at the bottom of the food chain with little to no recognition for your hard work!  So I am drafting a contract with my fictional interns that I vow to respect when I (finally) hold a position of power.  Please, if ever you see me abusing someone below me, send me this contract and bring me back down to reality.

Ophelia's Charter of Intern Rights and Freedoms

Interns shall:
1. Be free to take coffee, cigarette, fresh air breaks whenever they need them

2. Leave early on Fridays and/or on days when there is nothing to do around the office

3. Take an hour for lunch without having to run personal errands for bosses during that time. 

4. Be paid for their hard work (if monetary compensation is minimal, it shall be supplemented by samples, party invitations, fashion week passes or other perks that are readily available to editors

5. Be at the top of the list for free passes, samples, etc that the editors are giving away.  Editors shall never overlook their interns when trying to empty the beauty closet.

6. Be treated with respect and their opinions shall be acknowledged and taken into consideration

7. Be free to take days off to handle personal business such as doctors appts, job interviews, etc.  Interns will never have to provide a doctor's note or receipt proving their whereabouts (That's just insane!)

8. Never photocopy, walk dogs, get coffee or do personal tasks for editors. 

9. Be introduced to all contacts who could provide employment upon completion of internship

10. Never be lied to.  All details of the internship (including potential employment opportunities or lack thereof shall be disclosed during interview)

Bisous x x x Ophelia

The "Informational" Interview

Hi girls! Ophelia - I can't beleive it!! How funny! And how times have changed...what was once perceived as "volunteering" is today's "unpaid internship" almost every national newspaper has written about this week! Welcome to the 21st century ladies!!

Rose, how's the interviewing going? Interestingly enough, as you pass behind the "interviewers" desk, I've been passing in front of it...well only once so far...and trust me...nothing fabulous...

On the contrary...I had gotten my hopes up all weekend about this Monday @ noon "informational" meeting (what does that even mean!!) with a very senior individual who I had worked with a few years back... only to be...well...faced with the reality of hearing: "it's still a tough market out there", "we're only now starting to peer out of the red zone", "I'm sure in two years time things will be back to normal, but by then I'm sure you'll be in a great position!"... A lot of chatter...a lot of bla bla bla...but let me tell you, no concrete help.

Ok, so I wasn't expecting him to make me a job offer right then and there - I am indeed a crazy person, but not that naively crazy! I guess I was expecting perhaps a few recommendations, some guidance, (maybe some contacts?? hehe!), and perhaps a more positive outlook on his behalf.

On the whole, however, I'm very grateful that he even agreed to meet with me - I've learned that few are those who actually respond to young graduates, let alone invite them for a meeting. Simply being invited into his beautiful UES townhouse, wood-paneled, impressionist painting adorned office was a trip in itself! My oh I wish to one day have such an office! Monets, Picassos, Bonards...all hanging if in a museum...How spectacular, how magical...what an inspirational place (perhaps I could have freshened up my cover letters...inspired in this room!!).

It seems that not only am now going to have to work my but off towards "Eternal Employment"...but how nice would it be to couple "Eternal Employment" with an "Eternally Generous Salary"...ahhhhhhhh the joysssss!!! Perhaps un jour...

But for now I must simply focus on one thing: Eternal Employment!!

Girls I must jet...I'm going to polish off a cover seems as though I spend hours writing them, re-reading them, and again re-reading them....ahhhh la vie!

Hasta pronto chicas!

Flora xoxo

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ophelia, this email is slightly less classy than your beautiful tea party and story.  Thank you so much for sharing!  During school, there was not a single teacher of mine that didn't start out as an intern.  It really is the eternal cycle and I think exhibiting some flexibility is great advice.  Thanks love.

My weekend is definitely a success thus far!  I slept in until about 2pm yesterday morning and then attended the LA Beerfest at the Sony Studios!  Each Participant was given a small mug with which to taste the wide varieties of beer.  Although initially most people dismiss the small mug as being insultingly small... everyone soon learns that it most certainly does the job!

I had a smashing time with some good friends that I have met through 'work drinks'.  There were also numerous food trucks lined up for my convenience.  Food trucks in LA are a real treat... they are usually extremely cheap and ALWAYS hit the spot!  Tacos, burritos, fries, quesadillas.... it was glorious!

Now I'm getting ready for a double-feature Sunday.  Not sure what I'm seeing yet... not too much that I am excited about this weekend, to be honest, but must make the most of the weekend before I sit down with the hundreds of resumes that I received on Friday for my position!  I literally received hundreds of resumes and cover letters...

It is so strange being on this side of the interviewing process.  I am not really sure what to look for, but you live, you learn.

xxx Rose

The Original Eternal Intern

Hello darling girls,
I hope you're both enjoying the weekend. I have a fabulous story I just have to share!  This afternoon, I met an original Eternal Intern!  This woman was an Eternal Intern before our parents were even born!  Earlier today, the boyfriend and I went to a tea party hosted by our friends Norman and Sandra.  As always, there was a fabulous mix of young and old, french and foreign, employed and.... me, the sole intern in the bunch!  I always meet the most fascinating people who share incredible stories of world travels, parties and incredible jobs!  I am always so inspired when I leave!  Well, I mingled and chatted and eventually ended up talking to the most amazing 80-year old woman I have ever met!  It sounds crazy, but we had so much in common that it was like chatting with you girls!  haha!  Mrs.  Joyce Connoly was a true inspiration who gave me advice that she followed in the 1950s that is still so relevant today!

Joyce is originally from New York City.  Through what she called "a hefty dose of luck" she scored a spot at Vogue (!!) as a copy editor.  She told me incredible tales of Vogue days, from intimidating meetings in the enormous office of editor in chief Jessica Daves to run-ins with "The White Russian," an opinionated and difficult male editor.  After a 5-year stint, Joyce decided she needed a break and wanted to travel.  She boarded a ship to Europe (how incredibly romantic!) where she met the man she would eventually marry (even more romantic!)!  They traveled around Europe before marrying and settling in Toronto.  Apparently Mr. Connoly ("a dashingly handsome smooth talker") convinced Joyce that Toronto was a booming metropolis where she would settle in perfectly and find a fabulous job.  She was sadly disappointed by what she called "a provincial town where you couldn't get a drink on Sunday!" (Now you see why I am obsessed with this woman!).  After trying on several jobs that didn't fit, she decided to try her hand at PR as it was similar to what she was used to at Vogue.  With little PR experience, Joyce decided to "volunteer" (aka INTERN!!) at several Toronto-based PR companies to get her foot in the door.  She made numerous connections and eventually scored her dream job.  I mean, could she be any more amazing?  She is the original Eternal Intern!

After a difficult week at work (more on that later!), I was a little down on interning and starting to feel like it would never pay off.  Well, Joyce has given me hope!  Like she said, flexibility, creativity and persistence and it will all pay off in the end!  The key, she explained, is to not box yourself in.  We have to be young, be flexible and be open to new opportunities and ideas!  It sounds so obvious but I often lose sight of that basic concept!  Anyway, Joyce went on to raise three children in Toronto before she and Mr. Connoly retired in Paris.  Imagine that, a job at Vogue, a career in PR, a long-lasting marriage and retiring in Paris!

As you can see, I am a huge fan of one of the original Eternal Interns!

Bisous x x x Ophelia

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just Breathe

Flora, another reason that I am a fan of unpaid internships is that most labor laws require that you either get paid or that you receive a college credit for an internship.  As companies struggle to cut down,  they are most definitely going to opt to make mandatory college credits the norm.  I dreaded this requirement during college and even post-grad for two reasons.  Firstly, it is very difficult for a post-grad to get an internship if credit is a necessity.  Second, and more important, why should I have to pay $500 for a credit in order to gain some experience! This is worse than not getting paid! Flora, I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one!  
In other news... since giving my notice, I have been drowning in mixed emotions.  My boss has a new movie out and amidst all the exciting screenings, I have been doubting my epic vacation plans.   Have I made the right decision?  Is this the right time for taking some time off?   Am I completely out of my mind?

If I am honest, there is never going to be a good time to go on vacation for a workaholic such as myself!  Never! 

I have to remember that I am the same lady that vowed to live more like a European!

Now back to finalizing the million itineraries that have piled up on my desk! 

I am not only drowning in my over-analyzing tendencies that have lead to doubtful thoughts, but also the 'to-do' list that has grown exponentially longer since Monday! 
Must try to swim my way to a breather!

xxx Rose 

Unpaid Internships...good for some...tougher for others...

Ophelia - very true! As interns, however, we don't think that way. We never stop and think on the road to "Eternal Employment" how we may be perceived as a threat by "Eternal Employees" - on the contrary, often we're too focused kissing their b**ts...

Speaking of interns and the "road to Eternal Employment" - have you girls been keeping up with the news lately? I don't know if you've seen this Ophelia, since you're back in Paris, but the words "intern", "unpaid", "illegal" and "internships" have been all over the place lately... Take one look at google news and you'll flip!

Yes oh yes, as I mentioned on Sunday, finally attention is being focused on the legality of unpaid internships. Now, I know that some of you may be pro-unpaid-internships...Rose, I know that you feel as though an unpaid internship lets some enter industries/companies/networks they otherwise would never be able to access...But, I do have to say that I'm not a proponent of these internships...

What was brought up in many articles that I read was the very fact: Can you afford a summer internship? Can you seriously, financially afford a 4, 5 even 6 month stint with no income - doing the work one was most likely paid to do a few years back (yes yes...corporate cut backs have led many "full-time" positions to be redesigned as "long-term" internship experience...bullshit...)...

Rose, I get your point that unpaid internships let some enter industries difficult to break into, however, these opportunities are once again only available to those who CAN afford the unpaid internship. Instead of removing an additional barrier to enter such industries (let's take Hollywood for instance...), unpaid internships only ADD another barrier .... a barrier for those who CANNOT afford to work for FREE for 3 months! It creates yet another discrimination...

Ophelia, could you give us your opinion. I know that in France the legislation is quite different than in North America...and that there's some kind of 'minimum wage' ALL interns performing an internship of more than 1 month (or 2?) must receive...something like 30% of regular mininum wage, around 400 euros.

Ok, so 400 euros is not a million dollars, but at least it's that!! At least it can let a few more kids, who don't have the luxury to work for free, to take an internship...

What do you think girls? Luckily my internship right now is not unpaid...look it's not paying me a ton, but it's keeping me going. I seriously don't know how I could do otherwise...

I must run girls, but let's keep chatting, this is an important topic.

Flora xoxo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Flip Side

Hello Eternal Interns,
How are things in Los Angeles and New York?  I've been doing some thinking about our Eternal Intern predicament and I came to a realization...  Actually, what got me thinking was a comment from a fellow party guest at Tim's soiree last weekend.  When I mentioned that I was an intern hoping to be hired the guy gave me a troubled look.  At first I assumed he was just repulsed by the fact that I was in theory unemployed and yet hobnobbing with the creme de la creme of the New York television scene, but the more we discussed it became clear that he was slightly intimidated by ME!  Yes, by lil ol' me!  I'll explain.  In response to my usual  "yes, I am just an intern but I'm hoping my current company will hire me" he asked if they were creating new positions or if I was hoping that someone would leave/get fired.  I started to tell him my hope to bump Victoire out and take her place, but held back when I realized that that is his worst nightmare!  I mean, it makes sense...  Here is a man who has held on to the same job for 20 + years at more or less the same salary, he has a bachelor in something completely unrelated but got the job when things were "easier" and learned as he went along.  He doesn't want to retire but he's getting old and not as quick and eager as he once was.  He has been asking for a raise, but so far no luck.  Then, along comes a fresh-out-of-college keener who has a BA and a Masters, speaks three languages because she lived abroad and horror of all horrors... is willing to work for free!

All this time we have been looking at it from an intern perspective (and with good reason!), but as with any good story there is a flip side.  Look at mean, sullen, vendictive Victoire.  I haven't done a thing to her and yet she acts like I am singlehandedly ruining her life.  It all makes sense now!  I am the competition without even meaning to be.  One slip up on her end (or one stellar move on mine) and she could find herself an Eternal Intern (ok, I'm exaggerating but you get the point!).  I once had a boss who often quipped that one day she would be working for me... could it be that she was vocalizing the Eternal Employees biggest fear?

Should we feel bad?  Maybe, but I'm pretty content knowing that I'm keeping Victoire on her toes!  Let the epic battle between Eternal Interns and Eternal Employees begin...

Bisous x x x Ophelia

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Empire State of Mind

My dearest Eternal Interns,
I hope you're both well.  I am back from New York and I had the best time!  It was a whirlwind of weekend filled with brunches, lunches and lots of shopping!  Rose, it's such a shame you couldn't be there, but it sounds like you had a action-packed weekend on the west coast!  It was so great to be back in New York and to catch up with friends I haven't seen in months.  I managed to touch base with the usual suspects:  Flora (of course!) D & M (who are still working on their amazing new film!) and the lovely Ashton

On Sunday, Flora and I had brunch with my friend A. who is currently working at Vogue.  She started as an intern, but because she is too fabulous for words she was a shoo in for a job.  Lucky lady!  We used to intern together at a Toronto-based magazine and I must say, she is oh so Vogue.  You know those girls that seem to have all the luck?  Well A. is one of them!  The only difference is that she is so delightful that you can't possibly be jealous!  Anyway, I had such a blast catching up with her as she dished all the Vogue gossip over french fries at Balthazar.  For a fashion intern like moi, A's rise from rags to Vogue is like a fairy tale and the editors at Vogue are definitely the evil stepmothers!

Flora and I also attended a fabulous cocktail party at the apartment of an old family friend.  Tim is a television producer and for as long as I remember he has hosted some pretty incredible parties.  Flora and I got the usual "Where are you working?" and "Oh, you're just an intern" but we have learned to side step the judgment with as much grace as possible.  Anyway, I noticed how much easier it is for me to network (I hate that word!) in New York.  In Paris, I have that foreign allure that attracts people, but I am never 100% able to convey my personality en francais.  I am fluent in French, but certain cultural references and nuances still go over my head.  In New York I am more at ease.  I was cool, calm and collected.  I had forgotten what it's like to be witty and charming in one's mother tongue!  It makes all the difference in the world! 

More on my New York adventures to follow but for now I must get back to the world of Eternal Interning!

Bisous x x x Ophelia

PS. In case you were wondering, my lunch with the editors fell through.  Quelle surprise! 

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's The Final Countdown

The earthquake was not in Los Angeles proper, so what I felt was at a much lower magnitude.  The strange part was how long it went on for... but all is fine in La La Land!

What is amazing about that NYT article is that any one of us could have exposed these issues at any point over the last few years.  The question is why do we do it?  Why are we Eternal Interns?  My mother always likes to remind me that if I wanted to, I could go ahead and report these people to labor boards who would probably strike down hard on this illegal situation.  However, as an Eternal Intern, I need to get as much on my resume as possible... so if these internships didn't exist, it would be near impossible to do what we do.  It creates low barriers of entry in industries where the barriers would otherwise be extraordinarily high.  It will be interesting to see what kind of impact this sort of article will actually have.

On a brighter note... I GAVE MY NOTICE!  It is the final countdown.   The break up could not have gone better.  I told him that I am going to be moving on and his response was to tell me what an asset I have been to him and how greatly I will be missed.  I was extremely moved by his kind words and could not have imagined a better ending to this relationship, which is exactly what it has been.  We spent more time together than any normal couple, and being a personal assistant really means that I was integrated into all aspects of his life. The other day, when I picked him up from the airport after another 'business' trip, he was actually so excited to see me waiting for him by the baggage claim.  It has been a surreal ride and I am eternally grateful... and now I have one of the best recommendations one could ever hope to get in Hollywood!  Score!

What is next for me?  Well, first I need to find my replacement, train them, and then I can start planning the details for my cross country ROADTRIP

xxx Rose

NY Times on the Growth of Unpaid Internships

Hey girls!

Rose, I'm happy all is well in L.A - you haven't mentioned anything about the quake. Is all ok? Did you feel anything? After-shocks?? I know - so many questions! But it's not every day that a 7.2 quake hits Southern California... please do send some news!

As for me I just quickly wanted to bring something to your attention. Ophelia is "au courrant" of course, as we read this article together...but Rose, we wanted to share this with you.

Apparently we are not alone in our struggle with "Unpaid", "Unfair" and..."Eternal" Internships...The New York Times recently wrote an article contesting the very 'fairness' and actual 'legality' of "Unpaid Internships".

As 3 Eternal Interns, I do sincerely recommend you take a look at it. It's amazing to have the NY Times react to this. They have in the past as well, but this time this article has really hit a cord...Since the article was published there has been amazing coverage with respect to the legality of so-called "Unpaid Internships".

I definitely think we should stay focused on this issue...who knows, as Eternal Interns ourselves perhaps we can help in some way.

Rose take a look please...Ophelia, give me a call when you're ready for brunch!

In the meantime, I'm going to try to get a little 'job searching' and 'eternal employment hoping' done!

Have a fab Sunday!

Flora xoxo

The Motion Poster

I have been meaning to share the following link with you guys... it is a motion poster for the upcoming film The Other Guys.

These days a marketing campaign is what makes or breaks a movie and Sony Pictures is definitely up there with its marketing budgets.  All Sony movies seem to drown Los Angeles in posters.

What do you guys think of this?

xxx Rose

Blissfully Full

Well I hope you two enjoyed your reunion in NYC.  Why is it that one of you is always travelling to Paris or NYC? I think you should both make it out to the west coast next time!

Actually, I also had a couple of friends visiting and it is always wonderful to take out-of-towners to experience the unique cuisine that your city has to offer.  Here is a quick overview of my easter weekend feasts.  Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Neptune's net has such a great variety of fresh seafood and even something as simple as the fish'n'chips will definitely hit the spot.  Then you can walk over and watch all the cute surfers doing their thing ;)

We compared the two best cupcake shops in the city (Sprinkles and Crumbs) which just happen to be down the street from each other in Beverly Hills.

Sprinkles icing was definitely more to my liking.  I think that Sprinkles has a simpler selection with higher quality!

Who can forget the bacon dessert that we ate to wash down the delicious oxtail and pig ears at Animal in West Hollywood.  

There is so much more to share, but as I am currently in a food coma I am going to unbutton my pants and lay on the couch for a bit... and if I should fall asleep in front of the television... SO BE IT!

Back to the grind in the morning!

xxx Rose

Friday, April 2, 2010

New York, New York

Ophelia! Yipee! So excited to see u! Text me as soon as you get in!

You're going to see - as soon as you arrive, you'll feel as though you had never left! There's something magical about New York! In fact, remember L, my Spanish friend? Well just a few days ago I got a call from her...She was calling from Barcelona...and she wanted to speak! Badly! Apparently she was missing NY...a lot!

L. is a wonderful friend with whom I've spent amazing moments here in NY. She did her undergrad at NYU, then topped her B.A off with an M.A at Columbia and then happily fell into Eternal Employment in the Big Apple...recently though she was offered a position back home in Spain that she just could not resist and headed back...

Despite being back home, being surrounded by childhood friends and familly, speaking her native language again...L spent over an hour lamenting about how much she missed NY. The way she spoke about the city...about her ex-neighborhood....about this island...well, it felt as though she was speaking about a human...a family member...her best friend...

Funny enough, New York often becomes a surreal being for many who taste life within its coasts...New York takes on a life of its own and becomes much more than simply a "hometown" or a "residence"...This Big Apple becomes part of oneself, part of one's persona, character, being.

Once a 'New Yorker', you can never turn back.

L. made me laugh. She reminisced about her weekly Sunday H&H bagel...her Tall-Skim-Chai Latte she would rush to get every morning at Starbucks before stumbling onto the Crosstown bus...spending hours over the weekend perusing the NY Times Weekend Style Section Wedding pages (and dreamin of Mr. Right!)...falling asleep in front of Sarah Gore on the little television that plays over and over again in her favorite yellow taxi-cabs...and the manicures, yes the manicures she would get 2,3...even 4 times a month!

Yes oh yes, NY has so much to offer! Manhattan is the island of endless possibilities...the city that never sleeps...veritably, the greatest place on earth!

Listening to L, did make me laugh, but it also made me realize how lucky I am to live in this city...on this this fabulous place called the Big Apple. Even simply as an Eternal Intern...this is the city of Eternal Opportunities!!!

Ophelia get your but over here! Let's start this weekend properly, in style, in NY!

Kisses...Flora xoxo


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