Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Big Eternal Employment Catch in Perspective?

Hey Rose!

I am indeed alive! In fact I am finishing my ab-fab internship this week - reason for my major MIA-ness lately... I've been trying to get everything finished up, grab drinks with everyone and basically overdo myself to the point that I've now caught a horrible cold (I can blame it on being an overworked intern...but I think it's more linked to being an "oh-so-cold" intern in an overly air-conditioned office space!)...

So mea culpa for the dissapearance act!!

Girls, it's July 4th this weekend...what are you guys doing?? Rose are you heading anywhere?? Ophelia how are you going to celebrate in Paris??

I'm thinking of heading down to the Keys...Yes, it will be hot, hot, triple hot, but I like it!! The water will be warm, the fishing amazing and the tourists will be too busy up in the Hamptons to make it all the way down there!

It's also a perfect place for me to go 100% forward with the job/networking hunt...Like I said last time, I've had a definite big bite (yes...fishermen's terms...) and I'm still reeling that bite in...We will see shortly what happens...if the bite turns into a catch...if a catch turns into my oh-so-desired Eternal Employment! I'm hoping to land a Grand Slam with this one!

Ok chicas, must focus again...just wanted to reassure you that yes, this Eternal Intern is still alive and well!!!! And now, all she has on her mind is heading down to the Keys for some good weekend fishing...ahhh la vida!!

Big besitos and talk soon!

Flora xoxo

Saturday Night Fever

I know you guys are busy... but I would really appreciate a text message, phone call or email to let me know that you are alive and well!

I have been bored out of my mind at work lately.  The production company I have been interning at is not doing so well in this economy and as a result, I have spent a lot of my time on the computer planning my weekend activities.  Usually I look for things that are within an intern's budget... aka... free!  Ha! Seriously though I am so excited for this Saturday night... 

My girlfriends and I have decided to attend the screening of Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery this weekend.  It is one of my favorite things to do during the summer in LA... besides the Hollywood Bowl of course!  It is a $10 donation to attend and BYOB.  I would love to take you guys sometime, but that actually requires a visit!!!  They are screening Airplane at the end of July... so get planning!

Drop me a line when you get a chance.

xxx Rose

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eclipse In Hollywood

Ophelia, congrats on your apartment!  What a satisfying feeling :)  Can't wait to see pics.

Flora, how are you?  How is the weather in NYC? 

Ladies, Hollywood is buzzing tonight as it does for many special premieres.  Tonight is the premiere of Eclipse  (the third installment of the Twilight saga).  I swear the industry hasn't been buzzing like this since the This Is It premiere.

Twilight is the ultimate of guilty pleasures... these vampires define our pop culture today!  It is scary to think that other generations will be remembered for their cool horror flicks and we will be remembered for worshipping SHINY VAMPIRES!  Believe me, I resisted this bandwagon for quite sometime... but alas... if you can't beat them, join them! lol.  Such is my experience with the Twilight phenomenon.

I swear that everyone and their mother is invited to this screening tonight except for yours truly!  Not that I am anyone of major significance, but I really mean that EVERYONE is going tonight!  I know plenty of other interns/assistants that are going.   I, on the other hand, have the pleasure of staying behind with the other assistant in the office to ensure that everything is ready for tomorrow's early meeting.  Oh joy! 

I'm not sure if I told you guys yet, but I got that gig that I mentioned a while back.  I'm super stoked about it.  Actually so psyched to get back on set in just a few weeks.  I will say one thing... I am so proud of myself for always having the courage to intern between gigs!  I would not have a single contact in this industry if it wasn't for my ability to volunteer my services!

So here's to the courage it takes to be an Eternal Intern!

xxx Rose

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

News from Neverland!

Bonjour girls!
I am writing with some marvelous news... we have an apartment!!!  I cannot tell you how much stress has just been lifted off my poor little shoulders!  I was really starting to worry that CS's couch would be my permanent residence in Paris!  Heureusement, as of July 1st, we are no longer sans domicile fixe!  I received the good news while enjoying the lovely weather in the Jardin du Luxembourg.  My dear friend Cleo (a pint-sized anglaise and former fixture of the 6eme arrondissement) and I were catching up when I got the call.  The agent called to say that there was some confusion with the owner and that she would get back to me asap.  My phone rang again 5 minutes later and I truly expected the worst.  Luckily, she was calling with the bonnes nouvelles!!  I'm already planning the pendaison de crémaillère!  haha!

Actually, while in the park, Cleo and I had an interesting chat today about our career paths.  Although she was living in Paris, she decided that there were more opportunities for her in London and has since moved back.  I, on the other hand, felt that Paris had more to offer.   She is a theater girl (so London is a natural fit!) and I am fashion (and Paris is the capital!).  Despite our different parcours, Cleo and I are the best of friends because we both defied the "American in Paris" of "English Gap Year" expectations.  It is not uncommon in the 6th to meet a young woman from the US or UK studying English at the Sorbonne with plans to go home and start working at the end of the year.  Cleo and I were those girls, but we decided to stay on longer.  Years later, after all the other americaines and anglaises had come and gone, Cleo and I were still loyal, adopted parisiennes.  Neither of us bought into the idea that Paris was a short chapter before entering the "real world."  So we stayed.  Sure, at times we fell into our old study abroad ways, but we also worked (interned), spoke french fluently, embraced the culture and came to view Paris as home, not just a lay-over on the way to adulthood!  As an etrangere, Paris can be like Neverland, but the days of scooter rides and picnics in the park are behind us and we now have a different appreciation for our beloved city.

And now, with a lovely new apartment, I can resume my vie parisienne!

Bisous, Ophelia

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Way Things Were...

Good evening!  O, any luck on the apartment

I just had a drink with an old friend from elementary school, who I haven't seen for over a decade.  It was extremely lovely to catch up, but his latest news got me thinking about the job market today compared to what it was even ten years ago. 

My friend is currently unemployed and so has decided to write the GRE and get an MA.   To most this might sound like a clever move, however, an Eternal Intern would disagree.

I believe there was a time where an MA from a reputable school would land one a higher paying job, but nowadays it could leave you at a disadvantage.  I have found that NOTHING matters more on one's resume than experience! 

The problem is that while my friend decides to return to school there are people working and creating a larger network for themselves by the minute! 

Even after receiving a post graduate degree, most people learn the hard way that they have to start from the bottom regardless, AND in this economy some employers are afraid to hire individuals who they view as being 'overqualified'!
What does that even mean? 
Isn't that supposed to be a good thing?
I long for a time where the commitment to better oneself was rewarded fairly.

What do you guys think?

xxx Rose

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Intern Non Grata

Hello les filles,
Comment allez vous?  Here in Paris, the apartment search continues!  I have now called about/visited close to 20 apartments and my latest dilemma seems that I have stumbled into apartment No Man's Land.  I realize now that I am at the very bottom of the Undesirable list when it comes to renting property.  Sure, no one wants a drug addict or a party animal living in their flat, but even worse... The worst possible tenant of all?  The Unemployed Intern!  You may think I am exaggerating but I can actually hear the fear and judgement in their voices as I reveal the terrible truth.  They go from relatively keen on renting me the apartment (I have taken to dressing up and using my fancy grad school email address when applying), but as soon as I say that I am looking for work or that I just finished an internship at a well-known magazine, the mood changes. They can't wait to get me out the door so more "serious" candidates can visit!  

Yesterday we visited a lovely apartment with a gorgeous kitchen and stunning views and the agent was thrilled that we were interested.  We went back to her office to discuss the details and she even continued without judgement as I admitted to being a (gasp!) foreign Eternal Intern. She started to list the documents I would need to provide her on the back of her business card and when she handed it to me, the entire card was covered with Euro symbols!  I'll recreate the calculations: 

Rent:  €1150
Security deposit:  €2500
Caution bancaire:  €6,900  
(Owners require foreigners to block 6X the rent in a French account for the entire length of the rental!)
Agency fees:  €1150

Grand total to move into a RENTAL apartment:  $14,500 USD!!!!!  

As you can imagine, we walked right out the door and didn't look back. I'd be better off BUYING an apartment!  Infuriating?  Yes!  Discouraging? Mais oui! It's clear that an intern (without an internship no less!) is persona no grata when it comes to parisian rentals!  So I ask, no I beg of you, Parisian landlords, look past my Scarlet Letter and consider this:  I have never missed a rent payment, I have never trashed an apartment and I will definitely be the best tenant you've ever had!  Give me a break already!  

More apartments to visit!   Fingers crossed!  

Bisous, Ophelia 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Penniless Intern

Ophelia! You lucky thing - I LOVE “Au Vieux Paris”!

If I weren’t so tight on the intern budget I would hop on the next transatlantic flight and meet you for dinner over on your side of the pond!

Unfortunately, however, this intern's budget is getting tighter and tighter with summer among us!

I’m spending more and more time out of hibernation and out and about in the city…which has had a definite impact of my savings account! (Luckily I've managed to stay far, far away from the Wicked Witch of the Upper West Side since our last encounter...and, CJ bunking at my place has been keeping me busy and distracted from that horrible encounter of the third kind!!)

On top of that I have decided to move forward with my little entrepreneurial venture, which is also digging into the bank…I’m not going to say anything more about it right now, but I’m definitely pursuing a few ideas…to be continued I suppose…hehe!

My superstition is also refraining me from speaking out about another piece of news I have….all I can tell you at the moment is that it relates to “Eternal Employment”…nothing concrete right now…nothing eternal either…just a good interview, a good feeling and a hell of a lot of hope!!

I guess we’ll see what happens next ;) For now I’m just counting my pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters…Any money is good money at this point!!

Ok, back to el trabajo chicas! Only a few weeks left here :( So sad!!!

Big kisses and talk to you prontissimo!!

Flora xoxo

Monday, June 14, 2010

Paris with Mon Père!

Hello Darlings,
So glad to hear you are both keeping busy and putting Upper West Side Witches in their place! Keep up the good work!

I had a lovely weekend here in Paris!  No, I am still looking for a job and an apartment (Thank God for CS!), but ... my father was here!  He arrived on friday morning direct from JFK and after a fabulous weekend, he is now en route to London!  La chance!  Unfortunately for me, the Unemployed Intern, I must stay in Paris to find a job and an apartment! One can't exactly take a vacation from my "vacation" (aka current state of unemployment!)  So I put him on the Eurostar and resumed my usual afternoon activities of CV sending and apartment hunting.   I was temporarily distracted from the task at hand which was nice but now it's back to business!  I must say, however, that it's times like these that I am happy to be au chomage because at least I had more time to visit!  So what did this Eternal Intern and her père do this weekend? We skipped the usual tourist attractions and opted for leisurely strolls and delicious meals... Paris à la Parisienne!

On friday, we took in the France v. Uruguay match at La Palette.  I was surprised to see that one of my favorite spots in Paris had set up a huge screen inside for the World Cup.  The terrace was full of the usual suspects:  Bobos and the girls who date them, but inside, the atmosphere was completely different.  The normally reserved crowd had been replaced by a handful of rowdy foreigners (the types you would normally find on la rue Princess!) competing for seats with French businessmen and their very young mistresses feigning interest in football.  We returned the following night (for USA v England) to find la salle filled with even more rowdy Englishmen and the entire Expat community of the 6ieme arrondissement crowed around the big screen.  The perfect place to cheer on the American team!

It was also the boyfriend's birthday this weekend (Bon anniversaire, Global Gourmand!), so a nice dinner was, of course, in order.  No visit to Paris is complete until my father has eaten at Au Vieux Paris, an incredible restaurant tucked away from the crowds on the Ile de la Cité.  This little gem is owned and operated by old family friends (from the Southwest of France) where the ridiculously delicious dishes are prepared by Odette and served by her husband George.  We met them years and years ago while visiting the Blazers at their home near Rodez and since then Au Vieux Paris has been on the top of the list of things to do when the family visits me in Paris!  Next time you visit, we must go!  It is a true taste of Aveyron in Paris!  Trop bon!

And now, as I mentioned, I am back devant mon ordi, weeding through terrible apartment after terrible apartment!  Will I ever catch a break!?  I'm off to see another place cet après-midi, fingers crossed it's better than the last place I saw!

Bisous, Ophelia

Friday, June 11, 2010

International Pride

Good Evening from sunny SoCal,
I am just about to head to dinner with a couple of friends and wanted to send some love to my favorite Eternal Interns first! 

With the ultimate sporting event having kicked off today, I can't express to you the joy that has overcome me.  Did you guys see when South Africa scored their first goal?  You couldn't fake that sort of pride if you tried!

During the cup I will try not to think about my Eternal Intern stuggles or the oil disaster in the Gulf... right now I am just high on life.  Of course, I am going to the pub tomorrow to chear on England against USA with P.   Tomorrow I am English by association!  LOL. My true love, however, has always been for the French team.  I always have, and always will adore Thierry Henry.

p.s.  No news yet regarding my leads for a new gig although it looks like I will be returning to a studio lot, but not in an office this time.  Instead I think I will be a production assistant/intern on set, which I am stoked about.  I'm not getting my hopes up though, for now I am interning at a few offices that I used to work at just to keep busy!

p.p.s  Flora I am proud of you for taking the high road with that complete b**ch.  I would have spat in her face!  Kudos to you, my love.

xxx Rose

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Wicked Witch of the Upper West Side

Good morning chicas!

Ophelia how are things going my dear? Is the head staying up high?
Rose, So happy to hear that your back mi amiga!! You seem to be in super spirits!! Keep it up!

As for me my friends I'm quickly writing from work... I'm happy to announce that I just got my first ticket to London to visit el novio and help him with the move! I should be leaving in about 2 weeks...just for the weekend (well a self-imposed long weekend) and I couldn't be happier. This will definitely be a tough, but fun long-distance adventure!

Right after I purchased the ticket last night...After having put it off on for oh-too long... I decided to head to a small cocktail-housewarming-party that a few friends were throwing over in Chelsea. I quickly got a classically chic (wearable everywhere!) neat black dress on, threw on some Rossi heels and hopped on the 6 express down to 14th...I decided to trek the rest of the way west!! haha!!

I got to the apt a little later and was super impressed by my friends decorating!! Well no big surprise...S and F both graduated from Parsons, Interior Design Associate Program under their wonder these two guys have a brilliant place!

I quickly made my way to the huge and refreshing bowl of Pimms, served myself a more than generous cup when all of a sudden I found myself face to face with P (kindly put, P is a pain in the ass, who I've never been fond of...she's the girlfriend of a childhood friend and I've never really been able to stand her...but for his sake I attempt to tolerate her childish behaviour....)...

She eyed me head to toe (for some reason she always does this)....I quickly realised that she had already (at 9pm) pretty much downed half of the Pimms at the party...and then she opened her big ass mouth (and instead of saying "Hey!! How are you??") she...get ready...said: How's coat hanging going?!? (yes oh yes, the fart greeted me this way...)

Thank goodness I had a tight grip on my glass, otherwise I think it could have gone flying in her direction...And so I just stared at her coldly and really couldn't figure out how to answer....So I just said: OK.

Her drunkenness I guess made her quickly forget her ridiculously rude comment and she started chatting away on another stupid topic (as per usual)...but standing there, Pimms in hand, surrounded by fabulously dressed people in a magnificent 2 bedroom pale hued Chelsea coop, I suddenly felt quite like shit...

This ridiculous wicked witch of the Upper West Side majorly teed me off...

Not only does my Eternal Internship forbid me from having the money to have a similar apt...I don't even have the cash to paint my walls....or offer Pimms served in a crystal punch bowl...or better yet invite 50 people to come celebrate my fabulous apt (lack of space obliged...)....and finally, being categorized as a coat hanger....a coat hanger for heaven's no no... I know I'm better than that! It's sick how people stereotype Eternal Interns so easily!

I think a slight dose of jealousy also triggered her nasty comment...the girl is stuck working in Finance and is clearly unhappy! I'm beginning to think her pesty behaviour is linked to veritable envy...

I ended up forgetting my sadness and taking advantage of the evening to do some meet and greeting....but I'm gonna take a few months hiatus before seeing P. again...

Chicas - also, I have a few promising interviews coming up!!! I'll let you know how they go! Until then...back to work!


Flora xoxo

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keeping Busy

Ophelia, I'm sorry to hear about your last week at your internship.  Great things come to those who wait.  I believe that with all my heart and so I don't worry about you... not even for a minute!  You have so much to offer to any position and you will absolutely get your chance!

I have been on vacation for a few weeks now, and I am officially 100% broke!  I spent every last dime I had saved on meeting with everybody and their mother in Hollywood.  You think this is an exaggeration, but it is not.  I have had lunch and evening drinks every single day for the last month!  It definitely adds up $$$!

I am proud to announce though, that it was totally worth it!  Each person I met with put me in touch with at least two other people and so on.  It has been a wild ride and now I have a few leads.   I am hoping to get another gig assisting either a producer or my ideal job would be assisting a director.   For now, all I can do is follow up (the thank you card) and keep my fingers crossed.  In the mean time, I might get a part-time job as a receptionist somewhere and maybe intern at a couple of production offices to maintain and build my network.

Just another week as an Eternal Intern...

xxx Rose

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two Juvenile Interns?

Ophelia!! So nice to finally have your news!! I was so worried...Keep your head up high mi amiga, all will soon be ok! How's CS doing...I haven't seen her in ages! Please say hello.

As for me, I just woke up! A little late...and with a slight headache!! Remember CJ (she boarded with us back in high school...), she just moved back to NY after a few years abroad and is staying with me this week. It's been so lovely having her here!! Finally a little noise and movement in the apt! The studio is small but we've managed to organize everything in this oh-so-tight space.

It's funny because having CJ here, makes me feel like I'm back at boarding school!  O, remember the days of roommates, cafeteria food, bathroom sharing, wearing flip-flops in the shower-stalls, and trying to sneak out past curfew? OMG!! Well, those are definitely distant memories today...but this Eternal Intern lived a "high school memory" moment last night - courtesy of CJ!

We had gone out to celebrate my friend G's bday down on Waverly at Babbo's... It was super fun, but I was dead tired, so post-birthday festivities (and past my usual early bed-time...hehe) I headed back uptown in the first cab I could find.  CJ, however, was still pumped with energy (the jet lag had finally kicked in...) and decided to cab it up with me uptown but stop off at some friend's party over on CPW...

I was so tired I barely listened to her speak about this apparently oh-so-fab party...She spoke to me about it the entire way up but I was in such a daze and just so tired that I totally zoned out and almost fell asleep right then and there!  As we dropped her off... she strut off in her sky-high Louboutins and oh-so-mini mini and quickly disapeared in the majestic lobby...

I, on the other hand, battling to stay awake, ran up my shaddy staircase, got inside and passed out! 30 minutes later, however, as I had just started to fall asleep I get a's CJ.  I my suprise she's whispering and telling me to get over there ASAP: JX is there!!!! Yes, you heard me correctly JX!! Simply the world's most fashionably-Sienna Miller-like-absolutely-fabulous-Kate-Mossish-but Grace-Kellyesk woman!! Ahhhhh!! Ophelia, the minute I heard the actresse's name, I got a sudden burst of energy.  I jumped out of my bed, tore my PJs off, covered my face in Guerlain terracota, threw my previous outfit right back on and jumped into a cab...I wouldn't miss seeing JX for a second!!

I got to the building (in a less elegant manner than did CJ) and just as the doorman guides me into the elevator I see the next door lift open and who's stepping out: JX! Yessss I totally saw totally close to her...She was like a meter away!! But nooooooooooooooooo she was leaving the party!!!! Noooooo!! Has this Eternal Intern come all this way to just "catch a glimpse" of this woman??

Wearing her off-the-shoulder Lanvin dress, 6 inch Blahniks and a very good looking blond chico on her arm, she strutted right out the door...another party to go to I guess...

Dissapointed, I got upstairs, totally unglam, saw CJ and decided to try and make the best of the soiree regardless! We poured ourselves a few cocktails in memory of the good-old days and our crazy stalkerish behaviour of the evening and soon decided (well, at about 4am...) to finally really call it a night... juvenile of us!!!

Miss I'll keep you posted on more of our antics...but for now...brunch is in order!

Flora xoxo

The Unlucky Intern

Bonjour Eternal Interns,
I am so sorry for my latest disappearing act.  Sadly, everything that could go wrong in the life of an Eternal Intern has gone wrong!   My last week at the magazine came and went with a horrible send off from Victoire.  In fact, there was no send off at all!  I left at the end of the day and received a less than friendly email on Monday asking why I wasn't at work.  I reminded her that my internship finished at the end of the month and, in true Victoire fashion, she didn't even respond!  Nothing!  Not a word.

En plus, the boyfriend and I have yet to find an apartment, so we are currently crashing on the couch of a very kind friend.  Thank goodness for the lovely CS and her fabulous apartment or we would truly be SDF on the streets of Paris!  We have appointments next week to look at places, but so far everything has either been unimaginably expensive or dark and dingy!  As with the job situation, I am waiting for "The One"!  The perfect apartment!  In the meantime, I am still collecting lots of great pieces to furnish this amazing apartment when I finally find it!

And speaking of jobs...  guess who is once again sans emploi?  It is difficult to apply for jobs and look for apartments at the same time.  I feel like I should focus on one so as not to spread myself to thin.  Luckily, my friend has just landed a fabulous new job so I have renewed hope that things will come together for me!  Fingers crossed!

I'm sorry for being such a Debbie Downer after my long absence, but sadly I don't have much good news to report!  Heureusement, it was warm and sunny in Paris this weekend.  At least the weather doesn't match my current mood!  haha!

Bisous, Ophelia

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Melting Away

Eternal Interns! Donde estan??

Rose I'm thrilled your back but send more news! Ophelia has clearmy gone MIA on us...I've tried to reach her a few times but in vain! I'm sightly worried...I know she was having apt issues - I'm just hoping she's not on the streets of Paris eating her daily croissant....

As for me chiquitas I'm writting from work! I know I shouldn't but things have been quite calm here lately, so I'm thinking why not! Every time someone passes behind my comp though, I quickly switch my screen from gmail to Outlook...hahaha trying to appear as though I'm thoroughly concentrated!

So yes, quite calm....with the arrival of summer...and the soon-to-be end of this internship! NY has finally welcomed the steamy, sticky, hyperly-humid weather that is emblematic of a Big Apple verano...And ironically I am now missing the cold winter days when my heater wasn't working!! If I get a job this summer one investment I will make without a doubt = air conditioning!!!

Yes oh yes...air conditionning!! The one essential gem of a NY summer...Long gone are the days back at mum and dad's with air conditioning delux...que pena!!!! Welcome: cold showers at 2am....frozen water bottles placed under my pillow...the noise of a K-Mart fan all night....and open windows day in and day out!!

I'm sure the same is the case for Paris....L.A must be equiped....

For now though I'm trying to stay as late at possible at work.....or at the movies....or in an air conditioned long as possible under cool air.....


Will keep you guys updated on my melting!!

Flora xoxo

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Alive!

Home sweet home!  I missed Hollywood. We just got back last night and today I went for a wonderful sushi lunch with some friends in Studio City.  Normally I stick to a lunch combination with maybe a spicy tuna roll and some sort of crunch roll or a simple sashimi.  Today, however, my friend got an order of sea urchin for us all to try.  Apparently sea urchin sashimi is kind of a delicacy.  The waiter told us it was live and I guess that is as fresh as you can get them...

I still have no idea how the chef was able to grip the creature without injuring his hand.  I also had no idea that when a sea urchin is killed, it basically takes some time for it to completely stop moving and so when the plate was brought over with the sashimi laid on top of the body, the spikes were still moving!  The combination of the mushy orange insides and the dying creature on my plate was enough to kill any appetite I had!  haha!  Call me crazy... but I like my food dead when it is presented to me!

Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know I am back and well.  My vacation was stupendous!  I am all caught up on sleep and I am 90% done my first feature screenplay.  Now it is time to start thinking about what my next gig will be.  I have been thinking a lot about getting my feet wet on set for an unscripted/ reality television.  Tomorrow I will start looking at all the PA/intern postings and contact some of my friends to see if they have heard of anything.  

Back to the grind!  Good to be back!

xxx Rose


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