Wednesday, June 23, 2010

News from Neverland!

Bonjour girls!
I am writing with some marvelous news... we have an apartment!!!  I cannot tell you how much stress has just been lifted off my poor little shoulders!  I was really starting to worry that CS's couch would be my permanent residence in Paris!  Heureusement, as of July 1st, we are no longer sans domicile fixe!  I received the good news while enjoying the lovely weather in the Jardin du Luxembourg.  My dear friend Cleo (a pint-sized anglaise and former fixture of the 6eme arrondissement) and I were catching up when I got the call.  The agent called to say that there was some confusion with the owner and that she would get back to me asap.  My phone rang again 5 minutes later and I truly expected the worst.  Luckily, she was calling with the bonnes nouvelles!!  I'm already planning the pendaison de crémaillère!  haha!

Actually, while in the park, Cleo and I had an interesting chat today about our career paths.  Although she was living in Paris, she decided that there were more opportunities for her in London and has since moved back.  I, on the other hand, felt that Paris had more to offer.   She is a theater girl (so London is a natural fit!) and I am fashion (and Paris is the capital!).  Despite our different parcours, Cleo and I are the best of friends because we both defied the "American in Paris" of "English Gap Year" expectations.  It is not uncommon in the 6th to meet a young woman from the US or UK studying English at the Sorbonne with plans to go home and start working at the end of the year.  Cleo and I were those girls, but we decided to stay on longer.  Years later, after all the other americaines and anglaises had come and gone, Cleo and I were still loyal, adopted parisiennes.  Neither of us bought into the idea that Paris was a short chapter before entering the "real world."  So we stayed.  Sure, at times we fell into our old study abroad ways, but we also worked (interned), spoke french fluently, embraced the culture and came to view Paris as home, not just a lay-over on the way to adulthood!  As an etrangere, Paris can be like Neverland, but the days of scooter rides and picnics in the park are behind us and we now have a different appreciation for our beloved city.

And now, with a lovely new apartment, I can resume my vie parisienne!

Bisous, Ophelia

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