Monday, November 30, 2009

2010 Here We Come!

I was going to call you guys, but it is dinner time on the east coast and I simply can't keep track of the time in Paris!  I have secured a fabulous internship where I will get to assist a large scale studio production on set, in a PA(Production Assistant) capacity.  This is the perfect opportunity for myself to further my knowledge of the film making process and will keep me occupied for at least the first quarter of 2010!  It is great to have something to look forward to in the new year, also allowing me to spend the rest of 2009 concentrating on a few projects that I have been neglecting (aka my script :-/)!  Well I'm off to celebrate- wish you girls were here!

 xxx Rose

In the name of Vanity...


Ophelia, what a brilliant lunch! I was so happy to see you again! I can’t wait till Paris!

Rose, in my Italian-craze, I discovered this morning on my way to meet O…that Santa Maria Novella has a boutique in New York!!! My feet were hurting in my attempt to wear heels more often (why of why!) and my umbrella kept getting carried away by the rain and wind (an umbrella should never be an expensive investment…they either break, get lost or get stolen…), but when I saw that sign on Lafayette St. I knew I had to walk on in the name of vanity!!

Why am I telling you this you may wonder?!? Well…The Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is likely the most unique skin-care line in the world! Very modest in appearance, it is a literal gold mine for extraordinary…call them ‘miraculous’…skin-care products! Established by Dominican Fathers in Firenze in 1221 it was in part made famous by the ‘essences’ or ‘eau de cologne’ it concocted for Catherine de Medici (hmmm Queen of France none the less…) in the 1500s!

Now again…why am I telling you this?? I know Santa Maria Novella products quite well… I discovered them in Firenze a while back and since then I have just been ADDICTED to them. Sparsely available throughout the world…the line is incredibly exclusive and hard to find! I ignored the fact it existed in NY completely…I always relied on Italian friends…my oh my!!

Rose, get your hands on the Aqua d’Arancio…or Orange Blossom Water. It’s a miracle worker for the skin…deserving of veritable sanctification!! I actually just checked, and you have a Santa Maria Novella Boutique in L.A. too (8411 Melrose Place)!!!

The Italians have kept their beauty mysteries a secret for far too long…....

Ok back to reality…I just had to tell you my dear!



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An Inspirational Descent

Rome…The Eternal City…Fellini…il Lago di Como…Ophelia, reading your Christmas wish list transports me right back to Europe, to Italy, to memories of summer evenings in Firenze, what a wonderful time we had together that verano…

Your wish list also takes my mind back to a most wonderful article I recently perused through in the latest UK Vanity Fair (you may love Vogue…but I swear by VF…). It was an article about the Ciprianis; their success, their failures, and the classicly-fabulous allure of this most curious Italian dynasty - a dynasty and story that took off with a world-famous name and bar: Harry’s Bar.

I read this article on my way back to NY from Paris last Wednesday. Sitting in the plane…ironically sipping a Bellini (apparently a recipe concocted by the Ciprianis themselves…) I started pondering about dynasties, fame, success…

Perhaps the key in life is not always to work for someone else…but to find a way to work for oneself, I wondered, flipping the last page of the article and taking one last sip of that ohh so buono Bellini. And, then it struck me: the key IS indeed to be one’s own boss!

Ok, so I am not a Cipriani, but perhaps that little entrepreneurial idea that has been resting for the past few months could be the solution to my Eternal Interning? Perhaps that little, wee, small but classic idea could be the beginning of a future Vanity Fair story? The beginning of success, the beginning of a dynasty!

As the thought crossed my mind, our decent began into JFK…I’m very much a metaphorical person…a little too much sometimes…but as we descended into JFK and as I worried about potential immigration problems (I cringe…) I was also reassured by the fact that I was potentially descending on a brilliant idea…a brilliant way to one day escape Eternal Interning…

To be continued… Eternal Intern dreaming a Florific Dynasty in Firenze

ps - O. I hope we're still on for lunch? I made reservations at Le Bilboquet! I can't wait to see u - the car will pick you up at LGA...

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Baby All I Want for Xmas is YOU!

I can't sleep :(  I thought I would get a head start to my sweet dreams via this email, so here is my wish list...

I want to be...
Back in Tokyo where I spent one of the most exciting holiday seasons of my life.  The energy in this city is not comparable to any other in the world!  My love for this city cannot be expressed in words... I love the fashion, the music (I <3 J-Pop), the art, the lights, the language, the beer, the tea, the food, the people, the shopping, and most importantly the KARAOKE!

My family + 1.  This is the city where I first met P.  It was at a company Christmas party almost 3 years ago where we had our very first flirtatious encounter.

In Japan it is not who you are but what you wear!  Burberry even has a special Blue Label that is unique to Japan, and I would be in a Burberr-ific Winter Wonderland from head to toe!

Looking at....
The youth hanging about in Shibuya and Harajuku with their indescribably original styles.

Sipping a.. 
Nama Beeru Onegaishimasu... Sapporo is my drink!

Then I open... 
"Baby all I want for Christmas is YOU!" 

xxx Rose

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Roman Holiday

Following Flora's lead, this Eternal Intern also has a Christmas wish list to share...

I want to be...
In Rome, the Eternal City.  I was there years ago and have always maintained a small obsession with this citta!  The juxtaposition of ancient and modern, the sound of Italian, the food, the well-dressed men and women.  What's not to love?

Il mio fidanzato.  He has never been to Rome and I am sure he would love it.  This summer we took a marvelous little trip around Italy (Venice, Florence and the Cinque Terre), but Rome just wasn't in the cards.  I think my next trip will be to Rome and then down the Amalfi Coast... another must-see!

As much as I love Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, her look lacks the vava voom that comes to mind when I think of Rome.  My Roman wardrobe is inspired by the italian Cinecitta screen sirens.  I would have to channel Sophia Loren, or even Brigitte Bardon in Le Mepris.  Thick liquid liner is a must, espadrilles and of course, Brigitte's trademark "choucroute" hairstyle!

Looking at....
The beautiful people going about their glamourous business.  Chic women in pencil skirts and stilettos driving Vespas and businessmen passionately discussing important matters over espresso.

Sipping a.. 
Fellini.  For me a Fellini is Strawberry puree and Prosecco, a heavenly combination!  I remember drinking them watching the sun set over the Lago di Como in Cernobbio, Italy.  Delizioso!

Then I open... 
The custom calling cards and matching stationary I ordered from Kate's Paperie, a new Smythson day planner so I can start planning for 2010, a fur muff (I am dying for one!)...

Bisous, Ophelia

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And the Oscar goes to:

Flora, I am so glad you got out there last night and showed the rest of New York City what you are made of!   Networking definitely makes the world go round, so if we are to call ourselves Eternal Interns we must learn the true meaning of SHMOOZE!  Ophelia, you and I need to follow in Flora's ever so graceful footsteps;)

I was trying to decide which movie to go see tonight, and with Oscar season around the corner, it was inevitable that I would be engaged in a heated discussion of Hollywood's deserving and less deserving... I wanted to share with you three phenomenal actors that I believe are unbelievably talented and without the slightest doubt, deserving!

1st on my list is Johnny Depp.  Movies in which he especially shined:  Benny and June, Edward Scissorhands, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!

2nd is the hilarious Jim Carrey.  Movies in which he especially shined:  The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Man on the Moon!

Last but definitely not least, Leonardo DiCaprio.  Movies in which he especially shined:  What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, The Departed!

Agree or disagree?

xxx Rose

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What I want for Christmas…

With Christmas season now officially among us, and Miracle on 34th Street gracing our tele screens...I ask myself, what do I want for Christmas?

I want to be…
Back in the Pearl Islands where I spent Xmas 2007. It is a beautifully serene island, a stone’s throw away from Panama City in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The 7 minute plane ride from Panama to Contadora, Pearl Islands is the greatest air ride one can take…

My family. We usually all meet at the AA Lounge of Terminal D at Miami International Airport…each arriving from separate destinations, this is the most wonderful yearly reunion! I love it!!!

A Pareo my mother bought on her honeymoon in Kenya back in the early 80s…it’s definitely vintage and definitely fab! I usually wear simple canvas espadrilles on my feet, a call back to Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot, St. Tropez circa 1950s…

Looking at…
A turquoise blue sea of perfection. My brother trying to tackle the incoming image of eternal memories.

Sipping a…
Mojito with extra fresh mint! I love it…I'm not much of a cocktail person, but this is the perfect tropical alternative to my Martini Bianco obsession…

Then I open…
Ahhhh it’s a secret! I have yet to know what I’ll receive, but I’m hoping for very pretty things…
I’m have visions of French Sole, Hermes, Guerlain, Jcrew, Tory Burch…flying through my head…. Santa what do you say?

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La Belle Vie!

Hi Girls!  On my last full day in New Orleans I figured I would catch you up on all the fun things I got into this week.  I have had the best time and am totally in love with this town (the Garden District in particular).

My sister and I spend the day wandering around the Garden District taking photos of the old Antebellum mansions.  I have pics to post as soon as I am back in Paris.  Words cannot describe how gorgeous these homes are!  New life goal:  Own a mansion on Coliseum Street!

I also wandered into an amazing cake shop called Sucré.  On the menu: Cakes made of macarons, the most delicious ice cream (it was beautifully warm today!) and the most incredible lavender hot white chocolate I have ever tasted!  I'm still thinking about it! After a quick break, I stopped in the Magazine Antique Mall.  It was without question one of the best antique stores I have ever been to.  I bought a gorgeous crystal perfume bottle (perfect for Flora by Gucci?)!   I have tons of purchases and as I mentioned, not nearly enough room in my suitcase!

I leave tomorrow afternoon and I promise to have the pictures up as soon as possible!

Flora, I can't wait for you to move back to Paris so we can go to fabulous parties and proudly introduce ourselves as Eternal Interns and International Drifters!

Wish you girls were here!

Gros bisous,  Ophelia

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The Networking Intern

Ophelia! Rose! Les filles!

On a serious note, I wanted to write you girls today to share with you precious wisdom I gained last night!

But quickly…Rose, to answer your question...can I say, 'no news good news' for the internship? We’ll see tomorrow - a new week, new hopes! You have to let me know for the aloe vera!! I’m still quite curious! Don’t leave me hanging!!

Soooooo, I saw a job search tip a little while ago with respect to networking, the benefits of meeting new people and “getting your name out there”. I have never been a firm believer of “networking”…usually passing it off as an opportunistic way to try and get a job on the sly…but recently I changed mon avis a slight bit…

Last night, post-Stomp (fabulous show!), I went to a fabulous cocktail party. Penthouse apartment, 360 degree views of all of Manhattan, Martini Bianco a plenty (yes even in the US!), and a considerable handful of absolutely fascinating and beautiful people. Yes, the dreaded introductory cocktail questions did come up, but I tried to keep my cool.

Usually I am not one to feel super at ease in ‘networking’ situations…Typical ‘meet/greet’ conversations based around: what do you do; who do you know; where have you been; what are you looking for; or the inquisitive, how did you get to where you are now, are not quite my cup of tea… But, last night, dressed in my finest attire (and very best high heels, I might add), I did feel quite good, somewhat powerful (yes, I do have an awesome Master’s Degree under my Hermes belt…) and quite eager to chat away!

Shying away from my habitual casual cocktail self, I powered out in high high heels to try and meet a maximum amount of people. By pushing myself to meet and greet, I did indeed make great contacts.

It didn’t hurt. It didn’t cost a cent. I enjoyed 4 full Martinis…and then called it a night. Ok, sure it was a little awkward speaking to that IT manager from Microsoft (lack of conversation…nada in common…) but overall, what a brilliant experience, and who knows, perhaps these new contacts will open new doors in the near future?

In fact, on my agenda for this afternoon: following up with my new ab-fab contacts - the fruits of my networking labour! Muuuahaha!

I’ll keep you girls posted!!


Flora xoxo

ps - haven't forgotten about Big Dinner...will retale pronto...for now, let me say, it went well!!!

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

On A Walk...

I'm just walking around with my Starbucks and wanted to say hi.  Flora, I love your country fashion.  Lately, I have been obsessed with riding boots and American Apparel!  I am just passing by the store now... Dare I go in? Call me if you are around :)  Also, any word back from your interviews in Paris?

xxx Rose

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Just for fun...A Country Day

Following Ophelia's lead...I have put together my little outfit du jour...I am currently in the Big Apple, but dreaming of being in the countryside...with a Birkin...biensur!

A Country Day

What have I picked?? Well, I feel a little less Boho today...and a little more classic. Visions of horseback riding down leaf covered paths flow through my head...(btw: I'm in my shoebox apt. girls as I can tell my imagination runs freely...)

Sergio Rossi Canvas Riding Boots - The class country boot. Classic and sophisticated.
Calypso Celle Idella Tee - Casual, relaxed, and no fret t-shirt.
Juicy Couture Chiffon Trimmed Cardigan - Low-key chic.
Barbour Classic Bedale Waxed Jacket - You can't leave the city without one..."The" country jacket.
Paige Jeans - Slimming, skinny, superb!
Hermes Scarf - Cashmere perfection.
Hermes 35cm Barenia Birkin - Words cannot describe... Inspiration...

Apparently Gucci has grown quite fond of me...take a look...

Lots of love,
Flora xoxo

ps - Rose, the aloe vera thing seems a little sketch no? Let me know how it works!

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A Black Friday In The Hills

I don't normally like to venture out to shop on Black Friday or Boxing Day, but I had a sneaking suspicion that, since the majority of LA would be vacant with its migrants returning to their respective home cities during this long weekend, the stores wouldn't be the usual crowded mess that I am used to.  I was right!
I started my day on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City and ended up at the Beverly Center, where I had the honor to witness America at its finest, with a special performance from our very own Hunky Santa!  After the show, the audience (including kids) was encouraged to take pictures with the Hunk.  It was quite a spectacle and definitely unique to Beverly Hills ;)  LOL.  At first I was embarrassed for this topless Santa, but once my Chai Latte was at a temperature my tongue could bare, my criticisms and objections melted away with each sip!  Thank goodness for Starbucks!

I did well on my shopping trip, but will definitely be staying away from all temptations in the following few weeks, and concentrate solely on X-Mas gifts.

Ophelia, your trip sounds fantastic and I can't wait to see more pics!

Flora, I wish you were out here for the long weekend!  The weather was absolutely superb, a typical fall day in SoCal.  Sunny and warm!

Two more topics that I wanted to address before I pass out this evening!

One, Flora, office gossip is a disease and infects everyone from the intern level to the very highest supervisor.  I am guilty of the crime myself and don't really know what to say about it except that it is human nature at its ugliest form.  Depending on the office, I do believe that interns probably get it worse than full time assistants and supervisors, because they are temporary and dispensable, therefore a healthy way for the office to gossip without shooting themselves in their own foot.  Gossiping about interns is almost forgivable because they don't really count!  Do they?

Second (and more importantly) as suggested by my dear friend Lily, I have soaked my face in Aloe Vera Gel tonight in hopes to help my skin problem.  I have mentioned before that I have been breaking out and Lily swears by Aloe Vera, so I am giving it a try.  Will keep you posted on my results!

Good night my dears.
All my love,
xxx Rose

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Southern Comfort

Hi Girls,
I wanted to say a quick hello before I head out for the night.  We are going to see battling brass bands at the Superdome before dinner at Cochon.  Today I tried turtle soup, so for dinner I am going to try the fried alligator!  When in Rome, no?

I had another busy day today.  After brunch we drove across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway and then into Mississippi.  On the way back we saw the house from Benjamin Button (gorgeous AND for sale for $2.6 million!) and stopped in the horrendously tacky Harrah's Casino where I lost $20 in less than 5 minutes!

On the agenda for tomorrow:
Oak Alley Plantation 
Air Boat tour of the Bayou
Shopping on Magazine St

Must run, mademoiselles.

Bisous, x Ophelia

Warming up for Thanksgiving Weekend

Just back from an ab-fab Black Friday!! I trekked down Madison, elbowed myself through 5th and just managed to battle the crowds of Soho! Epuisant!

What surprises me most this Black Friday 2009, however, is not the size of the crowds (yes, still smaller than those of years past…), not the prices (I’m still an intern…what is cheap to some is a Swiss bank account to me!), but the weather!

I remember as a young New Yorker in early 90s (ahhh the days of green card freedom!) bundling up and freezing my but off watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I remember snow, frost, hot chocolates, mittens, scarves…It was cold!

This Thanksgiving, however, the weather is so pleasant…so warm…so abnormally and freakishly comfortable!

I am not one to venture into theories of Global Warming, the earth getting hotter…but this Black Friday 2009, it’s not the shopping, the crowds or the prices that are on my mind…but the sky, the earth... Mother Nature!

I now ponder…Should my next purchase be a bathing suit or UGG boots?!?

What do you girls think? How is weather in NOLA and LA this Thanksgiving?


F. xoxo

NYC the Capital of Eternal Shopping!

Les filles, a quick hello before I venture out on the streets of New York and experience Black Friday in NY 2009!!

Madison here I come! 5th Avenue get ready! Soho I’m on my way! Wallet…get ready for a major workout today!

Off to spend money I don’t have…window shopping may be wiser ;) Ah la vie of an Eternal Intern...

O. keep us posted on NOLA!! Loving your update!! And Rose, no news means worst cold?? Miss, I'm worried!! When I get home from le shopping I will update myself on where in the world my life is going!!! gossip gossip gossip!! hehe!
Bisous les filles!!

Flora xoxo

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nouvelles de NOLA

I have so much to say re gossip in the workplace!  I just wanted to check in quickly to share a few things I did/saw today.  I started the day with beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde.  Trop bon!

Then we drove over to the Lower 9th Ward.  You can still see the devastation and how abandoned the neighborhood still is!  SO sad!

After that, we drove around and toured some of the old plantations-turned-mansions on St. Charles Street.  They were too gorgeous for words!  I have a zillion pictures that will be put up as soon as I get home!

Now I'm back at the apartment watching Home Alone (Best movie ever!) getting ready for thanksgiving dinner!  What a day!

Still to come:
Brunch at Court of the Two Sisters
Shopping and touring the French Quarter
An airboat tour  of the Bayou
Dinner at Cochon

I have an action-packed few days ahead of me, but I will try to check in and/or tweet as often as possible!

Miss you!  Bisous, Ophelia

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Eternal Gossiping

Ophelia, I just saw that you visited the lower 9th ward in New Orleans? How was it? I imagine super tough, no? How thankful we can be this Thanksgiving to have our family, friends and home. And my dearest Rose, how is the cold going? Get better quickly!

I'm sorry to switch to another (much less serious and important) topic...but I just had to write you girls (my gossip confidentes)! I just finished watching an episode of “The Office” and the subject du jour was how full-time employees themselves gossip about interns! As I always do watching the show, I laughed and giggled some more but as I watched on, the episode also got me thinking…

For some odd reason I had always imagined interns to be the principal gossipers in an office-space…of course, that “intern gossip”, shall we say, was usually directed toward and about the office-staff…justification: we sometimes have a bit more time on our hands, we are very much a ‘gossip generation’, gossip establishes lasting friendships hehehe lol!! (enough justifying??)

I had always disregarded the fact that the gossip could perhaps flow vice-versa…The Office episode confirms it must!!

I now wonder and ponder at what previous superiors could have possibly gossiped about…Me? My outfits (yes, I usually always wear flats…sometimes the same ones two days in a row…sometimes the same pants 3 times in one week…the Monday…Wednesday…Friday rotation…)? My work (yes, it did take me a while to get the hang of ‘vlookups’ on excel…darnit!)? That random doctor’s apt. that lasted all day that one Friday a year and a half ago (yes my head did hurt a lot…and my stomach…never drink white and red together again)?…oh no?!?

Chicas, what do you think?? I’m slightly flustered now…I wonder and ponder what could have been said…Rassurez-moi!

Oh look at the time, I must run...the dinner I was supposed to have last night...yes...that BIG actually tonight!! Too much jet lag ayer...I'll update mañana!

Flora the (now) Flustered Gossiping Intern xoxo

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Early Thanksgiving...thank you jet lag!

Happy Thanksgiving chicas! Yes…very early in the morning - how I love jet lag…waking up at 6am has never been easier!! I’ve already run around the Reservoir and had my Chai Skim Laté at Starbucks…yes back to NY habits!

Rose, get better quickly! I have a cold as well…it started out in Paris…and with all the media coverage of H1N1 over there, I was certain I had swine flu :( Luckily I’m better…unluckily, however, my hypochondria is confirmed ;)

O, I’m so jealous! Antique shopping in NOLA! Quelle chance, that is probably my favourite thing to do! When you’re back in Paris you must head up line 4 on the metro to les Puces de Clignancourt, c’est juste le top!

And simply for eye candy check out le Carré des Antiquaires around rue de l’Université in the 7th…likely the most beautiful antique shops in the world (of course the price tag matches the beauty and art…!) And in the South mi brocante de l’Ile sur Sorgueah la la just too many beautiful things in France!!

Bueno chicas, I need to get active today…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bisous! Xoxo Flora

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Greetings from New Orleans!  After beaucoup de travel, I finally made it.   I had just enough time to drive through the French Quarter and along Bourbon Street before heading to watch a Hornets game.  I'm not a big sports fan (unless Zidane is playing!), but it was a good time.  I saw a woman in a heinous belted Hornets jersey but I won't even get into that...

Tomorrow on the agenda:  A trip back to the French Quarter where I saw the most incredible antique and vintage stores as I was driving by!  I have a list that is too long and a suitcase that is too small!  What's an Eternal Intern to Do?

I promise to write more and respond to your posts bientot.  Until then, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Bisous x x x


Envoyé de mon iPhone

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Welcome back to the U.S.A.  and although we are not in the same city, I am just glad to have you guys in the same country!
I am at home sick :(  but trying to catch up on rest and battle this cold, so as to regain some energy to binge out with my family during our THANKSGIVING feast!  (note to self:  don't eat too much for brekkie)
What am I thankful for?
I am thankful for my overall health (darn this cold!) , a loving group of friends, and for the most amazing family on this planet!
Happy Turkey Day Eternal Interns!
All my love,
xxx Rose

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A Big Deal Being in the Big Apple

Hola chicas,

Back in the Big Apple and ready for a Big Dinner tonight. It’s been a week and half since I have been with el novio, I miss him like crazy, and I can’t wait to see him again at Balthazar’s tonight…but I have to say this diner scares me Big time!

Yes, we know we will be together forever and love each other, but the current situation is just not working out: this Eternal Intern needs an Eternal legal status somewhere! And the US is just not letting her be in NY!

Getting over to NY was a hassle in itself…Paris pre-check-in I was already controlled and asked where my ‘permanent residence’ is (no, not ‘home’…permanent residence) to which I gave a pre-fabricated direct answer…followed by immigration control at JFK in NY with a similar interrogation: When do you count on leaving the country? Do you have a return ticket? Where are you staying? Where do you live? And the dreaded…What do you do? Aaaaaahhhh…with every inquiry perfectly answered, this last one was de trop! But…in keeping with my positive, “not staying longer than 3 weeks in the US” persona, I quickly answered the question with a smile on my face.

So tonight, a Big Dinner, a Big talk, a Big deal for me! I do not want to be separated from el novio for a year and half, and yet I fear that returning to Paris is my only solution. Returning to Paris could be the key to unlocking a future of Eternal Employment… Aaah, we shall see… for now though, this Eternal Intern is off to primp herself for a Big Diner and a Big talk about a Big future ahead…c’est la vie…

Before I forget, O. I hope you made it down safe and sound!!! Send pix ASAP!

And, Rose, you are a little powerhouse! Look at you go…A few years from now I will be referring to you as my crazy-production-vp-exec friend!! I believe in you 100%!

Ciao bellas,
Flora xoxo

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The next Aaron Sorkin? Keep dreaming Rose!

Flora,  I am so proud of you for having the courage to make one of the most difficult decisions of your life. I can't imagine what it is like to take the steps necessary to further your career, but that will ultimately separate you from your significant other.  You are an inspiration!

Ophelia, can't wait to see your pictures from your escape to the South.  P and I have been talking about taking a trip to New Orleans for so long.  I am wholeheartedly jealous :)  I'll be with you in spirit.

I don't have any exciting travels or special reunions planned, but instead I am taking my down time to tackle my first feature script.  I am not sure if I told you girls, but I have decided that I can't crack this story solo, so I have a writing partner now.  We are having weekly story meetings and so far we have made tremendous progress, which has me quite pleased.  I originally started writing the script and was actually almost half way done, when I realized that my story was completely off track.  There was so much missing that I needed to figure out (re the character development and also the beats of the story).  The second act was drastically dragging and the first act was way too short!

At the moment, I am rewriting the treatment and  have changed the main character's traits completely, and I finally feel as though this is a story worth telling!  My new partner is helping me be thoughtful of my target audience throughout the story development process.  Currently, I have the beats of Act 1 written out and I am leaving shortly for another meeting to figure out what comes next!  This entire process has been an uphill challenge and an extraordinary learning experience.

I can take all the writing classes from the greatest screen writers in the world, but nothing can compare to undergoing the process myself.  I can't wait to share my story with you girls!

xxx Rose

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Southern Style

Bonjour Interns!
En route to New Orleans and I have been thinking a bit about the style of the South.

I have all kinds of visions running through my head: from Scarlett O'Hara's elaborate gowns to Allie Hamilton's (The Notebook) vintage dresses perfect for hot southern summer.

I'm thinking jazz and marching brass bands, old larger than life personalities and Mardi Gras eccentrics!  I even pulled out an old issue of W magazine that tried to capture the style of a city so well know for food, music and personality!

My camera is charged and ready for what promises to be a visual (and culinary) dream vacation!

Bisous, Ophelia

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Girls have wonderful Thanksgivings! I am also off tomorrow - NY bound as well…but unfortunately Ophelia and I won’t be flying together :( I get American Airlines…she gets Air France…lucky thing!!

I am sad to leave Paris, but I am thrilled to be reunited with el novio tomorrow! Distance really does make the heart grow fonder…and after a week and half minus el novio, this Eternal Intern’s heart is impatient to travel back to the Upper East Side.

Given the whole visa fiasco, the possibility that this E.I. may be Paris-bound for good in early 2010, and the resulting geographic separation from el novio for a YEAR AND A HALF, apprehensions are back on board, my heart is melting, tears are building up and my "preparations de marriage" will move full force forward in anticipation of a European reunion in the South France…juillet 2011!

Voyagez bien les filles et Ophelia see you in a bit for a café crème @ conti?

F. xoxo the third of the traveling interns…
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Robert Doisneau, Le Baiser, 1950

Monday, November 23, 2009

Travel Safe

I'm saving my traveling for the December holidays, but travel safe both of you!  I can't wait until you are both back in the U.S.A.  

xxx Rose

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The Traveling Intern

Hi Girls,
I am sorry to have been absent from the Eternal Intern universe!  I am packing for New Orleans!  I have a long trip ahead of me.  Off to New York tomorrow and then the Big Easy on Wednesday!  So looking foward to Turkey dinner!  I'll write more from New Orleans!

Bisous,  Ophelia

Oh and in case I forget... Happy Thanksgiving!!!  xoxo

A weekend full of screaming kids!

Flora, welcome back to the world wide web!  It missed you!

Girls, I am sick :(  So forgive me for not having written in a few days.  Here is my little update...

Firstly, NEW MOON.  What an event.  I went to see the movie in the heart of Los Angeles in order to absorb the full Twilight experience.  My movie started at 7:30pm Friday night, so I thought a reasonable time to show up would be an hour before my movie, having already purchased the tickets online.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  There was a line outside each screening of New Moon within the movie theater itself.  So I ended up sitting right in the middle of all the teenagers that obviously talk too loud and are incredibly obnoxious (what is wrong with the youth today?)  Anyone who has ever gone to a movie with me knows that I like to sit in the very back and if possible at either the top-right or top-left corner, thereby protecting three of my 4 possibly exposed sides!  I know this is OCD behavior, but the theater experience is a sacred one for myself and I need to keep to my rituals!
Anyway, the movie was exactly what I expected.  More unsatisfying longing between the lead characters with heightened sexual tension, except this movie was slightly more guy friendly than the first of the Twilight Saga.  That said, I couldn't pay my boyfriend enough money to sit through 2 hrs and 10 minutes of this vampire love story!

Second, Disneyland was a real winter wonderland!  On top of seeing some of the world's most cherished characters, I got to experience my favorite place on earth during my favorite holiday season!  Here is a pic of Sleeping Beauty's castle lit up at night with icicles... next time you girls must come along.  Also if either of you are feeling generous and wondering what you should get me for X-Mas, worry no longer.  I would like to be an AP for 2010.  What's an AP?  A proud owner of an annual pass of course!

xxx Rose

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La Bohème

Ophelia brings us into her univers through her unreal ‘ab-fab’ closet…Through her fashion, style and ‘accessoires’ we learn a little more about this mysterious ‘Parisienne par adoption’
Flora (myself…yes I’m trying the snotish 3rd person…) has decided to welcome you to her ‘univers’ through one of her passions…interiors and decoration from around the world.

And how best, as a singularly simple introduction, to uncover this Eternal Intern's bohemian side. Often only reserved for vacations in the Balearics and weekends in the Keys, this ‘cote bohème’ has recently revealed itself in the most sophisticated of cities and classy engagements…

How to portray this ‘folie bohème’…The Moorings in Islamorada, Florida Keys is the perfect blend of sophistication and bohemiam chic, a most sensible representation of Flora’s ‘tamed wild side’ (hehe I may be a bit much here no?? Hehe I love it!).

Below find images to regale your eyes, dreams and perhaps future weekend getaway? And soon to come more fabulous destinations and interiors to reveal bit by bit who exactly this Flora really is…to be continued…

check out the Moorings website at:
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Where are you from? What do you do? Aaaahhhh!


I’m back in business, back in the city, back at my little café with my mint tea and back to being ‘connected’. What a wonderful few days I spent out in the countryside, tasting Alsacian wines, devouring my Bonne-maman’s cooking and appreciating quiet nights of serene rest and sleep.

My weekend got me thinking a lot about Rose’s concern on ‘home’. I’m sorry to bring you back to your emails from a few days ago, but as soon as I read it, it sparked my interest…I had to answer!

Saturday night, in fact, I was at a house warming party. I decided to make a ‘stop-over’ on my trip back to Paris in a city of Eastern France, to visit a most wonderful friend (Merci C.L!!) who is currently living there. She has moved there for work and created her own ‘nest’ in this new habitat. She kindly took me along to this party, and as at every cocktail, of course, I followed the typical introductory etiquette…What is your name? Where are you from? What do you do? And so on and so forth…

I quickly realized, however, that after 1 person…I could barely answer some of these questions!! Basic, rudimentary, customary introductory bla bla!!

Where are you from? Well, this one simple question resulted in a 5 minute conversation with each and every individual who posed it…resulting in a circle of people gathering around to hear…well….where the hell I’m from!! I could barely answer…So I would start:

“Well…I’m from Paris, well I was born here, but I quickly moved to New York, and grew up there, but then moved to Toronto, so I lost my green card and then I decided to go study in Paris, and around then my family moved back to New York, but I was too old to be sponsored for a green card, so I stayed in Paris until I finished my studies and then met a Spanish boy who lives in New York, so I fiddled my way through J-1 visas, but now my family lives in Miami, and I am not eligible for a J-1 anymore, and my novio can’t yet leave New York, but I can’t legally work there…and he ultimately wants to leave…but not yet…so…well…I guess I’m living between New York, Miami and Paris perhaps soon?”.

Complicated? Yes. Annoying to explain? Yes. Where is my ‘home’? Let me tell you.

Do you girls not agree that home is family, warmth, tradition, memories, love? Home for me is wherever the ones’ I love are. Currently an “SDF” (sans domicil fixe…homeless in a sense…) my home is both where my family is and where el novio fiance is. Home is where I feel ‘a l’aise’, where I feel loved, where I feel safe. Home can be a multitude of places - but in order for these locations to be considered a ‘home’, they must encompass my required characteristics of love, safety and warmth. Qu’en pensez-vous?

As for the “what do you do” question…poufffff…how to answer there!! Haha!! Well…simply…I am, and proud to be…for the moment…an Eternal Intern…and so they laughed and giggled…and luckily passed on to another subject…fioufff saved by E.I!!

And so I am now back in Paris, all my apprehensions behind me, courage and strength ahead, and I do have to say that I feel somewhat sad leaving behind this wonderful city, these absolutely fabulous friends (merci merci merci!!) and my dearest Ophelia! O. you have been the most wonderful host and the greatest friend, and I hope that soon we could potentially be Eternal Interns together in the city of lights!

Being an Eternal Intern is full of professional and geographic uncertainties, full of uncomfortable questions to answer and awkward moments once the questions answered (lol!), but being an Eternal Intern is also a life filled with adventure, ‘l’innatendu’, excitement, and many wonderful and new ‘homes’ in the most unexpected of places!

This Eternal Intern must now run back to her old school…ahh Sciences Po…and discover the beauty of the new career centre…perhaps a new open door?

Flora xoxo

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Which Princess are you?

My personal favorites are Ariel (The Little Mermaid) and Jasmine (Aladdin)!  I wish you girls were joining me tomorrow too!  I will write soon with an update re my job hunt, script writing, and other side projects (aka losing 10 pounds by X-Mas)!  Enjoy your evening, Ophelia.
xxx Rose

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Bon Weekend!

Have fun at Disney!  So jealous!  I haven't been in AGES!  So, if you were a Disney character who would you be?   Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) and Princess Tiger Lily (Peter Pan) are my faves, but I think I'd be (young) Nala from The Lion King.

I'm out having a drink with some parisiens.  I so wish Flora was back from la campagne and that the Eternal Interns were off to Disney ensemble!

Have a good weekend, les filles!
Bisous, O.

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Happy Weekend :)

Hope you girls are well... I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow!  Happiest place on earth!  Will take lots of pics of the Christmas decor and will write soon about my intense New Moon experience!

xxx Rose

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ophelia's Outfits Part Deux

Ophelia's Outfit

I'm home sick today and clearly I have a lot of time on my hands! I took advantage of the lazy day in bed to catch up on all my favorite magazines and read a few more chapters of The Gospel According to Coco Chanel.

I also put together an "If I wasn't at home in bed in my pjs I'd be wearing...." outfit!
Here are the must haves:

Tuxedo jacket - I have had mine for YEARS! I got it in LA at Buffalo Exchange. The best $7 I ever spent!

Boyfriend jean - I still love my skinny jeans, but there is something about a pair of boyfriend jeans that are worn in in all the right places!

Headband - Made famous by Ms. Blair Waldorf, I am still obsessed with mine. The trend may have gotten out of hand, but in my eyes they're still super practical and they look awesome!

Cashmere Pashmina - I always have one in my bag. You never know when you'll need it!

Moleskine Notebook - There is always something to see and do in Paris! When I'm going about my daily business I'll often pass something I want to come back and explore. Without a note book I'd never remember!

My iPhone - Even after 4 years in Paris I still get a little turned around in certain quartiers. I'm also going to make more of an effort to tweet!

Perfume - Coco Chanel once said "A woman who does not wear perfume has no future." Who am I to question Mademoiselle Chanel?

Date Night With Screaming Teenage Girls

This is a special week for many teenage girls around the globe... The Twilight Saga Continues with its second installment: New Moon.  Of course, as a film enthusiast, I absolutely cannot miss out on such a phenomenon!  I am going tonight with a curious girlfriend to see what many claim to be better than the first Twilight movie.  I was extremely uninterested when the first movie came out and to this day I believe its trailer to be one of the worst trailers in the history of trailers!  I refused to see the first movie in theaters, and finally on a flight back from London I decided to give in ad see what all the hype is about... I will honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised!  I thought it was going to be TV movie quality (although with the progress of television story telling that statement has lost merit).  The movie did a great job of making you feel the romance and sexual tension between the two main characters and I am extremely curious to see how New Moon and the following Eclipse will compare, especially with each having a different director!

Personally, I am attracted to films with phenomenal scores and musical numbers.  You can tell by my top 5 favorite movies of all time...
1-Marry Poppins
2-The Sound of Music
3-Top Gun
5-Man of La Mancha

Also, if you haven't already, go see Pirate Radio.  It is the new Working Title/Focus Features film and it is absolutely hilarious.  It is directed to a slightly older audience than the recent trend of comedies, but it is a true delight and I highly recommend it!  Stay tuned for my review of New Moon :)

xxx Rose 

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There's No Place Like Home

Good question, Rose!
The Eternal Interns are so international it is hard to nail down exactly where 'home' is!
I have three homes:

1. The hometown:  Toronto .... Born and raised.
2. The home base:  New York....   The family hub.
3.  Where I'm at home:  Paris...  Where my heart is.

To the dismay of those who wish I would settle, I have a long list of places I would like to call 'home':
Rome, Buenos Aires, Boston,  Savannah, Riomaggiore, Bozouls, Martha's Vineyard, Lake Como, Positano, Havana... the list goes on and on!

Now I'm off to do one of my favorite things...  Peruse real estate listings in all my potential 'homes'!



Home is where the heart is ? I'm not convinced!

Dearest Flora,

I was just reading your email about our 'paths' and I realized that you still referred to NYC as home.  As you girls already know, I will be spending the holidays in Toronto and there have been plenty of times that I have stopped myself from referring to it as 'home'.  Eternal interns, where do you believe is your home on this earth?  Home is not simply one's address.  If home is where the heart is... then for my lovely better half and myself it would be Japan.  We miss Tokyo every minute of every day... Although, we want to settle here in Hollywood (for now), we also consider London as a possible home.

So where do I believe is home?  Well, my home right NOW is in West Hollywood, a couple of years ago it was in Sydney, a year before that it was in Tokyo, and for a long time before that it was in the Greater Toronto Area (Scarborough, North York, Richmond Hill, Downtown Toronto, etc...)! 

xxx Rose

Ophelia,  thank you for sharing your fashion obsessions with us.  I absolutely adore that dress! 

Ophelia's Outfits

Ophelia's Outfits

As the resident fashion fanatic, I wanted to show you the clothes, shoes, accessories and make up that I am loving at the moment! Inspired by a crafty friend, I started a look book with magazine clippings. Now, thanks to the wonders of the internet I can create and share my digital look book! Stay tuned for my fave picks!

The Breakdown:

This Stella McCartney sweater dress is my obsession! As is this studded Marc Jacobs bag! Aren't they gorgeous?!

I'm already pretty tall but sometimes I love adding a few extra inches! It makes me feel super powerful! ha! These mile-high Louboutins would do the trick! Anyone who knows me knows just how much I adore the red soles!

The umbrella and scarf are a staple in a Parisienne's wardrobe. I dare you to find a well-dressed Parisian girl without an umbrella and a scarf! I know Flora never leaves home without hers!

As for the rest of the accessories.... Gold looks great with my skin tone so I am always drawn to gold jewelry. Also, I am rarely seen without pearl earrings. I'm not big on accessories, so I like things that I can wear over and over (ie never take off!). These were a graduation present from my ever-so-thoughtful boyfriend!

During fashion week, I saw a girl wearing the most fabulous dark lipstick! I ran out and bought the same color that same day. I hesitated for weeks to even attempt such a daring look, but bit the bullet (for a night at the ballet of all places!) and stained my lips dark plum. It looked AMAZING! Now I am totally obsessed.

More looks to follow!




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