Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Intern on a Collision Course

Dearest girls,

It has been a crazy few weeks!   Rose, how is it that this has happened again!?  Remind me of his name?  There must have been a reason I ran out! Does this mean if you marry him I'm banned from the wedding?

If it makes you feel any better, I definitely got my comeuppance last month.  I was dating this horror of a man out in the Hamptons... an all-around loser of a guy.  Why was I with him, you ask?  Love makes a girl do crazy things!  Anyway, last month we were invited to an amazing party -- dancing, drinking, good friends... an End of Season send off.  Well, we got into a minor argument (nothing like the rows I used to get into in school with good ol' Whatshisname!) and HE stormed off, leaving me alone at the party.

An  hour later I found him sitting in the car with the engine running.  I was barely in the car when the lunatic peeled out of the parking lot.  He was screaming and yelling and at some point he lost control of the car sending us straight into a pole!  He TOTALED the car... and don't even get me started on the bumps and bruises that I endured as a result of the accident. Needless to say the police came, he was arrested and is now in a whole lot of trouble.  It also goes without saying that I will never see him again (so no spare me the lecture, Rose!).  I booked it out of town on the first Jitney back to the City!

I'm heading back to Hawaii on Thursday then back to Paris for a few weeks.  After all those years of bullshit jobs and internships, can you believe I finally have a job that allows me to split my time between NYC and Paris?!

Flora, what's new?  We're in the same city and I still have a hard time pinning you down.  Come back to us!  Who's going to break us up when Rose and I get into one of our epic fights?!

Bisous xx

PS.  So there are two morals of the story:  don't date losers and don't date losers who drink and drive.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Come Out Wherever You Are

OMG outrageous story!  I had two goldfish when I went to bed last night and when I woke up this morning there was only 1 in the bowl.  Took everything out of it in case it was hiding behind the fake scenery.  NOPE!  NOT THERE!  Behind the dresser it was on?  NOPE! On the side?  Maybe it jumped out?  NOPE!  Why would it be that easy?!?
Turns out the little guy jumped out last night and landed in a drawer that was slightly open at the very bottom of the dresser then flopped around to the back of it and jumped out landing underneath the drawer!  Not until we took out all the drawers did we find the shiny yellow fish.  He looked like a hidden jewel amongst all the dust! 
I am still weirded out! 

Miss you guys.  Sorry for being a dickhead lately about everything!  Don't blame you guys for not wanting to talk. 


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Outraged Intern

Ophelia, we need to talk!  I couldn't be more furious with you.  It is like college all over again.  Me and the boyfriend made a discovery during dinner last Thursday.
Turns out that you guys have been intimate in the past... that you ran out on him the next morning ... and in true Ophelia fashion...  he never heard from you again!
You never stop to think about the person on the other end of the phone whilst you selfishly ignore someone's messages and phone calls.
Anyway, I was telling him all about my lovely friends and when he found out who you were... he couldn't deal with it!  I haven't heard from him for days.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Yay, we are all in the lovely US of A at the same time!  I smell a reunion in the near future. Love it <3 love...="love..." nbsp="nbsp" of="of" p="p" peaking="peaking">
So I mentioned in my last email that I had a boyfriend situation.  Thank you for your patience and I shall now divulge.  His name is Brandon and he actually looks a bit like Brandon from the original 90210.  (I guess I will always have a thing for that 90's hair!)   Met him a work drinks that I had organized a few weeks ago...  swoon...

He is pretty good to me, but the biggest draw is that he is on the job hunt for me! If he finds me a normal paying- non-intern position I might just as him to marry me!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

The New Girl in Town

Rose honey, so sorry you were ill!  Any chance you can parlay some of that down time into a visit to NYC?!  I'm having an absolute blast (remind me why I don't live here?!) and it has been great reconnecting with Flora (we had coffee on Friday!).  I have been spending weekends in the Hamptons which has been so fabulous!  Flora refuses to come out with me (something about a "penny saved is a penny earned"!) but hopefully I can change her mind in time for Labor Day weekend (hint hint nudge nudge).

That said, it isn't all play no work for your dear friend.  I am working for an amazing woman I met in Paris in the spring at her boutique PR company.  I am having such a great time (and she likes me so much) that I am staying on through fashion week!!  What do I have to rush back to Paris for anyway?  After that we'll both head to London, Milan and Paris where we'll sadly part ways.  I am hoping I can turn this into a permanent gig... maybe even start a Paris office!  On verra!

Ok chickadees, must run, beach time!

Bisous xx

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Broke AGAIN!

Hi Ladies,
Thank goodness for Central Park!  What's a New Yorker to do without any $$$$ ???
Well.... I have been going on runs, walks, sleeping in the park in the sunshine, watching the beautiful men playing football in Sheep Meadow.....  You know... The usual....
I may be a broke New Yorker... but never have I been more at peace with doing nothing!!!!!
Although.... I think it is time I concentrate on my entrepreneural ventures that I abandoned when I was employed full time.  It's time I grab life by its balls! Who's with me?!!?
Ophelia, coffee tomorrow?


Monday, August 13, 2012

Fallen Intern

The boss is shooting a couple of episodes of a show... And I have had the pleasure of assisting him on set... long story short... virus hits the set.. everyone is ill... I've become extremely cosy with my toilet.  
Now the producers have no choice, but to decontaminate the set...  after 30 people have been hit with a vicious stomach virus!  Ouch!  Poor me :(

Glad to have you back, Flora.  Love that you guys are in NYC together!  Maybe I'll come to visit... 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Apologetic Intern

Guys,  I really am sorry for being such a bad friend this year and being MIA.  Taking some time away from everything was about me needing to be selfish for my own sanity and I hope you can understand that.  I love you both and you are my sisters.  Ophelia, I'm glad that we finally go to catch up in person and also that you are here for the rest of August!  Huge apologies from your troubled, little, unemployed friend.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?!

Rose, you sneaky little thing.  That girl sounds like a total bitch.  Get that job, girl!  And speaking of bitchy things to do, I really feel like I should clear the air, especially since I am leaving for New York on Monday.  Flora, you know I love you, but we have been friends since we were ten and I think it is pretty shitty to disappear in the fucking Outback for two months without sending word to your best friends.  I was worried sick by the unanswered emails, texts and calls and even more so when your family said you were off on a "expedition of self-exploration"!  Would it have killed you to at least let us know?  I know we're supposed to hang out in New York this month but frankly I am livid.  How could you?   Well, we'll have plenty of time to hash this out starting next week.  I am sure you have your reasons but god, could you be more selfish?!  

In other news, I scored myself a freelance gig in New York so I won't just be loafing around (Rose, I am sure you're thrilled to hear that I'm actually working and not just galavanting.  Isn't that the word you always use to describe my travels?)  Yours truly will be in the city Monday through Thursday and in the Hamptons on the weekend.  August is going to be amazing!  Flora darling, I sure hope we're friends again soon.  Wouldn't want you to miss out on all the Hamptons fun! 

Bisous xx 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the world's a stage

Flora, I fell of my chair when I read this.  You went on a fucking walkabout?  I need details asap!  Have in NYC ladies.
LA so far is good.  I am still interning for the director and slowly plotting to push his assistant out of the picture! (evil laugh)  It must be working because she hates to have me back from London.  I am dealing with all of the post production elements now seeing as I was physically there for the shoot and the fact that I have an in at the post house doesn't hurt either ;)  Anyway, the assistant flipped out at me today out of her own frustration and bumped me in the shoulder on her way out of the office.  What a stupid b**ch.  If I felt bad about anything before she just bumped it all away!  She is going down and out! Mark my words... I will have her job by the end of August!

Love you guys,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Honey I'm Home !

Ladies!!!  Ophelia, hope your trip to New York is good, I just got back so let me know when you want to meet up for an epic catch up.  I can't believe you quit your job.  Rose you are back in LA!  I've missed so much!

Well... don't hate me... but after all the bullshit with work that went down, I had to go on a soul search.  So I went on a walkabout in the outback. That's right, the Australian Outback!  And after all that time with snakes, spiders, kangaroos and a whole lot of sand... I  am still as lost and confused as ever... At least I met some fit men along the way...  it wasn't all a waste of time ;)

I'm back now.  Unemployed and eternally an intern.  More updates soon.


Friday, July 20, 2012

An Evening Of Amazing Entertainment

Went to a screening of The Dark Knight Rises with my boyfriend (yes I have a boyfriend... more on that later...).  Amazing film.  I now have Batman envy.  I want to BE Batman... and I want to BE WITH Robin.  Enough said.  It's not perfect by any means, but I dare any of the haters to make a film half as good as Chris Nolan!  Then came home and crushed on Jax and watched a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy. Love Jax... <3 ... sigh....   

Have in NYC, Ophelia!  Let me know if you get a hold of Flora and give her some shit for this MIA act. It is  just a load of BS if you ask me.  No excuses.

Anyway love you! 


Monday, July 16, 2012

Paris-New York

Bonjour girls,

I am sitting at my favorite café having my morning crème and tartine and thinking about how much fun I had in London with you, dearest Rose. 

Flora, since you have fallen off the face of the earth and I am blissfully unemployed (and frankly a little bored!), I have decided to come looking for you! Sure, some might say I should look for a job instead, but since when do I listen to the unsolicited opinions of others?! 

SO... I am booking a ticket this afternoon and I've decided to spend August in New York! I need a little break from Paris (too many run-ins with exes and too many tourists!) so why not get away from it all?

Get ready Flora, I'm coming for you!

Bisous xx

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Let The Sun Shine

Flora, if you don't write to us soon I am seriously notifying the fucking police!  What is going on with you, girl?!

As for me... after rocking out in London for the better part of 2012, falling for the cutest Brit editor, traveling around a bit with Ophelia after she quite her job AGAIN!!!!  I am now back in lovely, smoggy, WARM LA!

No more rain and grey skies for this eternal intern.  Thank god for that!  There is not a man on that entire island that is worth enduring that weather for!  Simply dreadful.

I'm just glad to be able to wear my flip flops again.  Hallelujah! Just let the sun shine!


Friday, June 15, 2012

London Calling!

Darling girls, 

Comment allez-vous?  Rose, I appreciate your concern re: quitting my job but I'll be fine! I'll figure something out, I always do!  I was thinking... since I have nothing to do in Paris this weekend, why not a trip to London?  What would you say to me catching a Eurostar tomorrow morning?  I could stay for a few days and we can celebrate my newfound freedom.  Call in sick, Rose!  I'm sure they won't miss you for a few days!   Better yet, QUIT YOUR JOB and the three of us can take off somewhere exotic (Fiji?)

London, here I come!!

Bisous xx 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Ophelia, honey!  I'm sorry to say this, but  I can't believe you quit your job!  Wasn't this your first job post interning world?  What are you going to do?  I thought your dad cut up your credit cards!  How could you possibly afford life in Paris now?!?

I'm just over the channel so please hop on a Eurostar and let's talk this through... just want to make sure that my best friend hasn't lost her flippin mind!  Call me asap!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Excited With Dread

Flora, so glad you are in good spirits.  Are you interviewing then?  Will you stay in NYC?

My weeks in London are numbered now that we are in post-production on this production. I have, however, been having loads of fun with a lovely editor from Deluxe.  Teehee... somehow I always manage to mix work with pleasure.  I just love his accent... swooon.  It's just fun for now and plus I am headed back to SoCal soon so there is no point getting serious about it all.  Just enjoying each day as it comes.

As excited as I am to be back on the west coast, I am dreading the dynamic with the assistant.  Should I start looking for a proper job or stay at this internship.  At least it is paid... and I love absolutely everything about it.  I just don't know if I could handle being the assistant to the assistant when we get back.

Ophelia, I am definitely making a stop in Paris before I head back to LA.  I'll keep you posted on a specific weekend.  Maybe I will bring my editor with me... ass like a peach ;) haha

Lots of love ladies!  Miss you as always.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Day by Day

Hello chicas !

Well girls I’m not doing too badly…Life has definitely changed and I’m now quite literally counting my pennies, but in doing so I’m also finding that I’m appreciating things much much more, taking life day by day.

This morning for instance…I splurged…I treated myself to a tall, non fat chai latte at Starbucks ! I have been dying for one ever since I got back from my travels  in Asia (and ever since I have been feeling better !). It sounds silly, but I’ve never appreciated a chai latte like the one this morning. My mouth was literally watering as I waited at the counter for someone to call out « Flora » and hand me my delicious drink !

I’ve also taken on a few other funky and odd hobbies to take the stress of the job hunt…I’m trying my hand at this Bikram yoga thing…There are a bunch of centers for Bikram in NY that offer these deals where for a 2 week trial period you pay 20$ and get unlimited classes ! So what I’ve started doing is literally changing centers every 2 weeks !! haha…I shouldn’t be proud…but at least I end up paying 40$ per month for unlimited yoga ! And I keep fit !!

Life has definitely taken a 360… I’m broke…I have no job…I’m taking life step by step and day to day…but one thing i have gained is hope. I know things are going to go well and I know  that sometimes you need extreme changes to find yourself and figure out exactly what you want and what you were made to do.

Sounds silly but girls I promise next time we see each other, you will see that this change is for the better !! And I have some pretty exciting new travel plans to tell you chicas about !!!

Lots of love until next time,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Master Of Itineraries

A little venting session!  I have just spent the entire day trying to sort out how to get my boss on the Eurostar Frequent Traveller program and after hours of resubmitting and struggling to figure out what I was doing wrong, it turned out it was a fault in the system!  So frustrating!

To be honest, I feel like I should be the one racking up the points for his weekend escapades around Europe anyway... Why is it that the more money you make and the higher up the ladder you climb, you end up receiving increasingly more free stuff!  Like if a studio is paying to fly you around... shouldn't the studio get the flying miles?  Ha!  

Or better yet, if an underpaid intern is spending the time booking flights/trains and writing up the most detailed and beautiful itineraries you have ever seen... would you not create a frequent flyer account for them and let them rack up the points... because chances are they will never be able to afford a bloody vacation at this rate!  Fat chance! 

And believe me I could use a vacation from all this bloody rain in London.  Turns out I have developed California blood after all! Brrrrr


Friday, April 27, 2012

A Change is in the Air

Hi girls,
I'm sorry for not writing sooner!  Rose, running away to Bali sounds so appealing at the moment!  Flora, how is unemployment treating you?  I also have some news on the employment front.  Last week, I marched into my boss' office and told him I couldn't work in this crazy environment and that things needed to change.  After a civilized chat (our first in ages) he agreed to let me work from home two days a week!  So starting in May I will be working from rue Monsieur le Prince (or Relais Odeon!) on Thursdays and Fridays!  I believe this will also alleviate some of the stress in my personal life as I work with the mystery man!  Yes, another office romance! Oh la la, why must I complicate everything?

And speaking of uncomfortable work situations, last night I had dinner with my dear friend S and her lovely boyfriend R and she told me about her first encounter with her new art dealer boss.  S is working at a very famous London gallery and on her first day she noticed the owner sitting at a table reading the newspaper.  She decided to go over and introduce herself (normal on one's first day!).  Well, her very polite "Hello Mr. X, I am the new assistant, it is a pleasure to meet you." was met with "I don't care who you are"!  He didn't even look up from his newspaper!  Can you believe it?  And what's worse, all her new coworkers overheard!  Poor thing, what was supposed to be a fabulous opportunity is already sounding like a bit of a nightmare!

So, les filles, I guess the three of us aren't alone.  Our contemporaries are experiencing the same soul- crushing, "why me?"-inducing frustrations we face in NYC, LA/London and Paris!  haha!

Missing you both to pieces!

Bisous xx

Monday, April 9, 2012

Always An Eternal Intern

Ladies, reading your emails has made me laugh out loud.  What a miserable bunch we can be.  I too am in desperate need for a change.  We all know that I work for pennies as an intern.  Since we arrived to Londontown...  the director has been (to quote the locals) taking the piss!  I am working 12 hour days as we are shooting.  7-7 is the norm.  I would be able to cope with it if I were being compensated appropriately, but alas that is too much to ask in this climate... for fucks sake, his assistant that we left behind in lala-land is making at least triple what I do and she just gets to house sit for him until we return.  Most days I don't mind the grind... always keep my eyes on the prize, but today my eternal intern rage has surfaced.  Most possibly because my last pay check was less than that of a fast food salesman!!!

What is it with us?  Are we spoiled?  Because it seems to me that we have been paying our dues, be it in internship or entry level job capacity, for way too long.  In fact, I don't remember a time before I was paying my dues! Ha!

I have been dreaming of moving to a beach lately.  Just drop everything and live in a paradise.  Maybe become a yoga instructor?  Dog walker?  At least I won't have to pay my dues any more... whatever that means!  Move with me ladies.  Imagine after all this time... No more LA, NYC, Paris... we should all just put our resources together and move to a paradise and live happily ever after!

Who am I kidding?!?!?!  I love this bloody industry!  I've got another couple of years of endurance left in me before I definitively throw in the towel and become a yoga instructor in Bali!  

Chin up ladies! 

Cheers to the adventures ahead!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Case of the Mean Reds

Flora, you sneaky little devil!  I cannot believe you resigned!  I bet your bosses were as shocked as Rose and I are!  I did not see this coming!  And then scramming to Asia!  Tell us alllllll about it!  Please, I need something to lift my spirits!

I am in an absolutely wretched mood today.  The mystery man is being an absolute asshole and I don't like it one bit.  He is capable of pretty bad behavior (Alas, the perfect man is actually not perfect!) but this is unbearable!  Thinking about it makes me mad!  Like really mad! I'm supposed to see him for dinner tomorrow but I now have no intention of showing up.  I'm livid!  He is ruining everything!  Grrrrrr!!

In other news, work has been ghastly these days!  I should pull a Flora and just eff right off!  I'm starting to think I also need a change!  Maybe I'll run away to New York and Flora and I can be single and jobless together!  Or... maybe I'll just visit!!  Rose, if you haven't already run off with your movie star you should come too!

I'm sorry to be such a downer on this Sunday evening but I am oh so blah today!   A case of the "mean reds"!

Bisous xx

Monday, March 26, 2012

Taking the Plunge

Hey girls!
OMG I know an update is long overdue!
Well what excuse can I excuse actually! I've been travelling in Asia for the past month...yes girls a lot is new! A lot! I'm so sorry I didn't mention it...I kinda left "sur un coup de tete"...from on day to the next.
But, ok let's start at the beginning...I know this is gonna come as a shocker...but: I quit my job!!
Don't judge please! I quit for solid grounds - I promise! Things were not going well...the environment was too rotten...and I also just started questioning everything all of a sudden. Did I belong in this position? Was this job right for me? I had a knot in my stomach every morning as I walked to work...
So's a me too...but listen it's opened some doors to plenty of other things - including something I had always dreamed of doing: packing my bags and trekking throughout Asia! Well I did it! And I'm back! And I'm 10 pounds lighter...which is actually not that great a thing!!!  But what an eye opening experience it has been. Incredible! I have met the most interesting people, seen the most incredible sights and lived the most intense of experiences. Coming back to NY after all this was unreal...I mean we live in such a bubble - it's incredible and almost sickening.
I'll tell you all about my travels soon, but I have to admit I'm still not 100% recovered from the trip...I got sick right at the end!
But what I can say is that as scary as it is to find myself single, jobless and without much savings in the Big is something I will over come and I know it. Even if I sometimes feel as though I'm standing at the edge of a cliff!
I was able to make it from being an Eternal Intern to a full-time employee with strength and I know that this experience will be the same!
So girls, I def won't be visiting any time soon! But you guys are more than welcome to come over to NY and visit whenever you please :)
Big kisses and speak soon!


Friday, March 9, 2012

A Bashful Intern

OK so just wanted to message you guys to say I <3 my internship!  The director s treating me like a f**king superstar assistant! I am meeting the coolest people!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they just cast an actor who I am absolutely obsessed with!  You know... the kind of obsession that if I were married and had an 'allowed list' he would definitely be 2nd if not 3rd on my list. Let's just hope I don't start blushing every time I am around him... because that could be slightly embarrassing!  Ugh... it might not be avoidable at this point :-/

I have, however, become sick to death of the grey skies in Londontown.  I miss sunny SoCal.  Not to mention the fact that I miss driving... never thought I would be saying that !  You can't have it all can you!?

Miss you guys f**king loads! Flora please tell me that everything is OK.  We are kinda worried about you.  You have been so MIA.  Call me when you get a chance please!

Thinking of you both.



Friday, February 24, 2012

Head Over Heels

Girls!  You both had me laughing out loud reading your latest tales!  Flora, I can just see your face when your boss discovered what you were up to!  And Rose, I feel for you but that is bloody hilarious!  Who does that?!  Yuck!

Lots to report in my little life...  I am still dating the mystery man (I still don't want to say who it is because I like him too much!) and it is going so so well.  We are keeping our relationship very secret because there are outside parties who would not be thrilled to hear we're together and I absolutely love that no one knows!  There is no pressure!  We had the most amazing time in Positano over the holidays and next weekend we're going to the South of France on a little getaway.  I am utterly thrilled to have met someone I get along with so well!  He's perfect!  I mean, really perfect!  Swoon!

When I first met him I really didn't think we would have much in common and I completely wrote him off, but once I got past my initial skepticism I realized just how darling he is!  I suppose what they say is true, never judge a book by its cover!  Oh girls, I've lost it!  Can we please live in the same city so you can stop me from falling head over heels in love with devilishly handsome men?  Haha! 

We see each other every night and spend the weekends strolling along the Canal Saint Martin, catching films at La Pagode and dining at amazing restaurants!  J'adore!  I promise to unveil his identity just as soon as I know those "outside parties" won't be a threat!

Oh la la, girls... I've got it bad!

Bisous xx Ophelia

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Case Of The Missing Laundry

Flora!  We have been worried about you.  We hadn't heard from you for ages and to think... you have just been busy dreaming of laser hair surgery... gotta love Groupon!

London is absolutely freezing!  O, how is the weather in Paris?  I am so spoiled by the SoCal sun... my blood can't handle this chill!

We start shooting in a couple of weeks.  So things are starting to really pick up at work now, but I think I have risen to the challenge.  I am trying my best and just hope that I can make a good impression.

London has been amazeballs so far.  It really is an extraordinary city.  There is so much to do and discover.  The people are stylish and the men are so handsome!!!  I definitely need to find me one of them... more on that later...

Sounds perfect right?
Everything was going smoothly until two day ago.  The story sounds ridiculous, but given that I earn intern's wages... you will be able to sympathize!
I went downstairs to do my laundry in the building where I am staying and when I returned to check on it an hour later....IT WAS MISSING!   I couldn't believe my luck.  Over the last couple of days I have been seeing signs going up around the building of people demanding that their stolen laundry be returned.  Can you believe it?    We have a laundry thief in the building!  How disgusting do you have to be?  And the worst part of it all?  THEY STOLE MY BLOODY WHITES!!!  What has this world come to?!?!?

Miss you guys loads!



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Hairy Situation

Hey girls!

O and R! How I miss you girls! When are you coming to visit?? Please soon!
Omg today the most embarrassing thing ever officially hapenned! I've become addicted to groupon lately - do you guys know it and there was this amazing deal for this laser hair removal offer - my dream! 

Yes, I admit my absolute and utter dream! Good bye waxing, good bye epilady and shaving - I want to be hairless!!
Seeing the offer I couldn't resist it. I hit the link, took my credit card out and did everything to avoid missing losing the deal. A day later I got a confirmation email confirming the deal - yessss!! Legs, bikini and under arms for way too cheap! It was too good to be true - but it really wasn't - this was actually real and soon I would be hairless. 
That is...not before insane embarrassment.

I hit print to print my coupon and then called the salon right away. Someone finally came on the line, walked me through the process and then asked what zones I was going to work on...Leg...under arms...bik...i....and just then I saw an arm reach over my desk and hand me over my coupon that I had forgotten at the printer...Shiiiittt!! It was my big big boss....and just as I looked over at him and faked a smile...I finished my word...bikini...
I wanted to crawl under my desk...jump out the window...drown in my diet coke...

He had been standing there the entire time...

And then...he just walked away...OMG!!!! Talk about a horrible impression he must have of me! Not only am I clealry not working...but he overheard me schedule my bikini laser appointment!!


A perturbed Flora xoxo

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Face to Face with the Devil!

Hello darling girls,

What's new?  I am so epuisée!  Totally exhausted!  My birthday came and went and sadly it was totally uneventful!  Why?  Because I was stuck at the office for 14 hours without setting foot outside!  Our new PR consultant arrived from New York and man oh man is she tough!  She didn't even care that it was my birthday!  How can I explain Elisabetta Schneider?  Let's put it this way, she makes Cruella Deville look like Mother Theresa.  I can now say I have looked evil in the eye... and I survived!  haha!

Within the first 10 minutes of arriving in our office, she had offended me, my boss, Damien and pretty much everyone else on staff.  She dismissed me from a meeting by waving me away and telling me to "go handle secretarial things"!  She told Damien he has a "pretty face put a hallow head" and she called my boss ugly to his face!  You'd think today would have been absolutely unbearable but her out-of-left insults kept us all on our toes, I haven't laughed so hard at work in months!  I don't know how her assistant deals with her!  The woman is INSANE!

Unfortunately, the NYC-Paris time difference did not work out in our favor.  Elisabetta and her assistant Lara arrived around 11 am claiming jet lag and at 11 pm we were still in the office!  And next week will probably be more of the same shenanigans!  Lucky the bride of Satan goes back to NYC on Friday and I will only have to deal with her via email. I'm sure she'll be just as pleasant digitally as she is in the flesh!  I'm in for another crazy week!

I miss you both tremendously!

Bisous xx Ophelia


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