Saturday, October 31, 2009


Congratulations!  Felicitations!   Je suis super contente pour toi!!

Gros bisous x x x O.

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OMG...engaged intern?? Can it be??

Les filles! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Je suis fiancee!! I mean, I JUST got engaged!! I am speachlessly ecstatic! OMG I can't write...I will update tomorrow!! Oh la la!

Flora, aka: the Engaged Intern...?!?

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Friday, October 30, 2009

A Disney Bday

I never knew that my obsession with Disney was known by all, but I couldn't be happier!  I felt like a Disney Princess on my special day... I think my cake says it all!

I don't know why it is, but I always get overly emotional on my birthday.  I always think about what I have accomplished, all that awaits me, all I am grateful for, and mostly I am overwhelmed by how amazing my friends and family are ^_^  xxx

I didn't do anything exciting...worked for about 12 hours and then went home ordered pizza and had the most amazing cake of my life (not an exaggeration!)  It was perfect.

Thanks for the warm wishes O and Flora, I had a look at your side venture preview and I have to say that I can't wait to become your # 1 customer ;)

xxx Rose

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Rose!

Marilyn sang it best...


Lots of love,

O. and F.

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O! U are so the next star of fashion!
I got my first compliment too last nite...on that lil entrepreneurial gig i'm trying! yippeeee!
Head hurts from drinks last nite, ttyl!
xoxo, F.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Deported Intern?

Rose, Ophelia,

Oh, les filles! I am so sorry to have been so absent-minded and not write to you sooner!

R. - You are a true Jedi Knight, and I admire your strength. May the force be with you!
O. - Should we stick with the Star Wars theme, I feel as though you have been paired off with a veritable Darth Vader. Though we all aspire to share an office space with an R2D2 or a Yoda-type, it seems as though you have been doomed to co-work with the torturously feared, Storm-trooper-esque, internista! May the force be with you too!

As for me chicas, well I’m going to say that I am doomed to be a C3P0. Yes, C3P0. An odd comment, indeed, but rightfully so.

See, C3P0 has always been the kind, innocent, naïve and genuinely great Star Wars’ character who has eternally been overshadowed by those he shares the galaxy with. Yoda has always been much wiser; R2D2 has always been much cuter; and Princess Lea (minus the odd hairdo) has become the queen of the galaxy! Despite all of his qualities C3P0 has always been a little farther in the shadows than these protagonists.

I am C3P0. Despite my crazy education, international work experience, linguistic talents and eternal ambition (I am indeed 2*) I have yet to be rewarded for my efforts…or actually let me re-phrase that…I have been rewarded for my efforts, but that reward was quickly taken back away from me…by the US government.

Yes chicas! You guessed it! I got that crazy, power-luxury-house, insanely-amazing, fabulously-freaking-good internship! I was about to call and let you know…when…I found out that I am ‘ineligible’ for the work permit!

No! How is this possible? It seems as though I keep getting a step closer to my dreams and yet something is always in the way! It’s just like R2D2 and C3P0...R2 was always getting in the way of C3P0 since he’s just so much cuter…well I can’t say the same for the US government but why oh why can’t they just let me be!

Ah! Clearly girls I need a drink, which is why I must jet downtown! But I’ll talk to you chicas later to continue regaling you with this story ;)

Big bisous les filles,

Flora... a disressed eternal intern xoxo

The Eternal Intern List

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Try Try Again...

My dearest Flora and Ophelia

I am writing to commend The Eternal Intern for being blessed with the strength to go after a dream and never opting for the easy way out, despite any obstacles we have encountered. Our lives are enriched with adventures and life lessons that we would not exchange for anything in the world!

Ladies, our strength has gotten us through so much and I know that our lives will be full of greatness. We don't aspire for average. We crave challenge and intensity, and it is this craving that I know will lead to our ultimate successes in life.

Ladies, the force is strong with us! We must keep fighting and when we feel like giving up just remember that a true Jedi would try try again... (I'm dressing up as a Jedi for Halloween btw- *_*)

xxx Rose

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Desperately in Despair

Rose, I'll send you my CV too...still no answer from my 'could be' perhaps you can hire me too?! Wut do you think? Let me know, I'll fly over to interview ;)
Desperately in despair over not even having an internssshiiiipppppp!!
Besitos and ttyl, Flora xoxo

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Internship or no Internship? That is the question.

Ophelia, Rose,

O. keep your head up high and stay positive! I've had my share of heinous superiors and you've really got to look on the bright side. Not only are you totally being initiated into the Old Girls’ Club, but your learning to deal and work with the toughest species of human beings on earth: the editor/publicist/fashion ‘it’ girl…with a suave Parisian accent!! This is not initiation…this is the survival of the fittest wearing Christian Louboutins! Good thing is that working with bi-polar, Birkin-carrying editors will only make you a stronger and more resistant individual in the long-run - I know you can do it!

As for me chicas, my conundrum is beyond that of having a heinous boss or not…I’m still trying to figure out if I’ve even landed that internship I spoke to you guys about! It’s been 2 weeks since the interview, 1.5 weeks since the email with the salary proposal and request for my interest, 1 week since my awkward phone conversation and acceptance of a fictional ‘offer’ and 3 days (minus a weekend) since the reception of an email from my ‘could be’ boss asking if I have any questions about the internship. What is happening here? I mean look, I understand if it takes this long to land a full-time, awesomely-paid, benefit-adorned ‘real’ position…but this is an internship?!? I just don’t know what to make of this anymore. Hopefully it will pan out positively! But chicas, what do you think about all this indecisiveness on the part of my ‘could be’ boss? Is it fair to lead a prospective intern on like that? To be an intern, or not be an intern…that is my question!

On the bright side though, I just wanted to let you girls know that my little business venture is sailing full force forward. I’ll give you some more detailed info into this entrepreneurial endeavor of mine next time, but I’m super happy with the progress I’m making. It’s going to be the perfect little blend of BCBG allure and Bohemian Chicness…ah, I love it already!

Chicas I must jet, but before I go - Rose how did that interview go? I’m dying to hear about it, you must let us know!

I must sign off, but les filles, cross your fingers for me, and R. I’m majorly crossing my fingers for you!


Flora…a confused ‘intern’?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Intern v. Editor

Chère Flora, Dearest Rose
Oh la la… what a day! I spent the morning playing mediator for an insane designer and a psychotic editor. Both were equally to blame for the squabble but try explaining that to them! The editor in question is famous for having fired two interns in two weeks. And get this – my position is even more precarious because I knew them both before they interned! In another twist, she took to Twitter to find her newest victim and I was a click away from applying when I got a call from another editor in the same magazine! Talk about a blessing in disguise!

So girls, the reason for this email… the million euro question: Why do people hire interns only to torment them!? I know you both feel my pain having suffered the wrath of some pretty heinous superiors, but I really cannot figure it out. Don’t get me wrong, the perks often distract from the crap, but these ladies sure no how to test the mettle of their interns! Since it is a fashion magazine, I’m thinking this is initiation into the Old Girls Club. Once you show you’re cool, calm and fabulous under pressure… you’re in! So this is my mission: Keep it together and try not to crack under the weight of their overloaded Birkin bags! Haha!
I’m off to prep for what promises to be a long and hectic week.
Stay positive, Lovelies!


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An Intern in Los Angeles

Greetings from the west coast! I am the third and final part of the trio that is The Eternal Intern. My name is Rose, and my story, much like my fellow eternal interns, is unconventional with plenty of adventure, heartache, tears of joy, tears of pain, and involves way too much packing and unpacking.

My adventure starts after undergrad. I was a lost puppy trying to escape the conventional path of boring employment, wanting to break out on my own to follow a dream that I was yet to discover. Growing up, I always wanted to act. I loved to frequent the theater and the cinema, and so of course I decided to major in Finance and Economics, spending four years of my young adult life highlighting text books.

Only to discover upon graduation that I couldn't bring myself to apply to a single financial institution!

So I did the only thing logical... fled the country! I moved to Tokyo, studied Japanese and fell in love with the world of anime (and a cute brit, but this story is not about that^_^). It was then I decided that I wanted to become a producer! So I moved to HOLLYWOOD! The city of angels! Ha!

I quickly realized that the only way to enter this industry is by interning and networking. So I interned at a production company.
I interned at another production company.
And yet another production company. Oh and an international sales company. And then a big studio. Driving onto a studio lot for the first time was slightly surreal, and to this day I sometimes pinch myself to convince myself it's real. I can't even begin to describe the personalities I have worked for and met - from A list talent to presidents of studios. Juicy stories yet to come!

I am currently writing my first feature script, and looking for permanent employment. I have been assisting a creative executive for the last few months on a temporary assignment, and am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have to revert back to interning, but alas this is a reality that I have faced for far too long and am prepared to do so again! Often I feel ancient next to eager undergrads that (fortunately for them) knew what they wanted to do from such a young age. I hate these people! I envy these people! I am in competition with these people!

Tomorrow I have an interview for a producer's assistant position... Fingers crossed! Wish me luck! Will let you know how it goes...

xxx Rose

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Intern in New York City

Hey! My name’s Flora and I’m one of the Eternal Interns. I'm also probably the 2 millionth French person (or frog...) living in Manhattan. Even though it’s tough living in a shoebox, I’m making the best of a very cramped situation!
What am I doing? From PR to Finance to Interior Design, I have dabbled in just about everything trying to find the right fit for me! Multidisciplinary – Yup, that’s me! On a positive note, I do believe that I am getting closer to the career of my dreams… unfortunately HR doesn’t always seem to agree with me!
Dream job? It definitely seems as though I’m leaning towards a creative gig in the luxury industry. Two years ago, I landed a great internship at a world famous Fine Art Auction House in Communications – absolutely loved it! I would have stayed forever but HR and the INS had a little issue with my visa situation, and decided an internship was as far as I would go!
I stayed in New York and started an internship at one of the world's leading luxury jewelry houses – Still not an H1B, but the J1 did the trick! Another 6 months of interning led to great contacts and a fabulous farewell party.
And now, after papering New York with my resumé and cover letter, still hoping for that “entry level position,” I think I may have found a lead for a new opportunity (read: internship) in a luxury powerhouse. Get ready for this though, it would be a year-long internship!
What do I do? I’ll let you know what happens next…

An Intern in Paris

I’m Ophelia, one of the three Eternal Interns. I am currently in Paris trying to navigate my way through the ups and downs of job/internship hunting. Despite all my qualifications, it seems that here in Paris I will always be an Eternal Intern!
While studying in Paris I scored an internship in the press office at Vivienne Westwood. I did what most press interns do: Maintained the showroom, tracked press coverage and handled the samples sent to the media. My internship also coincided with Paris Fashion Week… It was magnifique! I was on a high after that internship, positive that a paid position was just around the corner, boy was I wrong!
While contemplating what to do post-Westwood (And with no jobs in sight!), I received a mysterious call at 1am asking if I could be at a Paris Vogue photo shoot at 7am. I did, but guess what? It also led to nothing!
And now, I’m at a world-renowned fashion magazine, loving every minute of an internship that won’t lead to a paid job! Last week I got the disappointing news that only one intern has ever been hired… one! And since she is clinging to her new position, there is no place for me!
How will I distinguish myself in the sea of ambitious interns all vying for the same (non-existent) job?!

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