Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Intern in Paris

I’m Ophelia, one of the three Eternal Interns. I am currently in Paris trying to navigate my way through the ups and downs of job/internship hunting. Despite all my qualifications, it seems that here in Paris I will always be an Eternal Intern!
While studying in Paris I scored an internship in the press office at Vivienne Westwood. I did what most press interns do: Maintained the showroom, tracked press coverage and handled the samples sent to the media. My internship also coincided with Paris Fashion Week… It was magnifique! I was on a high after that internship, positive that a paid position was just around the corner, boy was I wrong!
While contemplating what to do post-Westwood (And with no jobs in sight!), I received a mysterious call at 1am asking if I could be at a Paris Vogue photo shoot at 7am. I did, but guess what? It also led to nothing!
And now, I’m at a world-renowned fashion magazine, loving every minute of an internship that won’t lead to a paid job! Last week I got the disappointing news that only one intern has ever been hired… one! And since she is clinging to her new position, there is no place for me!
How will I distinguish myself in the sea of ambitious interns all vying for the same (non-existent) job?!

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