Monday, September 26, 2011

Nightmare From The Past

Ophelia,  I'm glad you are having fun, but you have got to seriously be careful with this situation.  You are literally playing with fire here!  I really don't meant to rain on your parade at all babe.  I am just worried about you.  I'll give you a buzz later to chat, I love you and just want to see you happy!

Ladies, do you remember Julie KT? The really irritating know-it-all from college? The one that hooked up with Alex after you guys broke up, O!    She was always talking down to everyone and thinking that she was God's gift to the world.

Well... now she is back haunting my life!  She moved to f ***ing LA!  I ran into her while I was on a run to Whole Foods for work.  Turns out she moved and now wants  to become a script writer!  The part that kills me is that this girl has had a horseshoe up her f***ing ass her entire life and I bet you I will be begging her to be her assistant before too long!   The entire encounter was a nightmare... let's just hope that it doesn't become a reoccurring one!



Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Sky's the Limit!

I am so sorry for not writing sooner!  Rose, I can say from experience that you just might find that you have something in common with the girl and something special might come out of it.  I for one have learned that I actually quite enjoy my boss' company despite hating him for many many months!  What changed?  Our trip to the states!  We were supposed to spend one week working and then a week of holiday to visit but he ended up staying on to be with me and it was magical!   

Yes, I know I am supposed to loathe him and keep him at arms length but honestly girls my whole perspective has changed!  He is so carefree and he lives completely in the moment!  Just blew off our work responsibilities and hit the road!  A whirlwind tour of the USA... on a whim!   New York, Savannah, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago and Boston!  Oh the joys of having a wealthy boss who is completely in love with me!  Now I know you're thinking that I am being reckless and that this will only end badly, but I don't care how it ends... I am having too much fun!  

Now we're back in Paris and I suggested we do it all over again in Europe!  Then in Asia!  Or South America!   Who knows next week I could be in Barcelona, Lisbon, Ibiza, Rome!  He'll go wherever I want to go so the sky is the limit!  

I promise to send postcards!  Hehe! 

Bisous xx Ophelia 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Opposites Attract? Well....

Flora, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better about things!  You go girl!   Things will only get easier from here.  I'm so jealous that the two of you got to see each other once again!   O, I expect you to get your ass to the west coast next time!

So the "Pool Side Productions" is going stellar!  I am literally having the time of my life and I feel like this is what I came to LA to do.  The perks are endless and I couldn't be happier to get up in the mornings.  I do a lot of his personal errands, but like I said in an earlier email, I also assist his assistant with a number of the diary and phone duties.

What's the catch?  Well there is isn't one!  Not really... I mean not one that is worth dwelling on... even though it is beginning to really get under my skin.... OK OK...  I'll tell you!

The other assistant is really great and has been extremely helpful, but we have absolutely nothing in common!  She like reality tv and I avoid it like the plague... she is a vegan and I live for burgers... she dresses up every single day of work and I can barely get myself to brush my teeth in the morning...  she loves angry girl music and I blast the Glee soundtrack whenever I can... the worst curse word I have ever heard her use is Fudge and I swear like a trucker!!!

So what does all of this lead to?  Very polite small talk.  We seriously can't have a proper conversation because we don't understand each other's references, tastes, jokes...

She is absolutely lovely though, so I am trying to look past her unfortunate taste in ... well... EVERYTHING!



Friday, September 9, 2011

Interview Central

O. it was amazing seeing you! You made the transition back to single life that much easier ;)
It’s still not super easy…and I have to admit that I’m still having a little trouble eating up my lunch, but I do feel 100x better!

Ironically so far another good therapy that’s been helping me find my smile again, is…believe it or not, interviewing candidates for a new intern position.

The interviews have been so unbelievably wacked out, that every time I walk in and out of one, I’m either smiling, laughing or crying (of laughter). It’s been like watching some good Comedy Central…or should I say Interview Central – the stand up comedy for job interviews.

So far, 2 candidates have arrived asking for a job (it’s an interview for an internship!!), another has asked where he can find job postings for the company (hmmm buddy you’re interviewing with me for an internship at the very company, shouldn’t you focus on that?), one asked for a coffee as he walked in the door (is that proper interview etiquette? Shouldn’t you wait to see if I ask you if you want one?), another spilled her glass of water she was so nervous (she had said one of her qualities was resistance to stress...hmmmm not quite...) and a last one ran out of the room at one point to use the bathroom (I guess it was an emergency!).

The good news, I’m feeling better! My sense of humour is back and so is my smile! The bad news, I’m having a hell of a hard time finding an intern! Today candidates are either far too qualified or too under-qualified!!

OMG! Now is when I wish I was still an intern and didn’t have all these responsibilities!!

Flora xoxo


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