Sunday, September 18, 2011

Opposites Attract? Well....

Flora, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better about things!  You go girl!   Things will only get easier from here.  I'm so jealous that the two of you got to see each other once again!   O, I expect you to get your ass to the west coast next time!

So the "Pool Side Productions" is going stellar!  I am literally having the time of my life and I feel like this is what I came to LA to do.  The perks are endless and I couldn't be happier to get up in the mornings.  I do a lot of his personal errands, but like I said in an earlier email, I also assist his assistant with a number of the diary and phone duties.

What's the catch?  Well there is isn't one!  Not really... I mean not one that is worth dwelling on... even though it is beginning to really get under my skin.... OK OK...  I'll tell you!

The other assistant is really great and has been extremely helpful, but we have absolutely nothing in common!  She like reality tv and I avoid it like the plague... she is a vegan and I live for burgers... she dresses up every single day of work and I can barely get myself to brush my teeth in the morning...  she loves angry girl music and I blast the Glee soundtrack whenever I can... the worst curse word I have ever heard her use is Fudge and I swear like a trucker!!!

So what does all of this lead to?  Very polite small talk.  We seriously can't have a proper conversation because we don't understand each other's references, tastes, jokes...

She is absolutely lovely though, so I am trying to look past her unfortunate taste in ... well... EVERYTHING!



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