Sunday, August 26, 2012

The New Girl in Town

Rose honey, so sorry you were ill!  Any chance you can parlay some of that down time into a visit to NYC?!  I'm having an absolute blast (remind me why I don't live here?!) and it has been great reconnecting with Flora (we had coffee on Friday!).  I have been spending weekends in the Hamptons which has been so fabulous!  Flora refuses to come out with me (something about a "penny saved is a penny earned"!) but hopefully I can change her mind in time for Labor Day weekend (hint hint nudge nudge).

That said, it isn't all play no work for your dear friend.  I am working for an amazing woman I met in Paris in the spring at her boutique PR company.  I am having such a great time (and she likes me so much) that I am staying on through fashion week!!  What do I have to rush back to Paris for anyway?  After that we'll both head to London, Milan and Paris where we'll sadly part ways.  I am hoping I can turn this into a permanent gig... maybe even start a Paris office!  On verra!

Ok chickadees, must run, beach time!

Bisous xx

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Broke AGAIN!

Hi Ladies,
Thank goodness for Central Park!  What's a New Yorker to do without any $$$$ ???
Well.... I have been going on runs, walks, sleeping in the park in the sunshine, watching the beautiful men playing football in Sheep Meadow.....  You know... The usual....
I may be a broke New Yorker... but never have I been more at peace with doing nothing!!!!!
Although.... I think it is time I concentrate on my entrepreneural ventures that I abandoned when I was employed full time.  It's time I grab life by its balls! Who's with me?!!?
Ophelia, coffee tomorrow?


Monday, August 13, 2012

Fallen Intern

The boss is shooting a couple of episodes of a show... And I have had the pleasure of assisting him on set... long story short... virus hits the set.. everyone is ill... I've become extremely cosy with my toilet.  
Now the producers have no choice, but to decontaminate the set...  after 30 people have been hit with a vicious stomach virus!  Ouch!  Poor me :(

Glad to have you back, Flora.  Love that you guys are in NYC together!  Maybe I'll come to visit... 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Apologetic Intern

Guys,  I really am sorry for being such a bad friend this year and being MIA.  Taking some time away from everything was about me needing to be selfish for my own sanity and I hope you can understand that.  I love you both and you are my sisters.  Ophelia, I'm glad that we finally go to catch up in person and also that you are here for the rest of August!  Huge apologies from your troubled, little, unemployed friend.


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