Friday, February 24, 2012

Head Over Heels

Girls!  You both had me laughing out loud reading your latest tales!  Flora, I can just see your face when your boss discovered what you were up to!  And Rose, I feel for you but that is bloody hilarious!  Who does that?!  Yuck!

Lots to report in my little life...  I am still dating the mystery man (I still don't want to say who it is because I like him too much!) and it is going so so well.  We are keeping our relationship very secret because there are outside parties who would not be thrilled to hear we're together and I absolutely love that no one knows!  There is no pressure!  We had the most amazing time in Positano over the holidays and next weekend we're going to the South of France on a little getaway.  I am utterly thrilled to have met someone I get along with so well!  He's perfect!  I mean, really perfect!  Swoon!

When I first met him I really didn't think we would have much in common and I completely wrote him off, but once I got past my initial skepticism I realized just how darling he is!  I suppose what they say is true, never judge a book by its cover!  Oh girls, I've lost it!  Can we please live in the same city so you can stop me from falling head over heels in love with devilishly handsome men?  Haha! 

We see each other every night and spend the weekends strolling along the Canal Saint Martin, catching films at La Pagode and dining at amazing restaurants!  J'adore!  I promise to unveil his identity just as soon as I know those "outside parties" won't be a threat!

Oh la la, girls... I've got it bad!

Bisous xx Ophelia

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Case Of The Missing Laundry

Flora!  We have been worried about you.  We hadn't heard from you for ages and to think... you have just been busy dreaming of laser hair surgery... gotta love Groupon!

London is absolutely freezing!  O, how is the weather in Paris?  I am so spoiled by the SoCal sun... my blood can't handle this chill!

We start shooting in a couple of weeks.  So things are starting to really pick up at work now, but I think I have risen to the challenge.  I am trying my best and just hope that I can make a good impression.

London has been amazeballs so far.  It really is an extraordinary city.  There is so much to do and discover.  The people are stylish and the men are so handsome!!!  I definitely need to find me one of them... more on that later...

Sounds perfect right?
Everything was going smoothly until two day ago.  The story sounds ridiculous, but given that I earn intern's wages... you will be able to sympathize!
I went downstairs to do my laundry in the building where I am staying and when I returned to check on it an hour later....IT WAS MISSING!   I couldn't believe my luck.  Over the last couple of days I have been seeing signs going up around the building of people demanding that their stolen laundry be returned.  Can you believe it?    We have a laundry thief in the building!  How disgusting do you have to be?  And the worst part of it all?  THEY STOLE MY BLOODY WHITES!!!  What has this world come to?!?!?

Miss you guys loads!



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Hairy Situation

Hey girls!

O and R! How I miss you girls! When are you coming to visit?? Please soon!
Omg today the most embarrassing thing ever officially hapenned! I've become addicted to groupon lately - do you guys know it and there was this amazing deal for this laser hair removal offer - my dream! 

Yes, I admit my absolute and utter dream! Good bye waxing, good bye epilady and shaving - I want to be hairless!!
Seeing the offer I couldn't resist it. I hit the link, took my credit card out and did everything to avoid missing losing the deal. A day later I got a confirmation email confirming the deal - yessss!! Legs, bikini and under arms for way too cheap! It was too good to be true - but it really wasn't - this was actually real and soon I would be hairless. 
That is...not before insane embarrassment.

I hit print to print my coupon and then called the salon right away. Someone finally came on the line, walked me through the process and then asked what zones I was going to work on...Leg...under arms...bik...i....and just then I saw an arm reach over my desk and hand me over my coupon that I had forgotten at the printer...Shiiiittt!! It was my big big boss....and just as I looked over at him and faked a smile...I finished my word...bikini...
I wanted to crawl under my desk...jump out the window...drown in my diet coke...

He had been standing there the entire time...

And then...he just walked away...OMG!!!! Talk about a horrible impression he must have of me! Not only am I clealry not working...but he overheard me schedule my bikini laser appointment!!


A perturbed Flora xoxo

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Face to Face with the Devil!

Hello darling girls,

What's new?  I am so epuisée!  Totally exhausted!  My birthday came and went and sadly it was totally uneventful!  Why?  Because I was stuck at the office for 14 hours without setting foot outside!  Our new PR consultant arrived from New York and man oh man is she tough!  She didn't even care that it was my birthday!  How can I explain Elisabetta Schneider?  Let's put it this way, she makes Cruella Deville look like Mother Theresa.  I can now say I have looked evil in the eye... and I survived!  haha!

Within the first 10 minutes of arriving in our office, she had offended me, my boss, Damien and pretty much everyone else on staff.  She dismissed me from a meeting by waving me away and telling me to "go handle secretarial things"!  She told Damien he has a "pretty face put a hallow head" and she called my boss ugly to his face!  You'd think today would have been absolutely unbearable but her out-of-left insults kept us all on our toes, I haven't laughed so hard at work in months!  I don't know how her assistant deals with her!  The woman is INSANE!

Unfortunately, the NYC-Paris time difference did not work out in our favor.  Elisabetta and her assistant Lara arrived around 11 am claiming jet lag and at 11 pm we were still in the office!  And next week will probably be more of the same shenanigans!  Lucky the bride of Satan goes back to NYC on Friday and I will only have to deal with her via email. I'm sure she'll be just as pleasant digitally as she is in the flesh!  I'm in for another crazy week!

I miss you both tremendously!

Bisous xx Ophelia


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