Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rose's Countdown

Ladies, here are my resolutions for 2010:

1- To pass a Japanese proficiency exam
2- To be more patient with my loved ones
3-To never be too busy to pick up the phone and call my loved ones
4- To become more musical (perhaps even pick up where I left off with my childhood piano lessons)
5- To study my craft by watching more movies, and reading more scripts
6- To live a healthier lifestyle
7- To take advantage of the gorgeous Southern California weather more
8- To become more adventurous with my sushi orders!
9- To take a real vacation in 2010 with P

Drum rolls if you please……
 10- To be the best darn Eternal Intern that I can be
Have a safe night, girls, and I cannot wait for our three-way conference call in 2010!

xxx Rose

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The Fail Intern

Once upon a time there was an intern called Lily.  She worked full time for a junior executive at a movie studio.  Lily was slightly arrogant and possibly the most socially awkward intern that the studio had ever had.  Although her title was 'intern' she worked every day and took care of all the duties that a regular full-time assistant would.  She didn't know it, but all the other assistants could not stand Lily's arrogance and conversation-stopping, mind-bogglingly-strange comments.

On her last day of interning, Lily decided that it would be a good idea to print out all the CONFIDENTIAL scripts that she was not meant to have access to, as well as private lists that belonged to other executives.  With her luck, one of the assistants on the floor discovered what she was up to and reported it to her boss, who in turn was fuming with anger and demanded that Lily go home and bring back everything she had printed over the last few months, immediately! Lily, not being the sharpest tool in the box, didn't deny having taken material home previously and instead drove home and did exactly as she was told.   In her panic, she tried approaching all the other assistants for guidance as to how to handle the situation with her boss, in hopes to get a recommendation from her for future employment.  You see, Lily knew that Hollywood is a small town, and that she could not afford to burn such a well connected bridge.  All the assistants repeated the same advice:  to go home and to give her boss some time to breathe, then send an apology card and a token of good will.

Lily obviously knew better...NOT!  Just before midnight on the first Saturday after her last day, she showed up with her mother at the personal residence of the executive she had worked for.  FAIL.  Her mother was crying to the executive and attempted to apologize for Lily's unprofessional behavior!  The executive was creeped out (to say the least) and reported the visit to HR and the presidents of the studio.  You can be sure that the executive will never recommend Lily for any position in any industry, EVER!
Lily is most definitely a FAIL Intern!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vacation at the Igloo


Lounging on my white sand beach, a thought has just come to mind…Why not follow O’s lead and escape for a weekend adventure…and admiring R’s love for snow…why not make this escape far from the sun, the sand and the sea of the Keys… Where to you may ask? Gstaad! The Igloo Village of Gstaad that is

Keep in mind…this escape is purely imaginary…leaving the sun, sand and sea in middle of winter…isn’t that easy!

The Igloo village, however, is incredibly tempting…Open from Christmas day to the beginning of April each year, Iglu-Dorf Gstaad is located up on the Saanerslochgrat in the most spectacular ‘station de ski’: Gstaad.

Spend the night in a one-of-a-kind veritable igloo…

Delight yourself to a fabulous fondue on ice…

Enjoy the wonders and the beauty of Gstaad and all that it offers (including ab-fab parties!)…

It almost seems unreal, and yet the magic and wonders of igloo life can come true in this most exceptional ski resort...Rose, I think this should be your next weekend getaway!

Bisous les filles,

F. xoxo

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2010...Around the Corner...

Ophelia and Rose,

What can one do today without internet? Just about nothing! I’ve once again lost my ‘right hand’ (re: internet) for the past few days…Being in Islamorada on a mangrove surrounded island, always makes internet connections a very uncertain thing! Luckily internet is back!

Ophelia, on a side note, I absolutely loved your Ode to Barbie! Barbie is indeed THE Eternal Intern!

That small 'ode' seems almost comic and humorous, yet Ophelia, let me tell you…it totally inspired me! No joke.

With the New Year approaching and ‘resolutions’ in the air…your memo reminded me how important it is to live life to its fullest…to not let a job dictate one's life…to believe in oneself…and to try new things! We only have one life and one chance to live it, so why not live it well!

And so, with 2009 soon coming to an end and 2010 approaching swiftly, my main resolution is to relax a little; not let a ’career’ dictacte my vision of life; be aventurous and take one day at a time! La vie est trop courte…

New Years Eve is just arond the corner and so is my new, ab-fab internship, with the most ab-fab boss! January 4th the gates open up and Flora will be back on Eternal Interning track! 2010 promises to be a spectacular year!

Je vous envoie pleins de bisous!

Flora xoxo
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vacation at the Villa

Hi girls, 
I am sorry I missed both of your calls.  I will call you both as soon as I get back to Paris.  I cannot wait to hear about your travels and both of you owe me stories of your girls weekend in Vegas!  As for me, I am in Italy until thursday afternoon.  I am pretty sure I told you I would be spending a few days with my friend Alessandra and her family at lake Como.... 

As you both know, if I wasn't an honorary Francaise, I would be Italiana!  I am so in love with this country and thanks to Easy Jet, I am just a hop, skip and a plane ride away from so many fabulous Italian destinations!  

The lovely Alessandra called me a few weeks ago and invited me to visit her and her family in Cernobbio, on the Lago di Como.  During a summer abroad, Alessandra lived with my mother and stepfather and we have since become close friends.  Her parents, Silvio and Giulia, are two of the most lovely people I have ever met and always make me feel like una figlia when I visit.  As a (lavish!) gift, arrangements had been made for Alessandra and I to stay at the Villa d'Este as the family home was being renovated.  We happen to be the youngest people in the hotel (even when I came here as a child with my family I noticed how old everyone was!), but it really is so stunningly beautiful that we are definitely not complaining!  

It has been raining senza fine since I arrived, but Alessandra and I have profited from the terrible weather to catch up over espressi all afternoon and prosecco all evening.  She just spent the past 2 years in Buenos Aires and she had the most fascinating stories about her time in South America.  Her delightful parents came to join us for dinner tonight and hearing Giulia's incredible plans for their home have left me both jealous (my petit parisian apartment does not compare to their italian villa!) and inspired to someday have a home as beautiful and welcoming as Silvio and Giulia's!  This famiglia truly is the definition of Italian warmth and charm!  

It has been the most lovely holiday getaway, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that George Clooney is nowhere to be seen!   Haha! 

Buona notte, regazze!  


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The Weather Outside is Frightful....

Ophelia's Outfits

Winter Wonderland Essentials:

A bright coat:  I find winter uber depressing so a bright coat (ever so slightly) brightens my mood when the weather is dragging me down!

Winter-appropriate boots:  In Toronto  a pair of Sorels is mandatory, but in Paris, I can get away with cuter, less hardcore winter boots!

A fur muff:  Another obsession.  Sure, they are impractical, but they are so chic!  This one even has a little pocket for my iPhone.  Old meets new!  La classe! 

A cozy sweater dress and wool tights:  The age old winter dilemma.... how to look cute when the thermostat drops way below freezing?  Sweater dresses and thick wool tights (the ones maman used to dress us in when we were little girls!) are my winter go-to!

Ice skates:  Its no secret that I hate winter.  One of the only things that makes it more bearable is ice skating at Hotel de Ville.  I try to channel my inner Dorothy Hamill (minus the bowl-cut of course!), but I always end up looking ridiculous.  Hopefully where I lack in skating skills I make up for in winter style! haha!

Stay warm, les filles!

Bisous, Ophelia

Monday, December 28, 2009

Let It Snow

Good evening, ladies!  I am in Toronto for the next few days!  Totally exciting to be in the great white north.  P and I are enjoying the winter weather, and though most locals are hesitant to embrace the sharp chill of the Toronto wind tunnels and have absolutely no interest in shoveling the snow, not to mention having their shoes ruined by the salted streets to prevent ice formations.... I say bring it!  There is nothing I enjoy more in the winter than breaking a fresh snow fall with footprints and snow angels.

Where are you girls celebrating New Years?  I haven't commited to any festivities yet and don't know what city I will be in, but I couldn't be more excited for all that awaits the Eternal Interns in the new year! 

BTW, I totally worked on my vacation today... Got a very animated phonecall from the producer I have been working for :-\  I'm just glad I could take care of it over the phone... on a totally different note, it is absolute robbery what iPhones cost with regards to data roaming!  I mean, it's 2010!  How can an invention from over a decade still be so expensive!?  Come on cell phone providers... get with the times!

Miss you guys so much,
xxx Rose

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wondering About the Great Wonders of the World

Dearest Ophelia and Flora,
I am so pleased to hear that your holidays are advancing so wonderfully.  O, can I come over to play with your barbie?  I am wholeheartedly jealous!

I just returned from my trip to Niagara Falls.  It was short, but full of beautiful memories.  I had not been there for quite some time and had almost forgotten how absolutely ginormous the falls are!   It really is one of the great wonders of the world.  What I adore most about visiting Niagara (and extraordinary events in general) is the feeling of insignificance beside such greatness.  These phenomena bring me closer to my beliefs, and I find them to be a more relaxing place to reflect than any church or therapy session.  The roaring sound of the falls managed to drown out many of the thoughts, that have a repetitive tendancy to invade my mind.

In the future, it is my dream to plan a voyage around the world to visit all industrial, natural, and ancient wonders of the world!  My list is too long to share right now, but it includes the Taj Mahal, Aurora Borealis, the Great Wall of China, Great Pyramid of  Giza, and so on...

Tell me ladies... how is it that life gets in the way of life?  I shall retire for the evening trying to scheme up a way to balance eternal employment with eternal happiness! I would also like to share this eternal intern's eternal dilemma.  How is it that the more places you visit and experience in this world, the more there is to see?  This is similar to a woman's shoe dilemma: the more shoes she buys, the more she needs!

xxx Rose

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

In Vogue

In Vogue is at the top of my reading list.  As soon as I finish The Gospel According to Coco (yes, I am STILL working on it...), I am going to tackle the massive book recounting the fascinating history of the world's style bible!  Another lovely gift from under the Christmas tree yesterday!

Gros bisous, Ophelia

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Ode to Barbie

Good Morning girls!  
I hope you had a lovely Christmas!  Since yesterday, I haven't stopped playing with my new Louboutin Barbie left under the Christmas tree by Santa (actually, by my boyfriend!).  I felt like a little girl again when I tore off the wrapping paper and saw my new Barbie!  But don't get your pigtails in a knot little girls... She's not the same Barbie we remember!  

Gone is the big blond hair and poufy pink, princess dress.  Badass Barbie is now donning a black catsuit and fiery red hair!  Ken no longer has a place in Barbie's world since I don't think Louboutin Barbie would want to be tied down to any one man!  haha!  She is a new woman.  
I've always been a little envious of Barbie, but not in the way feminists would expect.  I didn't really care about her long blond hair (I'm a brunette and just fine with it!), I didn't idolize her tiny waist (even at 5 I knew her proportions were all wrong!), but I did aspire to her carefree, california girl attitude.  Barbie was a doctor, a ballerina, an astronaut, a lawyer and yet whenever the mood struck, she would load up her camper/convertible/dream house and party like every day was a saturday.  In a way, Barbie was the original Eternal Intern, since her "job" never held her down or dominated her life.  She was both a working woman (when it fit into her schedule) and an International Drifter who realized that there was more to life than a high-paying career!  

So Thank You, Barbie!  You taught us that "girls can do anything!" There are those who may disagree (they're totally jealous!), but you are an inspiration to Eternal Interns everywhere!   

Bisous, Ophelia

Friday, December 25, 2009

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

The Eternal Interns want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Flora, Ophelia & Rose xoxo

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Visions of Sugar-Plums

Rose, have an absolutely fabulous time this holiday season! Happy Travels! Ophelia, the same goes out to you! Joyeux Noel!

I left the Big Apple this morning en route for the sunny Keys! I am finally here, and after a morning of travel and an afternoon of fishing I am ready to “hit the hay”…I am exhausted! Absolutely and utterly exhausted! A perfect, lazy way to start the holidays!

This holiday also represents the last few days ‘off’ I have, until the start of my exciting and new internship with Sofia! I begin at the start of 2010 and am beyond ecstatic!

So…what to do to fully enjoy these last few days of freedom?!? No Christmas would be complete without sweets and treats galore!! Let the baking begin! So with that, let's let visions of sugarplums dance in our heads!
Tempted by a tropically coconut-covered Snowman?

A sugar-coated home-sweet-home delight?

A pearl-encrusted snowflake?

A star-frosting adorned Christmas tree?

Or perhaps blossoming poinsettia vanilla cupcakes...

Let sugar-plums dance in your head and let the magic of Christmas, Santa Claus and the Holiday festivities transport you back to childhood and magical memories...

Twas the night before Christmas...and all through the house...not a creature was stirring...not even a mouse...

Sweet Dreams,

Flora xoxo

Coast to Coast

Ladies, I am at LAX and never have I felt the holiday spirit more!  I am looking forward to my airplane food and movies on flight!  If only every day was filled with the simple joys that the flying experience brings to this eternal intern's life! 
xxx Rose

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oyasumi Nasai

Flora, the revenge seeking intern is such hilarious concept and I can most definitely relate.  I have on many of occasions contemplated returning with a full fat lattes versus the requested skinny lattes!

Girls, not only is this an especially exciting week as the holidays approach, but there are also three movies that I am extremely ecstatic to go see!  James Cameron's Avatar, Rob Marshall's Nine, and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes.  These movies look promising and I hope that the trailers are accurate depictions of the full feature!  I love award season... this is when the year's best films are released.  Reviews to follow... So far my top two pics for the  year are District 9 and Inglorious Basterds!

Oyasumi nasai my sweet ladies.  I am off to happily stuff my face with mint chocolate chip cookies :) and tomorrow, I shall treat myself to a manicure with the new mint green trend that is quickly sweeping across the globe!  I discovered only recently that mint is my new favorite color... one morning as I was getting ready for work I found myself wearing my new mint JCrew sweater and checking my iPhone with its new mint colored protective case!  So this my coming out party-Rose the Eternal Intern is ready to say to the world... I LOVE MINT!

xxx Rose

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Revenge-Seeking Intern?

Girls did you see what happened at Grazia Magazine! How funny…and well sad! When an intern seeks revenge against colleagues by bringing them full-fat lattes instead of their trademark skinny-skim ones, you know something is terribly wrong!

I was BBMing D. this morning about the incident and she sympathized with the intern’s actions 100%! Having worked for an evil dictator of a boss at the London gallery, had she been able to deceive him with a full-fat latte, apparently she would have instantly!

But so I wondered…how bad did the internship have to be for this intern to consciously scam her colleagues? Was it that the internship was tough? That her bosses were crazy dictators? Perhaps that she was simply a deceptive, evil, revengeful seeking intern? Or was she merely trying to re-create the Devil Wears Prada for her 15 (or 5) minutes of fame?

I guess we will never know (the story is not THAT interesting…hehe!), but it was funny to read!

Rose, you'r working for a demanding superior…weekend calls, emails at absurd hours…and all this for a volunteer gig! Would you ever even think of deceiving your boss with a full-fat latte? What do you think about this?

Have internships become too intensive and challenging or have interns become too demanding and ‘sans‘ manners?

Flora xoxo

Enjoy Today

Good night beautiful ladies!  I hope your happy thoughts bring you both sweet dreams!

After a wonderful weekend in Vegas with Flora, I am now back to the grind.  I just had a phone call about a travel mix up for the producer I am volunteering for!  I've been home for about an entire hour and my reality already bites!  I am currently prepping my application for yet another internship... this time in Europe.  It is more of a mentorship program than an internship, and although it is another extraordinary opportunity to grow professionally, I am deeply disturbed by my tendency, or, more appropriately, my obsession of looking forward.  Naturally, this worries me because I am not maximizing the pleasures of today.

Whatever happened to Carpe Diem?  What happened to living each day like it is your last?  Living each moment to its fullest? Aren't I a little too young to be jaded?  Don't I deserve great success?

I am afraid that your west coast Eternal Intern will retire this evening a little stressed and overwhelmed, but tomorrow is a brand new day... and... the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun... it's only a day away :)

xxx Rose

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sweetest Suite

While Flora is asleep in her Winter Wonderland, I am off to bed with visions of sugar plums in my head.  I just got home from The Nutcracker! One word:  Breathtaking!

The music!  The costumes!  The Sugar Plum Fairy!  As magical and marvelous as I remembered!

Bonne Nuit my little sugar plums!

Bisous, Ophelia

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Sweet Dreams

Mis amigas,

I am back from Las Vegas...arrived to a winter wonderland of white fluff back on the East Coast! I am thrilled, but I am also ready for a long, winter, cozy, night's sleep...Las Vegas was epuisant!

Below is what this Eternal Intern is presently dreaming of...

Sweet Dreams!

Flora xoxo

Saturday, December 19, 2009

An East Coast Winter Wonderland (reporting from West Coast...)

Ophelia! I am here with Rose in Las Vegas...she's just taking a little nap (little sleep last night!) and I thought I'd say coucou! We miss you dearly, but have been having a wonderful and exciting time here...I even won a little at the penny slots! Hurrah!

Sitting in my room, however, looking out at the Las Vegas Strip and thinking back to the colours and vibrancy of L.A....I realize...I love the West Coast, but I am a little more of an East Coast East Coast Intern in love with East Coast style...pale hues, simple chic and a wonderful winterland of white during the Christmas season...cozy elegance!

But how to stay elegant and cozy on the East Coast during the holidays?

For starters, take a cue from Jackie...her style, her fashion, her everything!! Timeless class...

The most inviting and chic accessory to have on the East Coast during the holiday season is the timeless wreath! Simple, chic and everlasting, the wreath dresses up any home and is a key element of style!

Half-French, the 'art de la table' is also capital for me! And, there is nothing more inviting duing the holiday season than an elegantly set table...the one below is ravishing!

As you know, I am also a big fan of Hermes...and I am particularly fond of their cashmere indispensable accessory of comfort for those cozy weekend nights spent by curled up in front of the fire!

But finally, after one has entered the wreath adorned entrance, savoured 'un delice' at the perfectly set table and cozied up by the fire in a cashmere rich blanket...there is one last element to top off the perfect East Coast cozy winter wonderland night...and it comes from France! A small box of Laduree Macarons to nibble on during the cold winter nights! Absolutely, perfectly, divine!

And so, reporting from the West Coast about an East Coast winter wonderland, I have to say that I've had a brilliant time over on this side of the country! An ab-fab time (stories to tell!), but there is nothing like a white Christmas wonderland of snow from the East Coast...see you tomorrow!

Flora xoxo

Miss Manners

Salut les filles!  
Last night I was out with a couple who could only talk about themselves and their jobs (they work together!)  The woman was particularly bad! As they were blah blah blah-ing about Bob in Accounting and Susan the evil office manager, I started thinking (and I know I have already raised this question), Are good manners a thing of the past?  

When was the last time a gentleman stood up when a woman arrived at the table?  How many times has a door slammed in your face because the person in front of you couldn't be bothered to hold it open?  How much do you dread being cornered by that guy at the party who talks with his mouth full within an inch of your face?  

It seems we have hit a new low when it comes to politeness and yet this problem could be rectified if we all followed 3 very simple rules: 

1.  For every story you tell let someone else respond.  Your stories should also be relevant to the conversation!  NB- A list of people who have tried or are currently trying to sleep with you is never an acceptable topic of conversation! 

2.  Ask people questions about themselves and listen to their answers.  Don't ask a question if you don't plan on listening.  In fact, if you're not willing to listen... Stay home!  

3.  Remember that a conversation is a give and take, an exchange of ideas and information.  Yes, your stories may be interconnected and interesting (to you!), but when strung together they become your life story and unless people are reading your autobiography, chances are they are really not interested!  

The bottom line?  The inability to properly interact with people reflects negatively on you (and your upbringing)  and when word gets around that you're that girl, one day you'll open your social planner and find it completely empty!  

Lots of love to my (polite) interns, 

Bisous Ophelia

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things!

Hello lovelies, 
I hope you are having a fabulous time in Las Vegas!  I have done absolutely nothing today!  I went for a quick lunch with a friend to discuss a fundraiser she is organizing for the Opera de Paris, but other than that I have completely wasted the day!  My only other accomplishment today?  A list of things I love.... 
So as Maria famously sang in The Sound of Music... 

These are a few of my favorite things!  

Afternoon Tea:
One of my favorite ways to pass the time in Paris is at a cafe sipping a noisette while people watching, but from time to time I love to stay home and have a pretty little afternoon tea party for one.  

I feel like every time I set foot in a home I would want to live in there are peonies in at least one room!  

Crystal perfume bottles: 
My newest obsession!  My boyfriend's parents bought me a gorgeous one for Christmas!

Rose Champagne Cocktails: 
Hannah Blazer makes the most delicious champagne cocktail!  One tablespoon of Rose syrup in a champagne coupe (much more elegant than a flute, in my opinion!), champagne and edible rose petals for garnish!  

Pretty blogs with pretty photos: 
I like this one because I have those teacups in my cupboard and I love this chandelier!  

Beautiful photo by Karina (

This list could go on and on but I am late for a dinner date!  Have a lovely time in Vegas!  


xoxo Ophelia

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Wink of Pink

Rose, are you working this hard with that producer?? A volunteer gig is that demanding?? I guess in Hollywood experience is more valuable than $ (well perhaps at first!). I’m so happy to see you tomorrow! I can’t believe I’m flying out to the west coast manana! Ophelia we are so going to miss you! It won’t be the same without you! As I mentioned over the phone to Rose, I have two fabulous friends from NY who will be coming along! I mentioned it to K & N last week and they were totally on board! I seriously can’t wait!

4 girls, 1 crazy city = countless adventures!?!

Before I leave tomorrow though, the Christmas shopping must be complete! Ah le stress! I'm def lucky to still have a bit of time on my hands prior to the internship starting in the New Year, but I have one final important person to shop for and I thought I’d pass my ideas by you prior to swiping the credit card…As we will be spending Christmas down in Islamorada this year (no Pearl Islands unfortunately), we've decided to opt for a bohemian-chic, coral-inspired, relaxed yet elegant theme...Would the following items work for my 19 year old cousin A. from London who's coming down - she's ab-fab!

Beach Chic? Apero Glam? Organizational Perfection? hmmm...

Calypso's Christina tunic, paired with the most adorable Alpina Adobe print bikini seems is a perfect throw on outfit for a lazy day sipping pina coladas on a desertic, white sand beach...I'm thinking the perfect Zapatilla Island get up...

I'm thinking, this JCrew Ombre pearl cluster bracelet is also the perfect accessory to glam the beach suit up...around 19h when the aperos begin to

And how better for my cousin to plan her holidays, weekends,, than with THE singularly perfect Smythson of Bond Street Panama Diary...a simple wink to pink perfection...

Now, given this Eternal Intern's carte de credit has been swiped a fair bit latetly, and the Intern budget is not as bountiful as it wishes it were...hmmm....what option should I go for?? I'm really liking the diary option, as it's polyvalent and an absolute necessity for any girl on the town...

Let me know chicas! Besitos,

Flora xoxo

An Intern's Work Is Never Done!

Girls!  I am absolutely slammed at work :)  I can't even begin to tell you the hours that my boss has had me doing the last few days... but great news... I CAN COME TO VEGAS! Flora, what is your cool news?  Ophelia, I got your Christmas card today!  You are such a sweetheart!  I promise to write soon! 
xxx Rose

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