Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful....

Ophelia's Outfits

Winter Wonderland Essentials:

A bright coat:  I find winter uber depressing so a bright coat (ever so slightly) brightens my mood when the weather is dragging me down!

Winter-appropriate boots:  In Toronto  a pair of Sorels is mandatory, but in Paris, I can get away with cuter, less hardcore winter boots!

A fur muff:  Another obsession.  Sure, they are impractical, but they are so chic!  This one even has a little pocket for my iPhone.  Old meets new!  La classe! 

A cozy sweater dress and wool tights:  The age old winter dilemma.... how to look cute when the thermostat drops way below freezing?  Sweater dresses and thick wool tights (the ones maman used to dress us in when we were little girls!) are my winter go-to!

Ice skates:  Its no secret that I hate winter.  One of the only things that makes it more bearable is ice skating at Hotel de Ville.  I try to channel my inner Dorothy Hamill (minus the bowl-cut of course!), but I always end up looking ridiculous.  Hopefully where I lack in skating skills I make up for in winter style! haha!

Stay warm, les filles!

Bisous, Ophelia


  1. ...but the styles are so delightful. I love love love that yellow coat.

  2. Thanks Mia! Isn't that color gorgeous? A perfect pick-me-up!

    xoxo Ophelia

  3. C'est tres jolie, ca! Les botes sont vraiment bijou.



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