Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Rude Awakening

Ophelia, you are so lucky to be in Milan!
L.A was indeed a ton of fun Rose! I have to say, I wish I were back right now.
I’m back in NY and things could not be any worse…

I got home last Sunday night at 10pm expecting to go out for a quick bite to eat with el novio at our favourite Argentinian, El Libertador up around 89th…only to find the apartment empty...

All I found was a note on my desk saying:
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry”.

What the fuck?!?! I mean come on what the hell is happening??

I started hyperventilating…I could feel a panic attack coming…I looked around to make sure that I wasn’t being filmed like they do on Candid Camera. Nothing. No camera. Nothing.

I haven’t spoken to you girls about this yet, because I was hoping he may show up by now… but still nada. I’ve called. I’ve emailed. I’ve stalked madly. But nothing. All I’ve gotten is a lousy text saying: “It’s not you, it’s me. I’m so sorry.”

The most peculiar thing is that things were going really well. He had just finished his internship in London….and now this? There were no signs of this coming…none… NADA!!

Ttyl. Flora xoxo

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nothing Good Is Eternal

Ophelia!  How is Milan?  I couldn't be more jealous if I tried.  Any delicious men showing you around?

Flora, it was so flippin' nice to see you on the West Coast last week.  Thanks for the party invite ;)  I had a fantabulous time, although I wish we got to spend more time together!

My intern life just got a lot bleaker.  My BFF at work, my confidant, my partner in crime is leaving!  He gave his notice on Friday and he leaves in 3 weeks.  I actually don't know what to do with myself.  What is work without that person?  Who do I replace him with?  Ugh! 

This is the same guy that I went on a couple of dates with a few months ago.  I'm sure I mentioned it to you guys... but we agreed to just be friends.  My god did we make each other laugh...  I seriously used to look forward to going into work and sitting in traffic on the 405!  

He was my office crush, and now he is gone :'(



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ciao Milano!

Dearest girls,
Rose, I am sorry to hear Romeo and Juliet are getting on your nerves!  There is nothing worse than PDA!  Yuck!  Flora, what's the latest with you?

I wanted to write quickly to tell you that I will be MIA for the next week and a half because I am heading back to Milan for work!  Our last Milan trip was very successful and now my boss is considering opening a permanent Milan office!  While I am thrilled to be going on the trip (Corso Como anyone?), I am praying that he doesn't ask me to move to Milan permanently!  Imagine having to choose between Paris and my job!?  I couldn't handle it!

Anyway, I am going to try to make the best of this trip.  I have never been particularly fond of Milan, having visited four times now, but my boss has rented me an apartment (!!) for my stay so I'll pretend I'm a local and make the most of it!   Who knows, maybe I'll even be wined and dined by a dashing Italian during my trip!  

I'll try to write you from my little appartamento milanese with updates!

Bisous xx Ophelia

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Kind Of Intern Hell

Ophelia,  welcome to life as a single woman.   To be honest sometimes it is good to just be alone and remember who you are without your other half.  Still tough though...

Speaking of all things relationship, there are two people at my work who just started dating and they literally make me want to throw up!  I mean, I am happy for them and all that jazz.... but for f***s sake they are all about PDA and I find it so uncomfortable to be around.

They think it is ok to be kissing at work, after work, when we are out for drinks, when we are at a friend's house...  it is just too intense for me.

 Unfortunately, it makes me not want to hang out with them anymore. Also, somehow their fun levels have just drastically dropped since they hooked up.  Why is it that that happens?!  They are soooo boring now!

Oh well, I better get back to work and try avoid the happy couple.

O, I'll give you a call later on today so that we can chat.  I'm here if you need anything.



Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Single Intern

Well girls, it is official:  I am single.  Le Boyfriend and I decided to go our separate ways after almost three years.  Three years, can you believe it!?  He is off on a new adventure in distant lands (Toronto) but this adopted Parisienne just couldn't bring herself to leave!  Fear not, darling interns, it was amicable.  No need to curse his name or plot his demise!  ha!  That said, I am definitely feeling his absence.  There is no one to talk to when I come home.  No one asks me about my day.   I was so settled, everything was so comfortable and now there's a hole.  Sniff!  I guess I'm not feeling as magnifique as I thought I was!  Time to change the subject before I cry!

My new relationship status has me thinking about my current living situation.  I am getting a little sick of my neighborhood and my neighbor (aka my boss) and I'm ready to shake things up a bit.  New life, new arrondissement!  Le 6ieme has treated me well, but I am ready to make the move... to the 7ieme!  haha!  Rue de Bac, Rue de Grenelle, Rue Cler...  Flora, what do you think?  I know how you love the 7th!  Rose, if you would come visit me you would know what I'm talking about!  Malheureusement, I am setting myself up for the horror of apartment hunting in Paris (for every gem you also see countless dumps!), but I think a change of scenery will do me a world of good.  Plus, I have a wild card up my sleeve:  I'm no longer an intern!  Remember the trouble I had last year?

Bisous xx Ophelia

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eternally Stuck

Flora, I am definitely in town and can't wait to catch up on the West Coast !   What are your dates exactly?

Ladies, my car finally broke down last week and I was in the middle of the flippin freeway!  This has been my nightmare since moving to Los Angeles.  It was such a hot day as well and there I was in the middle of the 101 on my way to Los Feliz to meet a friend, and my stupid hunk of junk just died on me !  I had to wait for a AAA for an hour without any air con so just sat in my car and tried to hide my face from all the people driving by.

I am going to meet a friend of a friend today who is selling his old car for an amazing price and guess what? It is a convertible!  It may be ancient as f***k, but I have never owned a convertible before!

I really hope that getting rid of that horrid car is a sign that there are new and exciting things headed my way.  I am so jealous of you guys with your fancy meetings, and here I am, a true Eternal Intern striving to one day move up to the position of Assistant!  How pathetic does that sound?  Haha, oh well, at least I can now drive onto the studio lot without trying to hide my rusted ride from my coworkers!  It's something I suppose!

BTW, Flora, no arguments I am absolutely picking you up from LAX (in my new car!).  Send me your flight details!

Lots of love,



Friday, July 1, 2011

East Coast, West Coast!

Rose! Huge news!! Huge huge news!

I’m coming to L.A. my friend! Sofia just sent me a bbm telling me that I’m confirmed to head out next week!
I’m gonna be working on an event at a private home in Beverly Hills…the home of some very wealthy philanthropist couple…he’s in the movie industry and she’s apparently your typical “real housewife of Beverly hills” ;) I can’t wait!

Anyways, they’re hosting this event in partnership with our magazine to raise money for a Cali-based children’s charity. It’s not a huge event, logistics-wise (we’re more there simply for the image), but it’s huge visibility and apparently there is going to be “la creme de la creme” in Hollywood society!

My role in all of this: make sure everything goes smoothly! I’ll be coordinating the event with an event-planning company that’s already there - less work and more fun for me! - and basically just boss people around! And…..yes….the secret “and”…I will be attending the party in lieu of my boss!

This is a huge opportunity for me to make my mark, show my skills and prove how capable I am…and how I need that deserved raise ;)

Rose - you’ll be in town right?? Please say yes! They are putting me up in the Beverly Hills Hotel…yes this is crazy and still just sinking in….and I’ll def be working around the clock, but I shoud be free for coffee!! Annnndddd if all goes well I can try and score you an invite to the party…good networking for you, no?

Ok enough with email! I’ll call you lates to plan! Ophelia I wish you could be there too!!


Flora xoxo


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