Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Rude Awakening

Ophelia, you are so lucky to be in Milan!
L.A was indeed a ton of fun Rose! I have to say, I wish I were back right now.
I’m back in NY and things could not be any worse…

I got home last Sunday night at 10pm expecting to go out for a quick bite to eat with el novio at our favourite Argentinian, El Libertador up around 89th…only to find the apartment empty...

All I found was a note on my desk saying:
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry”.

What the fuck?!?! I mean come on what the hell is happening??

I started hyperventilating…I could feel a panic attack coming…I looked around to make sure that I wasn’t being filmed like they do on Candid Camera. Nothing. No camera. Nothing.

I haven’t spoken to you girls about this yet, because I was hoping he may show up by now… but still nada. I’ve called. I’ve emailed. I’ve stalked madly. But nothing. All I’ve gotten is a lousy text saying: “It’s not you, it’s me. I’m so sorry.”

The most peculiar thing is that things were going really well. He had just finished his internship in London….and now this? There were no signs of this coming…none… NADA!!

Ttyl. Flora xoxo

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