Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Single Intern

Well girls, it is official:  I am single.  Le Boyfriend and I decided to go our separate ways after almost three years.  Three years, can you believe it!?  He is off on a new adventure in distant lands (Toronto) but this adopted Parisienne just couldn't bring herself to leave!  Fear not, darling interns, it was amicable.  No need to curse his name or plot his demise!  ha!  That said, I am definitely feeling his absence.  There is no one to talk to when I come home.  No one asks me about my day.   I was so settled, everything was so comfortable and now there's a hole.  Sniff!  I guess I'm not feeling as magnifique as I thought I was!  Time to change the subject before I cry!

My new relationship status has me thinking about my current living situation.  I am getting a little sick of my neighborhood and my neighbor (aka my boss) and I'm ready to shake things up a bit.  New life, new arrondissement!  Le 6ieme has treated me well, but I am ready to make the move... to the 7ieme!  haha!  Rue de Bac, Rue de Grenelle, Rue Cler...  Flora, what do you think?  I know how you love the 7th!  Rose, if you would come visit me you would know what I'm talking about!  Malheureusement, I am setting myself up for the horror of apartment hunting in Paris (for every gem you also see countless dumps!), but I think a change of scenery will do me a world of good.  Plus, I have a wild card up my sleeve:  I'm no longer an intern!  Remember the trouble I had last year?

Bisous xx Ophelia

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