Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eternally Stuck

Flora, I am definitely in town and can't wait to catch up on the West Coast !   What are your dates exactly?

Ladies, my car finally broke down last week and I was in the middle of the flippin freeway!  This has been my nightmare since moving to Los Angeles.  It was such a hot day as well and there I was in the middle of the 101 on my way to Los Feliz to meet a friend, and my stupid hunk of junk just died on me !  I had to wait for a AAA for an hour without any air con so just sat in my car and tried to hide my face from all the people driving by.

I am going to meet a friend of a friend today who is selling his old car for an amazing price and guess what? It is a convertible!  It may be ancient as f***k, but I have never owned a convertible before!

I really hope that getting rid of that horrid car is a sign that there are new and exciting things headed my way.  I am so jealous of you guys with your fancy meetings, and here I am, a true Eternal Intern striving to one day move up to the position of Assistant!  How pathetic does that sound?  Haha, oh well, at least I can now drive onto the studio lot without trying to hide my rusted ride from my coworkers!  It's something I suppose!

BTW, Flora, no arguments I am absolutely picking you up from LAX (in my new car!).  Send me your flight details!

Lots of love,



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