Friday, July 1, 2011

East Coast, West Coast!

Rose! Huge news!! Huge huge news!

I’m coming to L.A. my friend! Sofia just sent me a bbm telling me that I’m confirmed to head out next week!
I’m gonna be working on an event at a private home in Beverly Hills…the home of some very wealthy philanthropist couple…he’s in the movie industry and she’s apparently your typical “real housewife of Beverly hills” ;) I can’t wait!

Anyways, they’re hosting this event in partnership with our magazine to raise money for a Cali-based children’s charity. It’s not a huge event, logistics-wise (we’re more there simply for the image), but it’s huge visibility and apparently there is going to be “la creme de la creme” in Hollywood society!

My role in all of this: make sure everything goes smoothly! I’ll be coordinating the event with an event-planning company that’s already there - less work and more fun for me! - and basically just boss people around! And…..yes….the secret “and”…I will be attending the party in lieu of my boss!

This is a huge opportunity for me to make my mark, show my skills and prove how capable I am…and how I need that deserved raise ;)

Rose - you’ll be in town right?? Please say yes! They are putting me up in the Beverly Hills Hotel…yes this is crazy and still just sinking in….and I’ll def be working around the clock, but I shoud be free for coffee!! Annnndddd if all goes well I can try and score you an invite to the party…good networking for you, no?

Ok enough with email! I’ll call you lates to plan! Ophelia I wish you could be there too!!


Flora xoxo

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