Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Weekender

Hello my darling girls,
Flora, glad to hear you're keeping cool in the city!  I, on the other hand, have become a weekender on the beautiful Ile de Ré.  I was there last weekend and the weekend before (and two weekends before that!).  I have fallen in love with the place and my friend Kurt has kindly opened his house to me for the summer!  It is like the Hamptons of France!  Three hours from Paris and I am on the beach... how can a girl say no?  And after last week, I needed to get away!  Mélanie, the intern from hell (no, she hasn't been fired yet!), was her typically difficult self every day last week.  I should start a column called  "Mélanie the Monster's Weekly Shenanigans":

Monday:  Melissa is 45 minutes late for work.  No explanation.

Tuesday:  My boss and I left for meeting and Mélanie took a two hour lunch (or so my colleagues report)

Wednesday:  I sent her out to buy lunch for the boss and she complained that it was too sunny and she had forgotten her sunglasses.

Thursday:  She was asked to send emails to five separate business associates, each email containing personal, sensitive information.  To "save time" the Monster cc'd them all in the same email.  You can only imagine how that went over with our associates.

Friday:  Mélanie arrives an hour late (It was her best friend's birthday the night before!); she has her head on the desk for most of the morning.  The boss send her to buy lunch and she loses the receipt.  She is generally rude and disagreeable.  She asks to leave early because she is not feeling well.

Now, you must be wondering WHY the girl hasn't been fired... because I am!  Well, it turns out my boss used to work with her uncle so the "family connection" is stopping him from showing her the door!  I don't care if she's his sister, the girl has to go!

Oh how I enjoyed two Mélanie-free days!  A gorgeous weekend relaxing on the beach, lunches on the terrace at Kurt's house, drinks at adorable local spots!  Another perfect weekend!  I think I need to buy my own house and move there full-time!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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