Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hot Child in the City

Rose how inspiring!! That's so courageous and brave! Good for her!!

On a total tangent!! Girls! I’ve solved my air conditoning conundrum. I finally have cool air and I can finally sleep! Last week I never imagined I would ever complain about air conditioning…the sticky, humid, ny air was just too much…but…as with all luxuries we get used to… I have simply one complaint….

No, not about my air conditioning at home…but about that at work.

There is a veritable paradox in NYC regarding how one should dress during the two focal seasons of the city: winter and summer.

In the winter, heat rises profusely through the offices. In the summer, air conditioner is blasted on every level. This leads to a psyzophrenic wardrobe dilemna.

In the winter one must dress down. Sleeveless tops, light cardigans…offices get incredibly warm, employees are often unable to open windows, and thus one resorts to removing layers and layers of clothes.
In the summer, however, the opposite is apparent. The air conditionning is programmed at such a level that the most common accessory one can notice in our office, for instance, are cashmere pashminas!
I’m telling you, this is insane!

Just yesterday morning, H, my hilarious PR intern, came in the cutest Liliy Pulitzer dress. She sat at her desk…opened her drawer and pulled out this huge wool turtleneck that she slipped on! I turned my head and I noticed the department secretary with her pashmina around her neck, and then behind me, the same thing…
It’s hilarious, outside people are removing layer after layer of clothing to stay cool in the NY heat, and yet indoor the air is so cool we’re all covering up, catching colds and sipping hot tea!!

Speaking of tea, I drank 5 yesterday I was so cold ;)



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