Friday, August 27, 2010

Simply Liberating

Happy Friday!

Ophelia, how absolutely liberating!  I can just imagine how amazing you feel as it is not every day us interns are granted any sort of power in the work place. 

I know exactly how you feel... I have also been pushed to quit an internship once.  It was a small commercial production company in Santa Monica.  After the first couple of weeks of working my ass off for them on shoots and in the office transcribing boring footage, I thought that my b**chy supervisor had warmed up to me.  Well I was wrong!  She asked me to go on a run from their office in Santa Monica to pick up lighting equipment from a company in Burbank!  That is like a 30 mile trip each way!!!   I was really broke at the time and it just so happened that on that particular day I had almost no gas left in my tank.  So I asked my superior if I could be reimbursed at the beginning of my trip instead of at the end so that I could fill up my tank before I took off deep into the valley for a 60 mile trip!

Instead of being grateful and understanding my situation, she went off on me... 'how dare you ask for special treatment?'  and 'it sucks that I have to bend the rules for you! No one should get special treatment.'

I was so furious I told her to forget about it and went on the run, brought back the heavy equipment to the office and then told her where to stick it!  I sent a kind email to the heads of the company highlighting what had happened and I never went back!

I say good riddance to experiences like that!  I have learned a lot from good internships and there is absolutely no excuse for miserable human beings.  Not when I have seen how generous and kind some of the busiest  and most successful people can be.

There are great people out there, and I am sure that your next experience will be exponentially more pleasant because you deserve it, Ophelia!

Big kisses to you and enjoy the wedding!

xxx Rose

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rose The Superintern

Good Evening!

It's been a good week at work.  Everything just went smoothly and I got lots of complements and attended a few work drinks.  I couldn't be happier with the way things are going at this internship.   I'm hoping to land an assistant gig form all this networking!

What are you ladies up to this weekend?  I am headed to the beach and sporadically working on updating my resume...

Do you guys embellish your internships on your resumes?  I was updating mine last night and I found that I use '/' excessively.  Let me explain further.  Instead of saying I interned at a studio and sat at all the executives desks, I say I was a 'floater/intern'.  Instead of saying that I interned on set for a low budget movie, I say "driver/intern'.  When possible I have used 'assistant/intern', 'receptionist/intern' and even 'office manager/intern'.   I might as well highlight my name up top and say 'ROSE:  superwoman/eternal intern!' 


Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Working Girl in NYC

Ophelia! That sounds beautiful!! Any chance you'll be whizzing by the Big Apple on your way to Victoria?? Please say yes!

I'm at home right's been quite quiet weekend. The novio being back in London and I'm just trying to enjoy my very first weekend as an Eternally Employed Ex-Intern (wow that was long!)...

My first week has gone incredibly well...and oddly enough, being employed has turned out to be not that much different to being an intern ;)

The very same nerves were in action on day 1, as for any internship I've ever started...

- Should I get there a little early? Is 10 minutes too much? Is 5 minutes ok?
- What should I wear? Is this too casual? Oh shit this looks way to over-dressed...
- How's lunch gonna work? Do people bring lunch? Do they go out? Will there be a cafeteria?
- I wonder how my office mates will be....

An eternally spinning mind for an ex-eternal-intern!

Of always...those very nerves disappear the minute you have your very first hand-shake! Miraculously, instinctively, you settle into the new rhythm of things, a new routine, a new environment.

Being an eternal-employee in the fashion industry in New York, however, is a little frightening I have to say...exciting yes, but a little intimidating!! Responsibilities galore, having to (eventually!) make decisions, taking initiative..ahhhhh...all the aspects that are so very alluring about having a full-time job here, are also those that are currently making my head spin!!

Thus, the reason for such a quiet weekend! Friday night I went to movies with a few girlfriends from the Junior League, yesterday I had a simply fantastic brunch at Isabella's and strolled through the park all the way home...And today...well once again, I'm actually gonna simply enjoy this day off! Relax and refill myself with energy for the week to come!

Ok girls, time to get up, get dressed and get active for my very first eternally-employed Sunday!!



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Paris Staycation

Hello my dear girls,
How are you?  Rose, isn't it frustrating that no matter how hard we work the only offers on the table seem to be unpaid "internships"?  I was scoping out jobs the other day and was so irritated to see that the only thing out there are internships!  In fact, there are tons of jobs (or what used to be called jobs!) that have been redesignated as internships. Its criminal!   Flora, you lucky girl, how is the world of Eternal Employment?  I hope you're settling in at the new job!

On this side of the pond, I am enjoying my last few days of vacation.  I am SO not looking forward to going back to work on Monday.  I'm not sure if I told you that I really really dislike one of the other assistants.  She is impossible!  I adore Amandine, but Lorena is a real bitch!  I won't even get into it, but let's just say she rivals Victoire for bad behavior!  That said, I have had a lovely three weeks off, so I guess I can't complain!  Plus, I only have a week and a half at work before I jet off to a week-long wedding in Victoria, BC!

The boyfriend and I have played host/hostess to several visitors over the past few weeks.  First, we met the most amazing American couple, Susan and Stu.  They were on vacation from Pennsylvania, so we showed them some of our favorite Parisian spots!  Fun nights of dinner and dancing!  Then the lead guitarist from The One Look Donnybrook stayed with us for a few days last week.   Lots of good food, lots of laughs and (of course) beaucoup de champagne!  A few days later, we had a visit from a friend from Toronto and her very chic teenaged daughter.  Simone and Sophie are as sweet as can be and we had a lovely few days enjoying Paris and its many sights!  When you live in Paris it is easy to forget just how beautiful the city is.  Thanks to S and S we "rediscovered" the Marais, the Champs Elysées and the Champs de Mars!  Sophie had never been to Paris so we took her on a night visit to the top of la Tour Eiffel.  It was so refreshing to see Paris from that perspective, so quiet and peaceful!

And tonight, before I am forced back into the grind of the work week, we are heading over to a friend's place for an expat apero.  It promises to be a lovely evening and a great end to my August holidays!

Bisous xx Ophelia

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Another Day In Hollywood

Good Evening!

I was just told today that as our shoot comes to an end, I could stay on and help out!  Doesn't that sound great? Initially, I thought so too, but I was informed that they wanted me to stay on without pay!  I mean, they were paying me pennies anyways, but apparently I am not budgeted for so if I want to stick around it has to be from the goodness of my heart!

So my choices are:
1- Pack my bags and check out and be the ungrateful intern that refused to stick around
2- Swallow my pride and stick around for another few weeks, with everyone knowing that I am being taken advantage of.

What kills me is that I was not a volunteer. There are plenty of people that have agreed to help out anyway for free!  I was the PAID intern!

Such is life... projects and people lose their funding all the time in this town!  Who I am to wish any different?

Honestly thought, it's fine.  I get to make a great impression, more exposure and I will have another few weeks of being gaga over my crush!  Life could be worse I suppose.

Just another day in Hollywood :)

xxx Rose

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A big leap...

Hey chicas!

How are you?? Well, see…I promised I’d be better at keeping in touch with you, and look! I am indeed!

I had a brilliant weekend with el novio…who sadly just took off from JFK back to Heathrow…it breaks my heart, but I know that this won’t be eternal…And I’m trying to keep a positive outlook: doesn't distance make the heart grow fonder?

Regardless we had a fabulous weekend…we escaped to a friend’s home in South Hampton…had a quick swim…had some wonderful Cabernet….and had a brilliant time celebrating!! Now back to reality… :(

Back to my new job!! Yes, yes indeed chiquitas, tomorrow is Day numero uno! I’m scared sh*tless…but I’m trying to stay positive and relaxed…..

I promised I would leak some info out about this new stepping stone into Eternal Employment and indeed I shall hold true to my word…I have three words for you: major US Publisher, communications, event planning!!

Yes yes, you heard me right I’m going to be working on the 45th floor a publishing power house, concentrating my neurons (and créativité) on participating in the organization and coordination of events!!! I simply can’t wait…but at the same time…..I’m freaked out!

Yes, this is similar to what I’ve done in the past….yes I know I’m capable of this…but responsibility, initiative, decision-making ….ahhhh it all scares me!!

Now I know your next question is how the hell did I score this mother of a job??? But chicas my hands are trembling so much (yes nerves!!) that I can't type and I’d rather wait till the end of Day 1 to answer more questions!!

Wish me luck on my leap into Eternal Employment!!!!!!!!!

Flora xoxo

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jackie vs. Marilyn

Hello girls,
I have been meaning to write for days, but I must confess, I have been glued to Mad Men.  I put off watching it for years (not really sure why!) and I finally sat down to see what all the fuss was about a few days ago.  Well, the fuss is justified!  Between the clothes (Joan and Betty in particular... too gorgeous for words!) and Don Draper (also too gorgeous for words!) I have not been able to stop watching!  I have literally watched 2.5 seasons in a matter of days!  I am totally addicted!

What I wouldn't give to travel back in time to experience (just for a day!) what it would have been like.  Sure, people were sexist, racist, unfaithful, chain-smoking alcoholics, but Mad Men makes them seem pretty damn cool!  In the end we definitely have it better, but I think that in some aspects they had it right....  I love the men in hats and suits and I really don't see a problem with drinking at work!  haha!

Anyway, one of the earlier episodes raised an interesting question... Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?   Having read numerous Jackie and Marilyn bios I think I'm a hybid of the two (leaning closer to a Jackie, I think) but it got me thinking about Jackie and Marilyn as Eternal Interns...

What do these rivals and social icons have in common with us?  

* Jackie went to a girls' school, a university in New York and studied abroad in Paris.
* A young Jackie Bouvier held an entry level position at a well-known publication. 
* Jackie started a new job in publishing after first "career" ended abruptly.
* Mrs Kennedy loved personalized stationary and handwritten Thank You notes!  
* A young Norma Jean was destined to conquer Hollywood.
* Marilyn Monroe worked her way to the top, she started with few Hollywood connections.  
* MM understood the beauty and power of diamonds!  haha!  

I hope you're both well!  I have a date with the ever-so-dashing Don Draper!

Bisous xx Ophelia

Jackie vs Marilyn

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Smile

She's alive!
All kidding aside... Congrats, Flora!  I'm glad that all your hard work has paid off... you are the queen of secrecy... does this mean that your entrepreneural project is on hold?  Keep us posted! 

Ladies, I need to rant.  I went home yesterday after a 16 hour day, to find that I had a large piece of green spice in my front teeth!  It must have come from the pasta salad I had for lunch.  What I don't understand is how no-one on set told me!  Especially the other intern.  In fact, the other intern and I are (correction WERE) quite good friends.  We have gone out on numerous occasions, but after this... that will definitely not be happening again!!  I even spoke to my crush with the beastly spice on my tooth.  I am beyond embarrassed! 

Oh well, I will go in to work with my head high today and knowing myself... I will probably make a joke about it in front of everyone to keep my cool.  AAAAAAAAAAAH.  I could kill the other intern! 

The Show (more commonly known as my life) must go on....

xxx Rose

Monday, August 2, 2010

Once an Eternal Intern, always an Eternal Intern!

Rose!! Ophelia!!

I am so so so sorry for my lack of updates! I know that I've always been the one that takes a little longer than anyone else to respond to emails...but in this case I really am sincerely sorry! My only excuse...well I think it's a good enough excuse is that..............I JUST FOUND OUT I AM NO LONGER AN ETERNAL INTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I'm thinking the all-cap message gives you a quick insight into how flippin happy I feel!! Yes my friends after 4 months of searching...cover letter writting...CV perfecting...well I have basically just signed myself off for 10 vacation days a year...long work days...responsabilities that freak me out...and an office floor that is already making me light headed (45th floor?? ahhh!!)...

But chicas, I have to say: I am relieved, happy, happy and again...happy! I had mentioned that I had gotten "a few bites" a while ago..and indeed those "little bites" became a big bite and an official job offer just a week and a half ago... I didn't want to say anything until everything was concrete and now it is!!

But I do want to tell you mis amigas, one very important thing. I may have just stepped off the Eternal Intern ladder, but that does not take away the fact that I will always be an Eternal Intern at heart.

Our struggles, our laughs, our hopes, our tears...We have shared so much and will continue to share so much! We will forever be EIs together!!

Now I know you chicas are going to kill me hehe!! I haven't given you any details...and I won't hahahaha!! I really must run to diner - el novio is suprisingly in town this week from London (yessss he movedddd :( ) and we're gonna celebrate together - not the move! the job!!

I'll unveil all the exciting deets tomorrow!!! (I also have to tell you guys about my trip to London 3 weeks ago!!! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!).

Ok well I miss you girls, I apologize yet again, and I send you big kisses from the UES!!!!



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