Friday, August 27, 2010

Simply Liberating

Happy Friday!

Ophelia, how absolutely liberating!  I can just imagine how amazing you feel as it is not every day us interns are granted any sort of power in the work place. 

I know exactly how you feel... I have also been pushed to quit an internship once.  It was a small commercial production company in Santa Monica.  After the first couple of weeks of working my ass off for them on shoots and in the office transcribing boring footage, I thought that my b**chy supervisor had warmed up to me.  Well I was wrong!  She asked me to go on a run from their office in Santa Monica to pick up lighting equipment from a company in Burbank!  That is like a 30 mile trip each way!!!   I was really broke at the time and it just so happened that on that particular day I had almost no gas left in my tank.  So I asked my superior if I could be reimbursed at the beginning of my trip instead of at the end so that I could fill up my tank before I took off deep into the valley for a 60 mile trip!

Instead of being grateful and understanding my situation, she went off on me... 'how dare you ask for special treatment?'  and 'it sucks that I have to bend the rules for you! No one should get special treatment.'

I was so furious I told her to forget about it and went on the run, brought back the heavy equipment to the office and then told her where to stick it!  I sent a kind email to the heads of the company highlighting what had happened and I never went back!

I say good riddance to experiences like that!  I have learned a lot from good internships and there is absolutely no excuse for miserable human beings.  Not when I have seen how generous and kind some of the busiest  and most successful people can be.

There are great people out there, and I am sure that your next experience will be exponentially more pleasant because you deserve it, Ophelia!

Big kisses to you and enjoy the wedding!

xxx Rose

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  1. Some people think interns are only there as someone willing to do the dirty work. I guess the more you get paid, the less HARD work you have to do!



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