Thursday, September 2, 2010

Overqualified and Proud!

Ladies, get ready for a rant!  

Someone please explain to me what it means to be OVERQUALIFIED.  Here is one definition: 'the state of being skilled or educated beyond what is necessary for a job'.  So let me get this straight, if someone with amazing experience or abilities is willing to take a job that would normally be beneath them, due to extenuating circumstances, it is not acceptable?  For F***s sakes!  I think that any employer would be an idiot to turn away this 'overqualified' individual.  It seems to me that our times is defined by this idiotic term!

It has become clear to me that the people running internship programs are the only sane ones left in this economy! Why shouldn't someone with a masters degree, or years of business experience be given the opportunity to go after their dreams and start from the bottom?  How is it that I could easily be hired for an internship position, but not even considered for a.... let's say... reception position?  If I need some extra cash and want to take on a reception position, how dare the people with power tell me that I am simply too good for this job?  They don't know me!  

I'm so frustrated with this.  I have a handsome, highly educated, ambitious and clever friend who after years of working in law has decided that he wants to work in entertainment and the stupid people he would be working for are too intimidated by her to give even her a chance!  I think that employers should count their lucky stars to have someone OVERQUALIFIED on their team!  I think that this term should be spun to show it in a positive light.  In fact, let's say it loud and proud!

Hi, my name is Rose, I am an Eternal Intern, and I am OVERQUALIFIED!

xxx Rose


  1. hi Rose!

    i feel for ya. I'm on the same boat as you are. PR internships one after the other, and only had a catering job to tide me over. but right now returned to asia and not having much luck, only a freelancer willing to start at the bottom for a permanent gig.

    more power!

  2. Dear Rose,

    I thoroughly comprehend and appreciate your stance on this issue of over qualification.
    It seems to me this Over qualification stems from the fear of being challenged or feeling of not being able to measure up to the new comer to the organization. over qualification only enriches the lives of the individual in any establishment and strengthens the organization of that same establishment.

    Shame on us for letting down the over qualified in our society. After all, when all is said and done, after overcoming a lot of hurdles and challenges, they will carry the heaviest burden of society on their shoulders.

    Come on people, wake up and appreciate the talented people around you.

    Rose, don’t give up. I sense you have a lot of spunk and intelligence. You will prevail.

  3. Well said sister.

    I sense you have a lot of spunk.

    Your day will come and

    “we shall overcome someday.”

    Struggling Intern

  4. Rose. I've got a law degree too. And for the past four years I have been an intern. And now that I'm back at the law thing, I have more industry connections and more potential to bring in business than anyone else at my firm.

    So be an intern. Get even more overqualified. Cause someday soon you will be applying for executive positions and be perfectly qualified. My sense is that there is no in-between. You, and I, and all of us who took this path, are destined to be intern-turned-high level professionals. Other positions don't exist for people like us.

    As irritating as it is, just accept and appreciate the fact that one day those people who turned you down will still be UNDERQUALIFIED to be your receptionist!!

    A Not So Eternal Intern (not anymore anyway).

  5. Amen! I feel a self-help group for frustrated interns coming on! LOL.



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