Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eternally an Intern?

My dearest Rose,

I couldn't agree more! When did being 'over qualified' become a negative thing?? On the contrary shouldn't it be something to treasure, desire, want??? Oh my goodness, where are we heading?? Haha!

Well, I've been incredibly busy's already been a few weeks and I do feel as though I'm starting to get the hang of things around here! My colleagues are great, the job is awesome fun and dynamic and honestly hours are fine for now!! Luckily too, this weekend is Labour Day weekend, so I've got tomorrow off! I couldn't be happier!

The one funny thing about this new "eternal employment" the fact that many of my colleagues don't actually really understand that I'm a full-time employee........

Yes, you guessed it right....some think I'm an intern!!! Granted, these are only those with whom I haven't yet had a professional contact...haha but still!! It's so annoying!!

Now I'm not saying that being considered an intern annoys me (dudes I'm an ex-pro-intern!), but why is it that I'm still stereoytped as an intern?? Is it that I look too young?? Is it the way I dress? The way I put my hair up? What I have for lunch? My timid demeanor??

Honestly what is it??? How can I be taken seriously as a veritable full-time Eternal Employee??????

There are many other twenty-somethings out there fully working, who don't get these 'intern' reactions! What is it with me?? Am I now forever categorized, stereotyped, filtered as THE Eternal Intern?

Any tips girls?? I am wondering and pondering and seriously trying to figure this one out!

I must run, but I'll be around later, so let me knowwwww!!

Besitos chicas!

Flora xoxo

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