Sunday, February 28, 2010

Perpetual Perplexion

Ophelia! Felicitation! I completely agree with Rose - it's always better to be busy...and honestly it's better to be gaining experience (even on the no-pay scale...) than sitting at home...wishing...hoping...that the right 'Eternal Employment" gig will come along.

Funny enough O., I also find that the busier I am the more pro-active I am. What I mean by this is that sometimes, doing nothing makes me insanely lazy! I loose total motivation...I start to feel down...My determination and ambition falters...

I'm in a similar position as you right now O....I've taken on this new internship since January - but I am hoping for Eternal fact, I'm wondering if this week wouldn't perhaps be a good time to start the job search once again - with 4 months left in the X group internship. I finally have a new stable address; I'm feeling super good about things; I've got an ab-fab new experience to add to the may be a good time to start moving!

One question I ask myself, however: Should I find a job before the end of my internship - is it ok to say "yes" and drop the internship?

I know...I seems like a given...If Eternal Employment comes one's way, one should instantaneously jump on the bandwagon and say "oui"...My dilemna, however, is that this internship is just totally fantastic. I LOVE it. I love the people, the work, my boss - everything.

Now listen chiquitas...I don't have a job coming my way...I haven't even yet begun to look and apply...but I'm thinking ahead...What if something comes my way? If I quit this internship early for Eternal Employment - won't I be burning bridges with the X Group? With Sofia?

She was so kind and generous to take me under her wings...get my Visa situation fixed up...offer me this fabulous opportunity!

I'm a little confused right now...I know that no full-time, fully-paid, fully-insured opportunities can come out of this internship (re: lines of chiquitas prepared to work for nada and replace me!! bohooo)...but at the same time, Sofia here has THE richest Rolodex in the it not more worthwhile to network now, chat a little here and there, give the occasional CV to one and another, and perhaps a month prior to the end of this gig have a little drink with Sofia and see if she (or her 1000s of friends...) could help me?

Ah chiquitas! Perpetual perplexion!!

Qu'en pensez-vous? Ophelia, I'm in Paris in less than a week's time - please can we have a Martini Bianco session to brainstorm...philosophize...relax!!

Flora xoxo

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rose The Travel Agent

Ophelia, I truly believe that you should take the internship!  It is with a company that you adore, are comfortable at, and there is no point looking for the perfect assistant gig while sitting at home.  In addition, the best thing to say at an interview is how busy you are at your current internship/job versus what your responsibilities were a month or so ago.  That's my two cents... welcome or not!  I say go for it and keep looking for the paid gig.

My job never cease's to surprise me with new and exciting responsibilities... my learning curve gets steeper by the day... NOT!
This week I have been trained in the duties of a travel agent!  Here are some lessons learned during my experience:

1-You now need a birth ceritificate to obtain a visa in most countries.
2- The process of ordering the certificate takes an average of 5 days in addition to the 5 days needed to process most visas.  This may cause a problem if you only have 2 weeks to arrange your boss' trip!
3- Never trust conference organizers to understand the pressure from your boss.
4- No one that resides outside of California, understands the high maintenance of a Hollywood producer, and therefore take their time with almost all arrangements.
5- Always make sure you have a couple of seats on hold on several different flights and hope that the airlines don't notice... business class sells out fast people!
xxx Rose

Le Look: Back to Work

Ophelia's Outfit

To Intern or Not to Intern?

Hello ladies,
Flora, I am glad you had a great time out on the town!  How was the film?  Rose, can my Other be someone I have never met?  If so I would have to say Jackie Kennedy!  I'm reading yet another Jackie book and she truly is my inspiration!

I have news, les filles.  Despite claiming I would never intern again, I am starting a new internship on Monday!  Now, here is the interesting part....  I am going back to the fashion magazine.  This time I am heading to the fashion department!  The question "To Intern or Not to Intern?" was weighing heavily on my mind during my trip to Guadeloupe, but I decided to delay responding to consider the pros and cons.

* Respected fashion magazine
* In my field of choice
* I already worked at the mag for 6 months so I know everyone and know my way around the office
* I would be working with lovely people (the fashion director is a delight!)
* More experience can't hurt...
* A chance to write?
* Surrounded by gorgeous clothes all day
* Four days a week, so I can still maintain the carefree lifestyle of an Eternal Intern!

* Unpaid!  Enough is enough!  I would eventually like to purchase the clothes I'll be schlepping all day!
* Yet another internship!  Is it wrong to call myself an "assistant"?
* I already have the magazine on my CV so I won't be adding anything new.

What do you think?  Did I make the right choice?

Bisous, Ophelia

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gossip, gossip away...

Rose, you were in my mind all last night…why so? I was at a movie premiere!! Yes oh yes! A star-studded showing, with all the glitz and glam a NY premiere can boast! Let me tell you girls, there’s no better way to recover from a ‘glass half empty’ type of day than a movie premiere…forget the escape for now, this was a cheap and quick way to say bye bye blues!

Decked out in my latest splurge (another way to quickly kick a set of blues away!) - a beautiful Moroccan-inspired Tory Burch top (perhaps my attempt at an imaginary escape?) paired with simple white jeans, the usual ballet flats (yes I know I need to focus on heels!!) and the essential Chanel 2.55, I strutted proudly down the red carpet…incognito…sadly

Sofia was to go to the premiere, but an unexpected ‘date’, led her to release the prized tickets to myself and a fellow intern! Yipeee!

We got seated around 8:30pm…and the movie took forever to start…

During that time, however, the funniest thing happened! Turns out we were seated right in front of two other interns, who had clearly had the same luck C. and I had had with Sofia…Initially we would have never guessed these two little chiquitas were interns - decked out in clothes beyond any interns’ budget, they looked more like 2 ladies who lunch than anything else. Turns out, however, they not only dress like ladies who lunch, but talk and gossip like them too!

My oh my…you should have heard what came out of these two girls mouths!! From their incredibly bossy boss and lazy co-workers, to facebook fiascos in the office and uncompleted work…these two spoke their mind and unleashed all their intern-anger…in PUBLIC!!

Ok, so they weren’t at work…or in the direct vicinity of their office space…but familiar industry names came up…common brands popped up…and should anyone around us have listened in and picked up names, these girls’ gossip could potentially come right back at them and bite them in the a**!!

I’m serious…you never know who is sitting right next to youwho is listening in…who knows whom…The world is quickly becoming smaller and smaller and within certain industries, everyone knows everyone!

I sincerely hope that no one around us had ears quite as fine-tuned as C’s and mine…

Haha! With that, I am indeed feeling a little better after such a night (and laugh!)…hopefully the glass is filling back up little by little!


Flora xoxo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who Is Your Other?

Flora, that is any entry level workers eternal struggle.  Chin up and believe that there is greatness awaiting for every hard worker and remember that success doesn't come in a single, unique form. 

(Although, I would love for my success to mean that I get to stand on stage at the Academy Awards one day!)

Here is what I have concluded today, and I will share with you now in hopes that it will provide you with a little inspiration :)
Something I have come to realize about the entertainment industry is that:
You can't climb to the top without many hands helping you along... be it a friend, partner, spouse, parent.  So my theory, Eternal Interns, is to network and find our Great Other! 

John Williams and Steven Spielberg
Michael Giacchino and Pixar
Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler
Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan
Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino
Kathryn Bigalow and James Cameron
Angelino Jolie and Brad Pitt
Dana Brunetti and Kevin Spacey
Kate Winslet and Sam Mendez
Jason Reitman and Ivan Reitman
Kiefer Sutherland and Donald Sutherland  

The list goes on and on....Well, today is the day that I commence operation find my other!

xxx Rose


A Half Empty Intern

Ophelia! You are so lucky to have been able to escape...even just a few days...Right now, an escape is exactly what I need...

I know I know, this sounds a little crazy. I have indeed been overly happy, joyous, positive etc… about my ab-fab internship...but girls I'm not going to hide the fact that I'm once again suffering from Eternal Exhaustion…may I add Eternal Annoyance?

See, after long hours at work preparing upcoming soirees, finalizing press releases, putting finishing touches on media plans and answering endless emails and calls, for the past little while I’ve been coming home to a not quite renovated, barely furnished, tv-less, and most importantly: empty cocoon of a studio...

The missing factor: el novio.

Yes, it’s been a short while since he left to pursue his Ivy League dream of an MBA, and yet it has only recently hit me - in this new studio and incredibly busy new internship - how empty things feel without him.

Look, I know…I’m not going to over-dramatize things here…I’m lucky enough to have the guy, the internship and the studio…but sometimes I feel as though I’ve only got half of everything…I know this is a strange concept but listen to my depressing philosophy…

I’ve got the guy…but he’s out of state buried in his books.

I’ve got the job…but it’s an internship with a deadline approaching.

I’ve got the apartment…but it’s a 20m2 box, that for about a week and half had no heat or hot water…

I know, I’m clearly not thinking straight today…and I’m undeniably suffering from a “glass half empty” type of day…I’m sorry to blurt it all out to the two of you…

Chicas I think I need an escape pronto…perhaps a little sun, sand and sea could fill this intern’s glass half full?

What do you think?

Signing off for now,

An annoyed Eternal Intern…aka Flora xoxo

Monday, February 22, 2010

Butterfly Island

My dearest girls, 
I am sorry to have disappeared for so many days, but I promise you'll be surprised to hear that I am writing from.... Guadeloupe!   As you know, Guadeloupe is in fact still part of France (an overseas department, to be exact) so the trip was not as elaborate and extravagant as one would have thought.  Making my trip more amazing is the fact that I am staying with a lovely couple, Catalina and Carlton who have been insisting for months that I visit them on "the most beautifully shaped island of the West Indies".  

In a "what a small world" twist of luck, my friend Catalina (we did ballet together as children) met my friend Carlton (who was on exchange at our university) and they instantly fell for each other.  They tied the knot last summer (I was a bride's maid!) and I promised them that I would visit when they got settled in their home in Bouillante, on the Basse-Terre of Guadeloupe.  I love them as a couple and I love them separately, so you can imagine it didn't take much to convince me to make the trek!  I have been here a week, and let me tell you, I picked the wrong part of France to live in!  haha!  I leave for Paris tomorrow and as happy as I am that Flora will be arriving soon, it is going to be hard to leave this gorgeous island!  

It is nearly impossible to write when the beauty of the island speaks for itself, so I'll show you a few of the amazing things Catalina and Carlton have shown me since I arrived last week..... 

La Grande Anse à Deshaie, an enormous beach where we had the most incredible barbeque with some of their friends.... 

Le Saut d'Acomat and la Chute du Carbet

La soufrière de Guadeloupe

My absolute favorite however was the Ilet Pigeon.  When Carlton used to do when he was a teenager he and his friends would take a small boat out to the ilet where they swam, listened to music, and had a few drinks (naughty naughty!) until sunset.  You know what they say... When in Rome!   It was breathtaking!  

Our trip was super low key, we mostly relaxed by the pool, tanning (I tanned, Catalina burned!), chatting and drinking eau de coco (coconut water), but we did sample the local cuisine at two stellar restaurants... 

Pieds dans l'eau (Feet in the Water), where our feet were literally in the water! 

And Le rocher de Malendure with stunning views of the Ilet Pigeon.  Words cannot describe!  The Langouste was out of this world!  

As I settle back into reality, I have to tell you that this trip was a godsend.  I came to the harsh realization that "fun-employment" isn't really all that much fun and I am not cut out to be a lady who lunches (since nearly all my friends work!).  It has been a very difficult adjustment and I have yet to find something into which I can channel my energy.  As I pack my bags to head back to Paris, I am hopefully leaving some of the emotional baggage I brought with me and will return with a clear head.  

Bisous, x x x Ophelia 

PS.  A huge MERCI for mes chers amis Carlton et Catalina.  Je vous embrasse!  x

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shutter Island

I just saw Shutter Island...  I give this movie a 6.5, despite being hopeful and excited based on the trailers.  As you already know, Leo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors and director Martin Scorsese usually brings out greatness in him.  Together they created The Aviator, which gives me goosebumps to this day and therefore my expectations were high.

The movie, however, lost its momentum and tone on a few occasions throughout, and the tone was not consistent...  I felt sad, scared, annoyed and bored throughout the film.   In my opinion, it was the editing that was lacking and like anyone in this industry will admit... a good edit and score can save any bad movie!  Well the opposite is also true,  a bad edit and mediocre score can ruin even the best stories and performances, and that is what unfortunately happened with Shutter Island.

Don't waste your money, ladies, wait for DVD!

xxx Rose

Work Drinks

Flora, no worries!  We are all guilty of being MIA lately.  Any chance Ophelia and I can get invites to the exciting party you are planning?  We promise to be on our best behavior!     

This week I did something that is slightly out of character for myself.  Usually, after a 12 hour day at work I cannot wait to get home to my darling P and have a glass of wine and unwind with some pre-recorded television.  This week however, I was invited to work drinks by two assistants that I have been working with a lot lately.  Our bosses have projects that are either in active development, or are already financed and have commenced pre-production.  In the spirit of our Eternal Networking I couldn't refuse!

My first drinks of the week was at a bar at the hotel called Palihouse, which is an adorable little place that, Flora, actually reminds me of trendy, smaller bar that one would find in NYC.  I shall take you the next time you visit ;)  Then on Thursday  night I went out again and this time to a bar that is popular with the LA locals, but completely out of my comfort zone!  It is called the Roger Room and is located in West Hollywood.  It is the perfect place for people that enjoy celebrity sitings, standing around by the bar all night because all the seats get taken up by the early birds, yelling over the music just to be heard, etc...  I mean how are you meant to get to know someone in such an environment?!

Anyways, the meetings were pleasant enough.  The two assistants were extremely bright, and after a couple of beers (Newcastle is always my choice!) to take the edge off... we shared interesting stories about our extremely successful and extremely eccentric bosses! 

I had two work drinks in one week... and I can barely keep my eyes open this weekend!
I know people that book themselves for the entire week solid!
How do they do it?
Call me crazy... but sleeping 5-6 hours a night just doesn't do it for me!  I need 8 to be alert during my work days and to keep up with my boss!
I think I will set a goal for myself... work drinks once a week!  That I can handle!

xxx Rose

Living in the Present...not the Future...nor the Past...


Oh la la les filles, how sorry I am to have been so MIA this week! Between this weekend's mission of renovating my new cocoon of a this week's crazyness at work, I'm happy to finally sit down and send you two some news from the Big Apple!

Yes, crazyness at work!  Unlike you Rose, however I don't want to ask myself what's next! I know it's an inevitable question when one is an Eternal Intern, but things have just been so grand, that I just don't want to stop!

As I mentioned, I'll be jetting to Paris shortly to work on that ultra secret party for a certain someone, who is friends with the Ks, the JPGs, the MJs and the JGs of the world...This week, thus, much of time was spent working hand in hand with Sofia, preparing this 'trop belle soiree'! From the caterer, to the Veuve Cliquot, to the decor, lighting and music...all has to be organized ahead of time, and to the minute! Ophelia, I now understand how much work goes behind you fabulous soirees! And O, before I forget, I'll be heading over in a week's time - prepares toi!!

On top of this soiree - we're going to be taking advantage of our time in Paris to throw a deuxieme soiree in the city of lights to celebrate Paris Fashion week! Can you imagine this?? I'm on top of the moon - not only am I heading back to my dearest Paris...not only will I see you O...but I've got two ultra cool parties, rive droite, to organize!!

This second 'fashionable' soiree, will bring together the creme de la creme of Parisian fashion to inaugurate the start of this legendary week...I'll def keep you two posted on how soiree preps go, but as I said, I'm just on top of the moon!!

Now, you understand why I am not too 'pressee' to think of what's next...I don't want to leave! The thought that this brilliant internship will end in 4 months time, scares me already! I know I don't want to be an Eternal Intern forever, but this internship just feels so right...if only it could turn into Eternal Employment!

Given the industry...the turnover...the girls lined-up to take my place (for a low-pay or even no-pay)...I understand that Eternal Employment at X with Sofia is not likely - at all. Sad, but true...a reality that is, unfortunately, all too often true for interns...

But not too despair...I'm keeping my head up high...perhaps I'll meet my next employer in the City of Lights next week? Hehe, you never know!

Les filles, I must run to a late brunch...Bisous!

Flora xoxo

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Phone Crush

Good Morning!

So I just spoke to an extremely handsome A-list actor on the phone and I could feel my cheeks getting rosy!  He called to talk to my boss and although I can't drop any names, let me assure you he looks super sexy on screen and his voice simply melted my heart!

I know numerous A-S-S-Ts that develop phone crushes and flirtations... be it with other assistants or celebrities, agents or managers... whoever!  It is the best kind of excitement and can prove to be quite amusing in numerous situations.  Life would be plenty bland without a little bit of office drama!

xxx Rose

Monday, February 15, 2010

What's Next?

Ophelia, what a coincidence... my boyfriend and I also went to a jazz club last night... It was a beautiful venue atop one of the canyons of Los Angeles.

Friday evening, as I was wrapping up at the office, I saw one of my good friends online and as we chatted,  I told him about my plan to leave my internship after about another month. I explained to him that although I have moved up and am now getting paid, and am essentially the producer's assistant, it is just too stressful to maintain for much longer.  

I have never been motivated in any decision by the fear of what comes next.  I don't consider myself particularly lucky, but I do believe that if one works hard enough at anything you will find the 'what's next'... be it exactly what you imagined or what you end up realizing you actually needed!    In my opinion, the point of internships, and assistant gigs are not to sell your soul to those executives that rule our challenging industries, but rather to get in and get out on a high!  It is to add meat to your resume, and to create the greatest social network imaginable.  
I guess this goes back to the idea of the one... but my friend explained to me how much he admired my courage... and I though to myself (and I am always completely honest with myself) is my fearless attitude towards the 'what's next', simply a defense mechanism?  

No, I don't think it is!  

If I lived in the dread of those two daunting words, I would have never decided to intern and now assist an Oscar nominated producer, because I would have never relocated to Los Angeles!  

So I say be cautious of 'what's next' but don't let it rule your decisions today, because as Virgil states, "Labor Omnia Vincit"... Hard work conquers all!  

I'm off to get through the rest of season 5 of LOST.  Now that would have been a dream job... to have been a production assistant on this series and work alongside JJ Abrams in Hawaii!  

xxx Rose

Tales of the Jazz Age

Ophelia's Outfit

Sunday, February 14, 2010

All That Jazz!

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!  I hope you are both enjoying the day!  Flora, I am so happy you are finally in your new home!  I cannot wait to visit and see what you have done with the place!  I am sure it will be gorgeous!  Rose, you raise a great point about celebrating on a budget!  I had to tell the boyfriend to keep things simple since vday follows so closely on the heals of my birthday!  This year, we opted for dim sum and jazz.  Dim sum was delicious and we are off to our favorite little jazz bar later this evening.

The boyfriend is a huge jazz lover (he plays jazz guitar) and he has been introducing me to a style of music I didn't know much about.  I come from a jazz family (my aunts are jazz singers), but I myself am definitely a novice. After a very educational visit to The Jazz Century exhibit at Quai Branly last year, I am slowly learning to appreciate jazz more and more.  While my ear is still not as finely tuned as the boyfriend's, everything about the Jazz Age fascinates me!  I even threw him a Jazz Age-themed birthday party last year!  What's not to love about the Roaring Twenties?  The fashion!  The music!  Everything!  What I wouldn't give to have been a member of the Lost Generation, or to dance the Charleston in a smokey jazz hole in Chicago!  Fabulous!

Bises, Ophelia

Jazz Age
I live right down the street from Cafe de Flore and Les Deux Magots, the famous haunts of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and other members of the Lost Generation.  

The hair, the makeup, the clothes! 

Art Deco 
Mirroed vanities and jewelry boxes are my absolute faves.  I got a gorgeous jewelry box from the boyfriend for Christmas! 

Billie Holiday 
Not quite Jazz Age, but fabulous nonetheless!

Happy Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day now upon us, and having re-read your email, Rose, this morning - I have to say I don't agree that it's tough to celebrate this 'day of love' while on an interns budget.

Yes, our budget is limited...sometimes close to non-existent...but there are always ways to make one happy on such a day. For instance:

From a bouquet of flowers, and a box of chocolates pour la demoiselle...

To a home cooked feast (a cheese fondue if on a tight schedule and budget!) and a simple hand-written love letter pour le gentleman...


There are so many different ways to say "I Love You" - and so often, the most touching and most endearing gestures, are the simplest - the most inexpensive too...

Rose, I'm sure your Valentine's Day will be great! Just remember that a little imagination and a lot of Love will do the trick and go a long long way - within budget!

Big besitos to you two, I'm off to see el novio...he's flown back in from MBA land to celebrate! I hope he's brought some extra's colder in my new apt than it is outside!!

Flora xoxo

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Home Sweet EI Home

Rose! I know the pain...being an Eternal Intern...on an Eternal Intern budget can often be tough, but with a dab of imagination and a wink of innovation you can pull anything off! As a matter of fact, remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned I was apt hunting? As I had explained, my current pad is out of my EI budget now, given that el novio has temporarily moved out for his MBA...
Well, this new EI budget has definitely had a big impact on my future living conditions!! Gone are the days of full kitchens, living rooms and walk-in closets...Instead, hello studios, small windows and spider webs...

As you know, two weeks ago I was depressed over the loss of THE apt...the one...the perfect studio that I had found, within my EI budget...Innovation, determination and hope, however, have recently turned my luck around. I am now pleased to announce: I have a home!

I have a home - a brownstome home - within my EI budget, between my desired avenues (Yes I have not moved far away), on a tree-lined street, big windows, fireplace, and with all the charm I love! Home sweet home at last!

What is the gimmick? How get such a deal? Well my friends it is indeed determination, and fearlessness...

First of all, this place is a hidden gem in NY...the type of place that one only gets by 'bouche a l'oreille'...from friend to friend...So first of all contacts helped - a friend refered me. Secondly, the price was right - the owner is old and not in need of much extra cash (she's happier trusting her tenant, than seeing the big bucks pile up!). And finally, I'm not backing down from what is going to be some real elbow grease: renovating fun!

Yes yes mis amigas...this place has all the charm, but also all the cracks and squeeks! It needs a full, bathroom, living space (yes the surface is small!)...all needs a "rafraichissement"...a little coat of paint here and there...or two or even three!

I am thrilled and beyond thing though: there is no heat and no hot water yet!! All has been shut! And I just found out it's going to be a week before all is working again!!! How to survive??? I'm curled up in my duvet right now, with 2 pairs of socks, 2 leggings, 3 sweaters, a scarf and a bonnet... Welcome, thus, to EI living between Mad and Park!! See, Rose, you can have it all....well maybe not totally everything ;)

Wishing for warmer weather, this EI is signing off...unpacking to move forward with pronto!!

I miss you girls and wish you both Happy Happy Valentines celebrations with a little head start - ps, Ophelia what are you cooking up for V day??


Flora xoxo

Celebrating On An E.I. Budget

After watching a beautiful opening ceremony at the Vancouver Olympics last night, I wake up this sunny Saturday morning and while sipping my morning latte I have a couple of important queries on my mind....

First, how does one celebrate anything on an intern's budget? 
Tomorrow is the day that people from the four corners of the world, allow their lives to slow down just enough to tell the special person in their lives how much they mean to them.
I have been so busy the last few months, I haven't had a moment to think about how to best celebrate the love of my life... and now I have about 8 hours to make some sort of plan for V Day on a non-existing budget!

Second, and more importantly... does my boss know it is Valentine's Day tomorrow?
My boss, like so many that reach his level of success,  is so dependent on his assistants and interns... I find myself torn and debating whether or not I should send him a reminder text saying something along the lines of, "I'm sure you already know this.. but tomorrow is Valentine's Day!"  I am 90% certain he has nothing prepared for his girlfriend of the week!

Time to get to the planning...Lots of love to the most beautiful interns in the world! 
xxx Rose

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vancouver 2010

I may be an international drifter, but today I will proudly say I AM CANADIAN!
Go Team Candada!
Happy Olympics Eternal Interns ^_^

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander The Great

Hello Eternal Interns,
As you know, the fashion world is reeling from the sudden and tragic death of Enfant Terrible/Shit-disturber/Resident Bad boy, Alexander McQueen.  Whether you loved his work or hated it (I was not a fan of Fall 2009!), he was behind what Tim Blanks called some of "the most beautiful and shocking moments in the history of fashion."  I was going to post about some of the beautiful things I saw while window-shopping today, but decided instead to pay tribute to one of fashion's brightest stars. What a tragic day in the fashion community and a sad start to New York Fashion Week.    x Ophelia

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eternal Intern Exhaustion

Ophelia! Panty by post is exactly what I need at the no fear not...not for any romantic endeavour! Instead, it seems like the perfect time-saving tool for me at the moment! I barely have any time these days to take my clothes to the wash & fold...sounds crazy, but 'tis true!
This internship is feeling more and more like a full-time job, and let me tell you: I'm LOVING IT! Ok, so I have less time for laundry...less time for long, soaking baths...less time to sleep...and clearly less time to buy the perfect undergarments ;) I'm tired! Exhausted! At the moment, however, I don't care!

My boss has been handing me over much responsibility. I could stay at work until 10 tonight. And, get this: I've been picked to help her in the organization and promotion of the most sensational event! It will be taking place soon, and Ophelia get ready...I'm coming back to Paris!!! Yes my dear friend, it's true. Despite the fact it will be a short (3-day) trip, it will be grand!

We're gonna be throwing an event for the retirement party of a certain C.R....Not just any retirement party...A certain JPG has personnaly contacted us, and asked us to let him help us throw this party...Yes, you guessed in..........................hmmmm you guess...

See, this C.R, is not just any lady. She has worked for X for over 30 years. She knows the A to Z of the industry...from Karl, to Sonia, to Christian and JPG...she knows them all, calls them by their first names and yes my friends...she gets a retirement party thrown by them in Paris! Quelle vie!

In honour of this - and respecting JPG's wishes - a party will be held, and...there are two of us organizing it: Sofia et moi! Un reve, a dream, un sueno...

Much work is ahead my friends. We've been working around the clock...but with such a wonderful project to work on, the hours fly by. I am eternally exhausted right now, but I LOVE what I'm doing! Eternal Interning can be tough, but it can also be fabulous! Ophelia, as soon as I have my ticket I'll let you know! I can't wait to see you!!

I must jet girls, but I miss you!

An exhuasted eternal intern....Flora xoxo

Mr Postman, Je t'aime!

Hello girls,
One of the greatest things about being sans job/internship is that I have all the time in the world to focus on the things that would otherwise be reserved for the weekend.  Yesterday I got a mani-pedi and a haircut (nothing too drastic!) and today I am perusing bridal magazines!  Fear not, this Eternal Intern is not taking the plunge, but I have a dear friend on the other side of the world who is and as her maid of honor, I am assisting in any way I can!  I can't even being to tell you how difficult it is to lend a helping hand when I am in Paris and she is in Victoria, British Columbia.  Our phone dates are few and far between (9 hour time difference!), but at least once a week I tear out pages from bridal magazines and send them to her with little notes in the margins.  Sure, we could correspond by email, but she is planning a wedding for goodness sakes and there is still something so romantic about receiving something by post!

Speaking of La Poste, I was recently introduced to Panty by Post by a very in-the-know Canadian friend.  I really don't know how dear L. works a full-time job and is still au courant to all things chic, but she is always one step ahead!  Anyway, Panty by Post is a panty of the month club!  How genius is that?  You subscribe online and each month a pretty pair of french panties arrives at your door!  Très cool!

Since I live in the land of french panties and have an already overflowing top drawer, I decided to sign up the bride-to-be as a special little wedding-countdown!  Imagine, receiving lingerie each month as a countdown to your wedding?  Fabulous!  Anyway, since I am such a lover of the post, this really did seem like the most fab gift I could give.... I just wish I could be there to see the look on her face when the pretty little package arrives in the mail!

Back to bridal mags I go!  And no, I haven't applied to a single job today! It's my jour de repos!  haha!

Bisous x x x Ophelia

I Hate You, Technology

Ophelia... so glad to hear about your trip!  There is nothing like a weekend away to shake off any bitter mood!  I hope that when we are Eternally Employed, we can take many such weekends together!  I guess Flora can come with :P

Today I was put in charge of a simple yet surprisingly grueling task... I had to set up my boss's blackberry bluetooth to his car!  Sounds easy enough, right?  Wrong!  It took me a good hour in the car, and I even had to call for reinforcements!  Technology is possibly the single most frustrating thing on this planet.  I'm sure the people that drove past my parked car were wondering was going on... I am pretty sure I was talking to myself and making absolutely ridiculous gestures at the phone.  

Well... That was the excitement of this E.I.'s day... off to bed now... sweet dreams!

xxx Rose

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Five Senses à la Provençale

There is nothing like the sights, smells and tastes of Provence to calm one's frazzled nerves.... 

Bises Ophelia 

The History of Western Art...  Famous residents of Provence included Cézanne, Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso (to name a few!)

Mireille by Charles Gounod is set in Provence

Herbes de Provence 

The cool, smooth weight of a pétanque ball

Lavender..... Dyptique Feuille de Lavende

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bye Bye Blues!

Hello lovelies, 
As you know I have been suffering from a mean case of the winter blues (or the "reds" as Miss Golightly put it!).  The grey weather and the stress of being an Eternal Intern sans internship were really starting to get me down and so the boyfriend suggested a little weekend jaunt.  One of my earliest memories of France was a trip with my family to the beautiful town of Crillon-le-Brave in Provence.  I remember the beautiful fields of lavender, the incredible restaurant (I must have eaten 100 fondants au chocolat that week!) and the serene peace of the little village (I was a little bored as a child, not gonna lie!).  So when the boyfriend suggested we get away from it all, Provence was an easy choice!  After a quick plane ride to Avignon and a short drive, we arrived at the stunning Hotel Crillon-le-Brave and it was exactly as I remembered!  The weather was less than stellar, but who can complain when you are in one of the most beautiful regions in France?  

The hillside village of Crillon-le-Brave was the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Paris!  As much as I love sitting in cafes and pondering my next life move, I was really starting to lose it!  Watching people rushing off to work in the morning knowing that I had rien a faire each day is super depressing!  Nevertheless, as bad as I have been feeling for myself, this trip reminded me that life as an Eternal Intern can be pretty darn fantastic!  While I may be lacking in the employment department, I more than make up for it in the fabulous experience department and this weekend was no exception!  Now, back in Paris feeling refreshed and in a more positive state of mind, I am thankful for the Eternal Freedom interning has provided and I'm ready buckle down and make things happen!  

Bye bye blues, I'm done with you!  

Bisous x x x Ophelia 


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