Sunday, February 28, 2010

Perpetual Perplexion

Ophelia! Felicitation! I completely agree with Rose - it's always better to be busy...and honestly it's better to be gaining experience (even on the no-pay scale...) than sitting at home...wishing...hoping...that the right 'Eternal Employment" gig will come along.

Funny enough O., I also find that the busier I am the more pro-active I am. What I mean by this is that sometimes, doing nothing makes me insanely lazy! I loose total motivation...I start to feel down...My determination and ambition falters...

I'm in a similar position as you right now O....I've taken on this new internship since January - but I am hoping for Eternal fact, I'm wondering if this week wouldn't perhaps be a good time to start the job search once again - with 4 months left in the X group internship. I finally have a new stable address; I'm feeling super good about things; I've got an ab-fab new experience to add to the may be a good time to start moving!

One question I ask myself, however: Should I find a job before the end of my internship - is it ok to say "yes" and drop the internship?

I know...I seems like a given...If Eternal Employment comes one's way, one should instantaneously jump on the bandwagon and say "oui"...My dilemna, however, is that this internship is just totally fantastic. I LOVE it. I love the people, the work, my boss - everything.

Now listen chiquitas...I don't have a job coming my way...I haven't even yet begun to look and apply...but I'm thinking ahead...What if something comes my way? If I quit this internship early for Eternal Employment - won't I be burning bridges with the X Group? With Sofia?

She was so kind and generous to take me under her wings...get my Visa situation fixed up...offer me this fabulous opportunity!

I'm a little confused right now...I know that no full-time, fully-paid, fully-insured opportunities can come out of this internship (re: lines of chiquitas prepared to work for nada and replace me!! bohooo)...but at the same time, Sofia here has THE richest Rolodex in the it not more worthwhile to network now, chat a little here and there, give the occasional CV to one and another, and perhaps a month prior to the end of this gig have a little drink with Sofia and see if she (or her 1000s of friends...) could help me?

Ah chiquitas! Perpetual perplexion!!

Qu'en pensez-vous? Ophelia, I'm in Paris in less than a week's time - please can we have a Martini Bianco session to brainstorm...philosophize...relax!!

Flora xoxo

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