Monday, March 1, 2010

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

My dear girls,
How are you?  Rose, would you mind booking me a ticket from Paris to Victoria, BC?  I am Maid of Honor in my friend's wedding and I am trying to get a ticket!  haha!  Flora, I am as perpetually perplexed as you are!  It's the blind leading the blind!

In fact, I am pondering my future tonight as I get ready for my first day back to work.  Yes, I am officially taking another spin at the fashion magazine"!  I'm all ready to go... outfit picked out, nails painted, purse packed.  I reread the current issue to get back in the groove and I'm perusing to make sure I'm up to date on the latest in fashion news but something is still amiss.   I can't help thinking that I am taking a step in the wrong direction.  I don't want to say it's a step backward, because any experience is good experience, but I have already danced this dance!  I swore to myself that I would never intern again, that it was Eternal Employment from here on out and yet here I am, an intern on the eve of a new internship.

It isn't supposed to be like this... I did everything right.  Fancy private school, respected university, a masters degree, not to mention the internships at fashion houses and magazines in Paris and New York!  And toujours an Eternal Intern.  I know all the steps, I have been practicing for years and yet here I am back in the corps de ballet... never center stage!  

So I ask you this, as we dance this Eternal Intern dance, is it always one step forward two steps back?

Bisous x x x  Ophelia


  1. It may feel like it now but pretty soon you will be the Prima Ballerina of this Eternal Intern dance. Then soon you will be dancing to a big fat paycheck and a permanent position :) I know the feeling. I am not an intern but I know what you mean playing the role of "background dancers".

  2. I agree, it sounds like you're doing all the ground work for quite the successful future career

  3. I'm trying to wrap my head around this stuff your talkin' about for a minute. If you are really this gifted (which I think you are), then why didn't you start up your own fashion magazine (and sell it). The way I see already have a following. You appear to be well funded given that you can actually work for free and yet live around the world. Someone is funding you. So, why couldn't you have gotten some money together (just a little bit)and started your magazine yet. Could have used Scribd or Issuu (though I prefer Scribd cause you can make people pay for your stuff). Learn about graphics design and programs from someone at that magazine you work at now. could have started up a publishing company already (gotten your DBA license, trademarked name, etc.) and then worked on it with the three of you. If you got that much connections, then you could have interviewed people for your magazine. It doesn't have to be really expensive either. Come on', you could've done better than this. You need a little more initiative.



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