Friday, February 26, 2010

Rose The Travel Agent

Ophelia, I truly believe that you should take the internship!  It is with a company that you adore, are comfortable at, and there is no point looking for the perfect assistant gig while sitting at home.  In addition, the best thing to say at an interview is how busy you are at your current internship/job versus what your responsibilities were a month or so ago.  That's my two cents... welcome or not!  I say go for it and keep looking for the paid gig.

My job never cease's to surprise me with new and exciting responsibilities... my learning curve gets steeper by the day... NOT!
This week I have been trained in the duties of a travel agent!  Here are some lessons learned during my experience:

1-You now need a birth ceritificate to obtain a visa in most countries.
2- The process of ordering the certificate takes an average of 5 days in addition to the 5 days needed to process most visas.  This may cause a problem if you only have 2 weeks to arrange your boss' trip!
3- Never trust conference organizers to understand the pressure from your boss.
4- No one that resides outside of California, understands the high maintenance of a Hollywood producer, and therefore take their time with almost all arrangements.
5- Always make sure you have a couple of seats on hold on several different flights and hope that the airlines don't notice... business class sells out fast people!
xxx Rose

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