Friday, February 26, 2010

To Intern or Not to Intern?

Hello ladies,
Flora, I am glad you had a great time out on the town!  How was the film?  Rose, can my Other be someone I have never met?  If so I would have to say Jackie Kennedy!  I'm reading yet another Jackie book and she truly is my inspiration!

I have news, les filles.  Despite claiming I would never intern again, I am starting a new internship on Monday!  Now, here is the interesting part....  I am going back to the fashion magazine.  This time I am heading to the fashion department!  The question "To Intern or Not to Intern?" was weighing heavily on my mind during my trip to Guadeloupe, but I decided to delay responding to consider the pros and cons.

* Respected fashion magazine
* In my field of choice
* I already worked at the mag for 6 months so I know everyone and know my way around the office
* I would be working with lovely people (the fashion director is a delight!)
* More experience can't hurt...
* A chance to write?
* Surrounded by gorgeous clothes all day
* Four days a week, so I can still maintain the carefree lifestyle of an Eternal Intern!

* Unpaid!  Enough is enough!  I would eventually like to purchase the clothes I'll be schlepping all day!
* Yet another internship!  Is it wrong to call myself an "assistant"?
* I already have the magazine on my CV so I won't be adding anything new.

What do you think?  Did I make the right choice?

Bisous, Ophelia


  1. how is it that you are unpaid as an intern???? isn't there a thing called "minimum wage"...isn't it illegal for a business to profit off an in-house worker if that worker isn't compensated??? isn't this a sweatshop type business??? lots of isn'ts, no? how does an intern get a position if the employer says that interning is actually illegal? is this a legal nightmare for an employer??? help =)

  2. My answer to all your "isn'ts" is yes yes and yes! At the time, I felt I had two options:

    1. Sit at home applying to jobs in front of the television, or

    2. Go to an internship everyday, learn as much as possible about the industry I hope to break into, network and apply for jobs on the side. Sure enough, my boss put me in touch with a ton of interesting people in the hopes of finding me a job. Unfortunately, none of them was hiring (but that's a different story!)

    In the end, Option 2 seemed like the best bet to me!

    x Ophelia



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