Thursday, January 14, 2010

Questions and Answers

Hello ladies, 
I just got back from a coffee date with a fabulous girlfriend and we played one of my favorite games...  
We come up with a list of questions that you must answer for the other girl. Give it a try with a friend over drinks or coffee, you may be surprised by her answers!  

Here are my friend's answers for me... 

1.  If Ophelia could meet anyone it would be.... George Clooney - Incorrect!  (I'd have to say Jacqueline Kennedy!  I find her absolutely fascinating!) 

2.  If Ophelia could shop with anyone it would be Coco Chanel - Correct!  

3.  If Ophelia could be invited to dinner at the home of anyone it would be...  Karl Lagerfeld - Correct!   

4.  If Ophelia could get inside the mind of anyone it would be... Marilyn Monroe - Correct!  (Another tragic yet fascinating woman.  What went on in the head of Norma Jean?) 

5. If Ophelia  could go dancing with anyone it would be... Britney Spears - Incorrect!  (Brit is definitely my second choice, but I would have to say...  Gene Kelly!) 

6.  If Ophelia  could talk politics with anyone it would be... President Obama - Correct! 

7.  If Ophelia could work for anyone it would be... Anna Wintour - Incorrect!  (Eeek!  No thanks!  I want to work for... Myself... at Vogue! haha!) 

8.  If Ophelia could follow in the high heeled footsteps of anyone it would be...  Grace Kelly - Correct!  (Imagine having your dream job and then becoming a princess...  minus the whole tragic death part, of course!) 

9.  If Ophelia could have a heart to heart with anyone it would be... Oprah - Correct!  

10.  Trade places with anyone it would be...  Jacqueline Kennedy - Incorrect!  (As much as I admire her, I would never want to endure the tragedy that that woman faced!  I try to incorporate many Jackie-isms into my life, but I wouldn't trade places with anyone!) 

6 out of 10!  She knows me well!  

Bisous, Ophelia 

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