Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions of an Intern

Hello girls,
How are you enjoying your last day of 2011?    I am having a lovely time in Toronto, but I ready to leave for New York in a few days!  Flora,  I'll call you on the way in from the airport!

Like Flora, I am very much looking forward to a peaceful New Year's Eve.  Last year, I attended the most magical party in Paris, but this year I am so excited to spend the night in among friends.  I will be ringing in the New Year at a small, intimite dinner party hosted by Kate and Bill, a newly wed-couple I met a few years back.  I cannot wait because Kate is a phenomenal chef and they always invite the coolest, most interesting people to their parties.  I am so honored to be included!

And as always, I have a few resolutions that I vow to keep in 2011:

1.  Take more pictures (using my awesome new camera!)

2.  Stay in touch  (Letters, phone calls, even emails)

3.  "Fly above the haters" (No more negative people!  If you suck, you're gone!)

4.  Take more road trips  

5.   Read.  (Instead of using Facebook or checking emails when I have free time!)

Wishing you both a happy and healthy New Year!  I am looking forward to more Eternal Intern antics in 2011!  

Love always, 

Bisous xx Ophelia 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 here we come!

Girls! So nice to hear from you and I’m so happy to hear your Christmases were a blast! As for me, I’ve had a wonderful holiday, and sadly tomorrow = back to the reality of a snow covered Manhattan…boohoo!

What’s awesome though, is that this year it’ll just be me and el novio spending NYE together! No plans, no fuss, no parties, no nothing – just the two of us. Since I just started work a few months ago and he’s still working on finishing his MBA (and paying off those horrible MBA bills) we’ve decided to ring in the New Year in a calmer way this year.

My plan is…I’m going to surprise him and prepare our fave meal, a cheese fondue (I know... not insanely elaborate!), get some good bubbly, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for desert and just have a quiet, fun, cozy night! I’ve gotten the typical NYE corny hats, party accessories and such, just to add a little fun!

I guess it’s true, the older you get, the more you appreciate the simple things life throws your way. In all honesty nothing could make me happier this year than to spend NYE solo with him. It just seems perfect! I’m also thinking 2011 is going to be a great year! 2010 has been awesome for me, but I see a lot of god things happening in 2011! I don’t have any fixed resolutions (regardless, I always break them!). All I’m hoping for is happiness!

Oh girls, look at the time, I must jet…today’s my last full day of holiday L  But, if I don’t get to chat prior to tomorrow evening (I’ll be busy cooking back home!), then HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! And speak to you in 2011… Rose, Ophelia: get ready, 2011 is going to be amazing for us, I can feel it! Raises your glasses tomorrow night and cheers to that!

Flora xoxo

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Hollywood Campus

Good morning/ afternoon!

Needless to say, I have been enjoying catching up on some much needed sleep! I have never been, nor will I ever be a morning person!  So far my week of sleeping in has been nothing short of glorious and although I am ready to take on 2011, I am most definitely dreading returning to work on the 3rd.  I probably wouldn't feel the same way if my hours were 11-4 rather than the usual 8-8!  What can I say, I NEED my beauty sleep...

The holidays in Los Angeles are quite hilarious because the city is abandoned by all of its usual residents that return to their real homes, usually to the East Coast! I don't know what the exact stats are, but I literally don't know a single person in the entertainment industry here that is actually a true Angelino!  In fact, LA often feels like a college campus.  Most of the people are from abroad and despite the tolerable living costs it seems that everyone (no matter their age) feels the need to room up with their group of friends.  I can't tell you the number of acquaintances I have that live in 3 bedroom flats and are as domestic as I was during my college days!

I am having a difficult time committing to any plans for NYE.  To be honest, I would rather stay at home in my sweats and order pizza and drinks exorbitant amounts of champagne, but alas, if I am going to spend the holiday away from the family I have decided to use the evening as a networking opportunity!  So the plan is to go out, dazzle and meet new people!  I think I will opt for the house party option though rather than the usual bar scene.  I don't think I can handle another NYE stranded on a corner trying to secure a taxi home!

What are your plans?  F, still with the family in Miami?  O, still in Tdot?



Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Stranded Intern

Hello my dear girls,
I hope you both had a very Merry Christmas!  I was close to spending mine in the lovely terminal 2F at Charles de Gaulle airport where I was delayed for 8 hours on Monday.  Between the delay, hundreds of canceled flights and stranded passengers and the terrible cold I was fighting, it was a mess!  The only thing that lifted my spirits was the fact that I saw an equally stranded John Galliano waiting at the airport as well.  Is it strange that he made me feel better?  ha!  Well, after an 8 hour flight, a sick passenger (who had to be evacuated from the plane by EMT when we landed!) and then customs taking some of my presents, it was a journey from hell.  But in the end, I made it and I am now home for two weeks!  One week in Toronto and one week in New York!  So excited! 

Yesterday I spent a lovely, peaceful Christmas with my family and the boyfriend taking pictures on my brand new Nikon D3100 camera!  My cousin just had a baby girl a few weeks ago so I had the perfect model!  Oh girls, you just wait, I am going to channel my inner Patrick Demarchelier and wow you with photos of Paris when I get back!  As for aujourd'hui, instead of facing the horrors of Boxing Day, my sister and I are going for a stroll in the ravine by our house to take some Winter Wonderland photos.  I hear it is supposed to snow today!   After that, who knows what the day will hold.  That's what I love about the Christmas holidays!  

I hope you are both having a restful vacation and I can't wait to hear all about it!  

Bisous xx Ophelia 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

Flora, Ophelia and Rose

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Office Christmas Party

Rose, 2011 will be an amazing year!

Chicas, I can’t wait to head on vacation! I’m off on the 24th for a week and couldn’t be happier! I am so excited to spend some time relaxing and reenergizing! On top of that I’m spending Christmas with el novio this year! I’ll be experiencing a real Spanish Christmas…kinda funny!! Until then I have a mound of work to finish…and now…a hang over to get over! Yes…oh yes…last night was the Office Christmas Party….

It was very impromptu, random and fun! As no official party was organized, basically it was me and a bunch of peeps from the Communication & Marketing teams! We all met up at a Pub on 48th btw Mad and 5th and we all had much too much beer/cider…much too much!

What’s amazing though, are the stories that came out of last night. From the PR coordinator spilling the beans on how she has a crush on the mailman…to one of the assistant’s who informed us she actually had MARRIED a mailman (haha!)…to a Marketing guy giving us some Inside info on some of the execs salaries…haha it was hilarious!

An instantaneous the bond was oddly created between us. I mean I've been in this office for around 5 months and until yesterday I didn't even know some of these people! It's amazing what a few beers, stupid (really stupid) jokes, and laughter will do!

The evening was amazing…the morning after is a little rough…but luckily we’re ALL having a rough time! I've seen a few Advil Migraine bottles on some desks….ah la la!

Bisous chicas!

A fuzzy-headed, but happy Flora xoxo

Monday, December 20, 2010

Epic Win for Legacy

Good (I use the adjective loosely) afternoon!

I just spent half the day with my t-shirt inside out!  OMG I am so embarrassed. I'm contemplating leaving it this way so as to pretend I am making a fashion statement, instead of admitting that I was too rushed this morning to notice!  Ugh, I can't believe nobody told me!

Well I hope your day is going better than mine!  I definitely need a pint or two at the end of today, which I will no doubt treat myself to before attending a 3D screening of Tron Legacy!  I have been excited about this movie for pretty much ever!  The original is epic and more than anything I am looking forward to seeing The Dude, Jeff Bridges, kick some major on-screen ass!

With the holidays approaching I have been reflecting a lot on the year passed and the year to come and I have decided a few things.

1- I will finish my script in early 2011!
2- I will get a promotion from paid internship to at least production assistant at my current job!
3- I will finally plan a reunion to see you ladies!  It has been years since we were all together and we have to plan a reunion asap.  All we have to do is decide on which of our cities we want to reunite in?  NYC? LA? Paris?

Safe travels this week and have a wonderful time with the families!  Good luck getting out of Paris, Ophelia!  I heard getting out of London/Paris is near to impossible at the moment!  



Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Search for 'The One'

Hello mes amies,
Rose,  I was part of a Secret Santa gift exchange yesterday and someone gave a juicebox (apple to be exact) with a ten euro bill wrapped around it.  I thought it was pretty cheeky and funny!  hehe!

Speaking of the Secret Santa.  I have to tell you both about a great soirée I attended with L last night.  It was hosted by a fabulous group of American expats called Forever in France.  The Christmas event was hosted at the gorgeous apartment of an American woman named Kitty and the crowd was absolutely delightful.  I sipped champagne and munched on delicious canapés while chatting with some uber chic ladies.  Think the Upper East Side of Paris (Flora, you would have loved it!), the who's who of the Parisian expat community... and yours truly was right in the thick of it all!

Interestingly, I started talking to a Canadian woman who, after a length career in the film business,  has since made the switch to fashion.  Always forthcoming with my status as an Eternal Intern, I explained that I have had some difficulty as of late getting my foot in the door.  Well, her advice/motto was short and sweet:  It only takes ONE.  One person, one handshake, one conversation.  In Paris and especially in fashion, it is who you know and what they will do for you.  I could paper this town with my resume, but it will always lose out to the girl who knows that ONE person.  Her advice:  Continue applying (it can't hurt!), but mingle, network, socialize and eventually, at the right moment, that one magical conversation will open the locked door!

Evidemment, I was très inspired and intend to fill my new Smythson planner (hint hint Santa!) with events, presentations, workshops, everything!  All this time my search for The One has meant the perfect job, but perhaps there are other "ones" I have to find along the way.   Looks like I am going to be one busy social butterfly in 2011!

I'm off to the Monet exhibit at the Grand Palais with L!

Bisous xx Ophelia

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photocopy 101

Rose! What did you get in the end? I've got a friend who got the most wacked out thing for her Secret Santa: a massive random, so big, so funny!!

Well chicas, things have gotten a slight bit better in Flora’s world :) I had a wonderful weekend with a most fabulous college friend who came to visit, A.! We walked out butts off, and went to this awesome little bar in the LES called PDT…Please Don’t Tell! It’s an amazing little place, hidden via a telephone booth in a Hot Dog Diner…

Speaking of work, things are going well…Well that is, until this afternoon when I was standing by the photocopier and someone’s paper got stuck.

The guy who was printing the paper is some big shot in the PR department. We’ve met a handful of times, and he’s never been able to remember my name, or even recognize who I am…

I peered away, fearing he may ask me for help…and of course he did…and oh so kindly as you can imagine (just a tad bit of sarcasm there). He said:
“Hey ‘you’, can you get over here and help me with this? You’re an inten aren’t you? You should know how to do this.”

I almost laughed! Are you kidding me? Was he being serious?

For starters, I have a name! Secondly, I am no longer an intern, and have worked my ass off to get this full-time position. And, finally even if I was still an intern why would I be a photocopier specialist? And why would that make me more capable of helping him than anyone else around?

I ultimately did help him, stupidly, but I was in shock. How can someone be so disrespectful and so ignorant? When did it become OK to treat interns like sh*t? As an intern, I guess I often just took all these tasks as part of the job description, but now as a full-time employee, I can't believe interns are belittled to such tasks. Hell I probably had more degrees as an intern than that big shot has!! What has the intern world come to!

Signing off for now,

Flora, a perplexed Eternal Intern at heart…

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holidays On An EI Budget

Thanks for sharing the much needed inspiration, O!

Happy Golden Globe Nominations Day!  I couldn't be more thrilled about the competition this year, and I am particularly excited for The Social Network and Inception.  They were both so fresh, with amazing direction, acting and a stellar script.  Despite it all, my favorite of 2010 so far is Blue Valentine.  If you guys haven't seen it,  go now!  Ryan Gosling is my favorite actor of our generation. Such a gem!

So with the holidays fast approaching I have been budgeting and re-budgeting trying to figure out how to stretch the minuscule amount of money in my bank account for a few gifts and some holiday fun.

Luckily, my office is doing Secret Santa this year and I couldn't be happier.  I was wondering what I should get for my supervisors, but I no longer need to worry!  With a $10 limit, Secret Santa is actually ideal for this intern's budget.

What can you possibly get though for $10 these days?  Gift certificates are too lame, so I might just head down to a farmer's market this weekend and have a look around for something fun.  Any suggestions?  All are welcome!

xxx Rose

Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Intern's Inspiration

Hi girls,
Oh Flora, I am sure by Monday your blunder will be forgotten!  Sounds pretty awkward, though!

I hope you both had a nice restful weekend.  I am completely exhausted after the weekend of all weekends.  I have been go go go with L, my new partner in crime,  since she moved to Paris two weeks ago.  We met on the terrace of La Palette (isn't that where all fabulous friendships begin?!) while she was vacationing in Paris in July.  When she returned to Los Angeles we kept in touch via email until last month, when I received the best news:  L was moving to Paris!   Since her arrival, we have been painting the town pink!  Hot chocolate at Deux Magots, champagne at Le Fumoir, dinner at La Societe!  It has been one fun night after another!

Not only is L a blast to be around, she is an inspiration to Eternal Interns everywhere.  Over a cafe crème at a cute neighborhood spot (yes, we even live in the same quartier!), I got the back story on this chic nurse-turned-LA film producer!   Basically, L decided that life was too short to continue in a career she wasn't passionate about, so she set her sights on Hollywood!  And did it ever pay off!  Not only does she have her dream job, but she also splits her time between Los Angeles and Paris!  Not bad, non?  Long story short, I have such a great time with L because she is a reminder that the safe path is not always the right one to take.  Sure, it must have been extremely difficult making such a massive career change, but look how well it turned out!

Girls, I know the three of us have taken some flack from detractors for choosing such "fluffy," "useless" or "superficial" fields, but we will definitely have the last laugh when we are film producers or luxury executives or magazine editors!  haha!  The lovely L is a constant reminder that anything is possible. And boy or boy does she ever live life to the fullest.  But isn't that what it's all about?

Must run, les filles!  L scored last minute tickets to the ballet!  Swan Lake is calling my name!

Bisous xx Ophelia

Friday, December 10, 2010

Confidential Information (everyone speaks about...)

Rose! Haha! You want a pimp ride and I want my chauffeur! 

Tuesday may not have been top for me....well girls Friday ain't either! I feel horrible, really horrible. My boss asked me to go to a meeting in her place this morning. I was overjoyed by the responsibility he was entrusting me with, especially after what happened on Tuesday.

Anyhow, the meeting went brilliantly. I really hit it off with the agency that came in. We spoke about our upcoming event they are bidding to work on. The conversation really span over a ton of things, including previous and future events, agencies, execs… It seemed so natural, so easy!

Easy that is, until my boss called me into her office to give her a recap. I started going through what had been said and the questions they asked…until she said:
“No! They asked you that?!? I hope you didn’t answer!”…

Sh*t! I actually had answered, and gone into in depth detail! The question revolved around some future (VIP) events the magazine will be hosting, and I really didn’t think it would pose a problem…Right then and there I literally wanted to crumble to the ground …I must have turned red, but instead of losing it I said…
“Hmm no, no, of course not…” I replied.

H., my boss, clearly new it was a lie. Her eyes starred so deeply at me, I felt as though she was starring right through me (it was kind of scary!). There was a long silence (a very awkward one) followed by her just waving me out of her office…She had seen through my lie...

I’m now back at my desk and I feel terrible…How was I supposed to know that info was confidential?!? Seriously, this info has been going around the office since I got here a few months ago! Everyone has been speaking about this event! How was I supposed to know I had crossed the "invisible" line of what to say and what not to say? This is ridiculous! I've HEARD people speak about this event IN MEETINGS with other agencies!! Why am I being put on the spot for this!! 

I'm far from being an idiot...hell I have more degrees than my boss has! But I sure feel like a total failure now! Ah!…this is a bad week! TGIF!

Flora xoxo

Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Intern's Dream Ride

Flora,  I'm so sorry about your terrible morning, but it could have been worse.   Don't ask me how, but I'm sure it could have been!  Ophelia, that encounter is sweeter than you could have ever hoped for!

So today I was asked to run to the coffee shop and bring back about a dozen coffees for the crew.   I had to bring to my supervisor's attention that although I am an intern, and therefore obviously expected to have about a million helping hands, I simply did not have the means of bringing back all of the orders without major spillage.

To my sheer and utter surprise, I was granted the extremely rare privilege of driving to the coffee shop and back.  When the production assistant handed me the keys to any intern's dream ride... THE STUDIO GOLF CART.... I nearly had a coronary!  Oh it was glorious!

Now imagine me, an eternal intern, driving along the narrow cobble stone streets of the lot, feeling like a princess on her chariot, and then picture me coming face to face with the needle that inevitably burst my bubble!  One of the celebrities (who have their offices on the lot), drove past me in his own personal golf cart, which made my cart seem less like a chariot and more like a death-mobile in comparison.   His ride was pimped out, from the rims to the steering wheel, and as we drove past each other, it was made very clear who was the A-lister and who was just the intern.

NOW imagine me, an eternal intern, driving along the narrow cobble stone streets of the lot feeling like exactly that... an eternal intern, fetching about a dozen coffees, and struggling to make sure they don't spill as I drive along the bumpy road!

Mark my words, my friends, one day I will have a pimped out golf-cart of my very own and that will be the day when I know that I have made it in Hollywood!  But until that day, I best get back to the shmoozing!

xxx Rose

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Slice of Humble Pie

Bonjour girls!
The universe works in mysterious ways!  Remember Lorena?  The terrible intern at X Magazine who made my summer a living hell? Well I saw her yesterday and it is true what they say, revenge is a dish best served cold!  I was doing a little Christmas Shopping in the Marais and who do I run into working at a shop?  Lorena!  She didn't even try to hide the look of horror on her face when I walked in and she was especially frigid when I went over to say hello.

I am not sure if I told you, but after I quit X Mag, Lorena was fired for being so terrible to me.  She got the axe two days later!  Needless to say, she blames me for all her ensuing trouble!  With a forced smile plastered to her face, Lorena struggled through meaningless small talk and then congratulated me on my fabulous new job at Vogue!  I believe "Must be nice!" were her exact words.  But here is the problem...  Since when do I work at Vogue?  She must have gotten her rumors crossed but I didn't correct her.  It was just too funny!

I left the store and called another X intern who informed me that after I left so suddenly a rumor started that I had been hired by the American Vogue Paris bureau.  No one thought to follow up or confirm this rumor, so months later it is still circulating.  Apparently, I am an inspiration to the newest generation of X interns.  Everyone wants to be like the girl who interned at X Magazine then left to work at Vogue!

Well, Lorena may one day learn the truth, but until then, I will always cherish the day that Lorena choked down that piece of humble pie!

Bisous xx Ophelia

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New York Crush Hour

What is this world coming to Rose! How can some people be so disrespectful and rude? Be it in L.A. or New York, people are all the same, and just as rude and insensitive. People nowadays only think of themselves.

Why this sudden anger? Well, get this, every morning I live the horror all too many New Yorkers face: morning Crush hour on the 6 train. I specify the word “crush” because that is exactly what it is: a frenzy of tense, anxious individuals all rushing to get on the 1st train they see and crush their way into it. If I had the means I’d take a cab, or better yet, hire a driver, but on my sad little entry-level employee starting salary, I can barely even afford my monthly Metropass.

Anyhow, I had a meeting this morning with some pretty important peeps I wanted to impress. It was one of my first important meetings as an Ex-Intern and a big deal…So…I got all vamped up with this adorable ivory dress…Yes my friends I was dressed to impress! I rushed to the 77th street station, fit my way into the car, and miraculously found a seat. It felt so nice to finally sit on a morning train…

That is, until the train made a quick turn and my neighbour's Dunkin Donuts’ coffee found its way onto my beautiful ivory dress! Yes, yes mi amigas, it’s as though I myself had taken a dunk into the coffee !

I was infuriated but kept calm…waiting for the polite “I’m so sorry” or perhaps “Can I get your dry-cleaning” or even “Oh my goodness”… Instead, I got a “Shit my coffee!”.

Excuse me??? Have people become so insanely rude and self-absorbed in New York that they can’t even excuse themselves when they ruin MY outfit?? My best meeting outfit?? My ONLY meeting outfit?? I don’t know how many “dress to impress” outfits you girls have, but my meager starting salary only really entitles me to one! And on top of it all, my laundry is at the Laundromat!! Ahhh! I was hopeless! I was infuriated! I got up, got mad, swore a little (a lot!) and got off at the next station…ran home…put together some black from head to toe outfit…and made it LATE to my meeting!

What a shitty way to start the day…the week…and what a failure of a meeting! How professional does it look when you arrive 30 minutes late to your own meeting! And wearing the oddest outfit (Remember where I work! Major feminine publisher in event planning!!! I am surrounded by Louboutins, my JCrew addiction doesn't always cut it!) I feel so crummy and to top it all off: I still stink of coffee! Ahhh!! Praying my boss doesn't find out!

New Yorkers pep up your manners, and stop being so selfish!

An infuriated (and coffee stained!) Flora xoxo

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Pat On The Head

I love the role reversal, Flora!  Absolutely brilliant!

Ready for this one, ladies?

This morning, the exec producer literally patted me on the head!   Can you flippin believe that?  I don't know how to take the gesture and am slightly insulted.  The way I see it, the intentions stem from one of the following beliefs:

1- I am physically short enough that I literally temped him to show his appreciation by patting me on my head.

2- He was patronizing me!

3- He just wanted to touch me... ew?

It was such a bizarre gesture and now I am left feeling perplexed beyond belief.  What am I his pet?  Actually the more I think about, the more mortified I am!  

If it happens again I might try to morph the movement into a high five!  I high five I can definitely deal with, but a pat on the head is just too unusual.  I mean what if the assistants and other crew members followed suit?  Can you just imagine? 

'Thanks for the coffee, Rose!'  -pat on the head.

'You're in early today, Rose!' -pat on the head.

OMG, what a nightmare!  

xxx Rose

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nothing is Eternal...

O! Haha! That’s hilarious! I can’t believe someone would be so absent-minded as to leave your email on the CV they copied FROM you! Lol!

I had a pretty fun weekend myself. I was at a benefit last night at Cipriani’s and literally danced the night away with el novio! It was a beautiful party filled with very interesting guests…including one with which I had a very unexpected encounter…Remember V.? She’s the girl I went to school with, and who’s parents’ Rolodex got her a sick job at the X Group in communications for the luxury brand.

Well, get this, we ran into each other in the restroom as we were powdering up, and I made an incredible discovery: her stint up the yellow brick road of eternal employment is over! She’s been laid off, AND, she’s doing an internship!! Yes, the girl who looked so down on me, during my internship at the X-group just a few months ago, is now herself interning at a tiny PR firm in Soho! The yellow brick road, ain’t so yellow and bright anymore is it!?!? It’s one thing to go up the ladder…it’s another thing to tumble down!!

We chatted a little bit, she had heard from a mutual friend that I had finally gotten myself a full-time gig, and I could tell her pride had dropped and that she was looking to me for help…a contact…advice…She was desperate. In 2010 apparently one’s parents’ Rolodex just doesn’t quite suffice…I’ll be honest, seeing her, I felt bad. Having been in her shoes I know what it’s like: the pain, the uncertainty, the anxiety…

And so, with that, I did something I haven’t yet done…I pulled my pocketbook out and handed to her, what is to me the “Oscar” of a newly hired full-time staffer: my business card. I had a brief moment of intense pride, as she took the card from me. She analysed it, reading my title; felt the embossed print; and looked at me with a smile. Then and there I felt good! Flora, the Eternal Intern who had fought her way up that yellow brick road to Eternal Employment had finally made it! Wohooo!

I agreed to speak over coffee, but that’s as far as it will go. V. too will have to learn you have to fight hard today to get what you want!


Flora xoxo

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Case of the Stolen Resumé

Bonjour girls,

Well girls, do I have a story for you!  This one will definitely make it into the record books for the dumbest intern decision.  A few weekends ago, I ran into a friend of a friend named S.  We started talking (and commiserating) about resumés, the job search, etc.  Since we are both in the same boat, S suggested we exchange resumés and give each other feedback.  No harm in that, right?  Wrong!

S was super impressed with my CV (I was less than impressed with hers, but that is beside the point!) and she asked if she could format hers to look a little more like mine.  Sure, no problem.  After all, I don't own the Times New Roman font!  I gave her the go ahead to copy my format, just the format...   Well, "copy" doesn't even being to describe what this girl did!

Fast forward to Friday.  Out of the blue, I get a phone call from Eloise, a good friend of mine with a stellar job at a Parisian magazine.  Eloise is hiring a new intern and early this week she received a resume that really stood out. Well, after closer examination, Eloise realized that the resumé was too familiar... because it was MY resume!  Heureusement,  Eagle-eye Eloise noticed something was fishy and broke the case of the stolen resumé!  S had basically substituted my name for hers and sent the resumé out to who knows how many people!

Here's a little tip if you are going to plagiarize a resumé:  Don't forget to change the email address!  Oops!

Perhaps I should copyright my CV!  Ha!

Bisous xx Ophelia

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's for Lunch?

Ophelia, I know the feeling. I battled long and hard to get to this full-time gig…It’s a tough battle!

Girls, I have a much less important problem on my hands: I haven’t had a lunch date in a week!

Let me explain…Ever since I started here, I struggle every day to figure out with who the hell I’m going to have lunch with. All the girls already have their little posses and so few have ever come over to invite me to lunch!

It’s a problem I never faced as an intern. Back in my EI days, the “intern” solidarity meant that come noon BBMs would be buzzing, emails would be flying and whispering would be whizzing…it was time for lunch, and we would all go together!

Today, however, as a full-time “employee”, this scene has been reversed…come noon, I’m sitting at my desk, my stomach rumbling, and my phone & email resolutely quiet. What is worst, is that this one co-worker litteraly came by my desk this morning and asked my neighbour “do you wanna grab lunch?”, my neighbour declined (too much work), and so I expected her to turn to me…the new girl…the nice, pleasant new face in the office…but NO! The little scoundrel just walked away…I didn’t even have the time to offer her my pleasant company over a Pret a Manger salad!

But get ready, I then get my courage up, go to her desk and offer her my company......and......she looked so confused at my offer and so un-enthusiastic, so bored by me...I just let it go...I honestly litterally just walked back to my desk so perplexed...

WTF?? Am I a freak?? Do I seem oh so uninteresting that no one wants to have lunch with me? I literally feel like I’m back at elementary school…the new kid that sits alone with her lunch box in the cafeteria. Who thought landing that amazing full-time job would lead to anxiety around lunch?!

This feeling is terrible and I just can't sit here and wait for it to pass! Listen, as I’m writing you two my courage has suddenly risen… I’m not only gonna get a lunch date…I’m gonna get myself an A-class lunch date! Heading over to my bosses office to see if she‘s free…If I’m going to plea for a lunch date, it better be a good one! Will report back after lunch ;)




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