Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Intern's Inspiration

Hi girls,
Oh Flora, I am sure by Monday your blunder will be forgotten!  Sounds pretty awkward, though!

I hope you both had a nice restful weekend.  I am completely exhausted after the weekend of all weekends.  I have been go go go with L, my new partner in crime,  since she moved to Paris two weeks ago.  We met on the terrace of La Palette (isn't that where all fabulous friendships begin?!) while she was vacationing in Paris in July.  When she returned to Los Angeles we kept in touch via email until last month, when I received the best news:  L was moving to Paris!   Since her arrival, we have been painting the town pink!  Hot chocolate at Deux Magots, champagne at Le Fumoir, dinner at La Societe!  It has been one fun night after another!

Not only is L a blast to be around, she is an inspiration to Eternal Interns everywhere.  Over a cafe crème at a cute neighborhood spot (yes, we even live in the same quartier!), I got the back story on this chic nurse-turned-LA film producer!   Basically, L decided that life was too short to continue in a career she wasn't passionate about, so she set her sights on Hollywood!  And did it ever pay off!  Not only does she have her dream job, but she also splits her time between Los Angeles and Paris!  Not bad, non?  Long story short, I have such a great time with L because she is a reminder that the safe path is not always the right one to take.  Sure, it must have been extremely difficult making such a massive career change, but look how well it turned out!

Girls, I know the three of us have taken some flack from detractors for choosing such "fluffy," "useless" or "superficial" fields, but we will definitely have the last laugh when we are film producers or luxury executives or magazine editors!  haha!  The lovely L is a constant reminder that anything is possible. And boy or boy does she ever live life to the fullest.  But isn't that what it's all about?

Must run, les filles!  L scored last minute tickets to the ballet!  Swan Lake is calling my name!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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