Friday, December 10, 2010

Confidential Information (everyone speaks about...)

Rose! Haha! You want a pimp ride and I want my chauffeur! 

Tuesday may not have been top for me....well girls Friday ain't either! I feel horrible, really horrible. My boss asked me to go to a meeting in her place this morning. I was overjoyed by the responsibility he was entrusting me with, especially after what happened on Tuesday.

Anyhow, the meeting went brilliantly. I really hit it off with the agency that came in. We spoke about our upcoming event they are bidding to work on. The conversation really span over a ton of things, including previous and future events, agencies, execs… It seemed so natural, so easy!

Easy that is, until my boss called me into her office to give her a recap. I started going through what had been said and the questions they asked…until she said:
“No! They asked you that?!? I hope you didn’t answer!”…

Sh*t! I actually had answered, and gone into in depth detail! The question revolved around some future (VIP) events the magazine will be hosting, and I really didn’t think it would pose a problem…Right then and there I literally wanted to crumble to the ground …I must have turned red, but instead of losing it I said…
“Hmm no, no, of course not…” I replied.

H., my boss, clearly new it was a lie. Her eyes starred so deeply at me, I felt as though she was starring right through me (it was kind of scary!). There was a long silence (a very awkward one) followed by her just waving me out of her office…She had seen through my lie...

I’m now back at my desk and I feel terrible…How was I supposed to know that info was confidential?!? Seriously, this info has been going around the office since I got here a few months ago! Everyone has been speaking about this event! How was I supposed to know I had crossed the "invisible" line of what to say and what not to say? This is ridiculous! I've HEARD people speak about this event IN MEETINGS with other agencies!! Why am I being put on the spot for this!! 

I'm far from being an idiot...hell I have more degrees than my boss has! But I sure feel like a total failure now! Ah!…this is a bad week! TGIF!

Flora xoxo

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  1. LOL...the amount of degrees someone has does not really mean anything. Anyone can rack up numerous degrees.



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