Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Intern's Dream Ride

Flora,  I'm so sorry about your terrible morning, but it could have been worse.   Don't ask me how, but I'm sure it could have been!  Ophelia, that encounter is sweeter than you could have ever hoped for!

So today I was asked to run to the coffee shop and bring back about a dozen coffees for the crew.   I had to bring to my supervisor's attention that although I am an intern, and therefore obviously expected to have about a million helping hands, I simply did not have the means of bringing back all of the orders without major spillage.

To my sheer and utter surprise, I was granted the extremely rare privilege of driving to the coffee shop and back.  When the production assistant handed me the keys to any intern's dream ride... THE STUDIO GOLF CART.... I nearly had a coronary!  Oh it was glorious!

Now imagine me, an eternal intern, driving along the narrow cobble stone streets of the lot, feeling like a princess on her chariot, and then picture me coming face to face with the needle that inevitably burst my bubble!  One of the celebrities (who have their offices on the lot), drove past me in his own personal golf cart, which made my cart seem less like a chariot and more like a death-mobile in comparison.   His ride was pimped out, from the rims to the steering wheel, and as we drove past each other, it was made very clear who was the A-lister and who was just the intern.

NOW imagine me, an eternal intern, driving along the narrow cobble stone streets of the lot feeling like exactly that... an eternal intern, fetching about a dozen coffees, and struggling to make sure they don't spill as I drive along the bumpy road!

Mark my words, my friends, one day I will have a pimped out golf-cart of my very own and that will be the day when I know that I have made it in Hollywood!  But until that day, I best get back to the shmoozing!

xxx Rose

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  1. Raising my imaginary cup of coffee to you and saying "Here's to your pimped out golf cart!" Good luck in moving from perpetual intern to employee!



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