Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Slice of Humble Pie

Bonjour girls!
The universe works in mysterious ways!  Remember Lorena?  The terrible intern at X Magazine who made my summer a living hell? Well I saw her yesterday and it is true what they say, revenge is a dish best served cold!  I was doing a little Christmas Shopping in the Marais and who do I run into working at a shop?  Lorena!  She didn't even try to hide the look of horror on her face when I walked in and she was especially frigid when I went over to say hello.

I am not sure if I told you, but after I quit X Mag, Lorena was fired for being so terrible to me.  She got the axe two days later!  Needless to say, she blames me for all her ensuing trouble!  With a forced smile plastered to her face, Lorena struggled through meaningless small talk and then congratulated me on my fabulous new job at Vogue!  I believe "Must be nice!" were her exact words.  But here is the problem...  Since when do I work at Vogue?  She must have gotten her rumors crossed but I didn't correct her.  It was just too funny!

I left the store and called another X intern who informed me that after I left so suddenly a rumor started that I had been hired by the American Vogue Paris bureau.  No one thought to follow up or confirm this rumor, so months later it is still circulating.  Apparently, I am an inspiration to the newest generation of X interns.  Everyone wants to be like the girl who interned at X Magazine then left to work at Vogue!

Well, Lorena may one day learn the truth, but until then, I will always cherish the day that Lorena choked down that piece of humble pie!

Bisous xx Ophelia


  1. Thanks girls! Revenge is sweet! haha! xx Ophelia

  2. be careful with the humble pie Ophelia,
    there's enough to go around...



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