Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New York Crush Hour

What is this world coming to Rose! How can some people be so disrespectful and rude? Be it in L.A. or New York, people are all the same, and just as rude and insensitive. People nowadays only think of themselves.

Why this sudden anger? Well, get this, every morning I live the horror all too many New Yorkers face: morning Crush hour on the 6 train. I specify the word “crush” because that is exactly what it is: a frenzy of tense, anxious individuals all rushing to get on the 1st train they see and crush their way into it. If I had the means I’d take a cab, or better yet, hire a driver, but on my sad little entry-level employee starting salary, I can barely even afford my monthly Metropass.

Anyhow, I had a meeting this morning with some pretty important peeps I wanted to impress. It was one of my first important meetings as an Ex-Intern and a big deal…So…I got all vamped up with this adorable ivory dress…Yes my friends I was dressed to impress! I rushed to the 77th street station, fit my way into the car, and miraculously found a seat. It felt so nice to finally sit on a morning train…

That is, until the train made a quick turn and my neighbour's Dunkin Donuts’ coffee found its way onto my beautiful ivory dress! Yes, yes mi amigas, it’s as though I myself had taken a dunk into the coffee !

I was infuriated but kept calm…waiting for the polite “I’m so sorry” or perhaps “Can I get your dry-cleaning” or even “Oh my goodness”… Instead, I got a “Shit my coffee!”.

Excuse me??? Have people become so insanely rude and self-absorbed in New York that they can’t even excuse themselves when they ruin MY outfit?? My best meeting outfit?? My ONLY meeting outfit?? I don’t know how many “dress to impress” outfits you girls have, but my meager starting salary only really entitles me to one! And on top of it all, my laundry is at the Laundromat!! Ahhh! I was hopeless! I was infuriated! I got up, got mad, swore a little (a lot!) and got off at the next station…ran home…put together some black from head to toe outfit…and made it LATE to my meeting!

What a shitty way to start the day…the week…and what a failure of a meeting! How professional does it look when you arrive 30 minutes late to your own meeting! And wearing the oddest outfit (Remember where I work! Major feminine publisher in event planning!!! I am surrounded by Louboutins, my JCrew addiction doesn't always cut it!) I feel so crummy and to top it all off: I still stink of coffee! Ahhh!! Praying my boss doesn't find out!

New Yorkers pep up your manners, and stop being so selfish!

An infuriated (and coffee stained!) Flora xoxo


  1. Wow that sounds awful and I agree with you...I think many people are becoming more egocentric/selfish these days.

    Bravo at not throwing at fit at the perp like I probably would have. I hope the stain comes out of your dress!

  2. Great press ladies on! "is an internship the new entry level job?" My 20-something daughter at 360PR shared the article with me. I've given you guys a shout out on our FB Fan page: Parenting Gen Y
    Have really enjoyed reading the trials and tribulations of interning.
    As for coffee stains?
    from Heloise: COFFEE STAINS
    To remove coffee (or tea) stains, rinse area with cold water immediately. Rub in a couple of drops of a mild, white dishwashing liquid and rinse well. Then treat with a mixture of one-part white household vinegar and three-parts water. Rinse again and launder as you normally do. Note: If cream was used in the coffee, you may have to sponge the stain with dry-cleaning fluid.

  3. Thanks for the comments Kathy and Beppie!
    And thanks for the tips :) Will give it a try!

  4. Oh God. As a New Yorker, I'm absolutely mortified they didn't apologize and you had to go through that. (Also discovered this blog through CNN and I love it!)

  5. I feel your pain...lifelong NYer here. I can't say the crush hour gets better but I guess you just accept it over time. Yes, I agree 100% that people are rude, self-centered and plain horrible. I was not shocked in the least by your story! They say our generation (20 somethings) are supposed to be rude and self-obssessed but I see it in everyone unfortunately. Keep up the good work and on your very bad days, like what you had today, just remember that a) someone always has it worse, and b) you're not alone! There should be a special train lottery where if you win, you get the car to yourself for a year : p

  6. I am form New York! And this post was spot on! thanks for sharing this with me!

    Intern CV

  7. @ Tira and CV, anything is possible on the 6 in Manhattan! Luckily a day has passed...and no horrors this morning on my way to work :) All is good!
    Thanks for your messages!



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