Monday, December 6, 2010

A Pat On The Head

I love the role reversal, Flora!  Absolutely brilliant!

Ready for this one, ladies?

This morning, the exec producer literally patted me on the head!   Can you flippin believe that?  I don't know how to take the gesture and am slightly insulted.  The way I see it, the intentions stem from one of the following beliefs:

1- I am physically short enough that I literally temped him to show his appreciation by patting me on my head.

2- He was patronizing me!

3- He just wanted to touch me... ew?

It was such a bizarre gesture and now I am left feeling perplexed beyond belief.  What am I his pet?  Actually the more I think about, the more mortified I am!  

If it happens again I might try to morph the movement into a high five!  I high five I can definitely deal with, but a pat on the head is just too unusual.  I mean what if the assistants and other crew members followed suit?  Can you just imagine? 

'Thanks for the coffee, Rose!'  -pat on the head.

'You're in early today, Rose!' -pat on the head.

OMG, what a nightmare!  

xxx Rose


  1. Rose, I would put money on option number 3! LMAO.

  2. teehee. just don't let it spread across the crew. you don't want to be the new mascot!

  3. It's kinda like how people in the biz overuse the word "sweetheart" or tell everyone from the manicurist to their kids "love ya'"! Haha.

  4. The head?? Whatever happend to a pat on the shoulder? ... On second thought, let's leave that one out of it too!
    Btw, I found your blog via and I immediately recognized it. Turns out, you left a comment on mine last week :) Small world!

  5. I'm a little tall, and I've done the head tap before. I'll never do that again...

    Hilarious story by the way :)

  6. Rose,
    After I read your post, for several moment I can only see/visualize people hitting yopur head right and left. It felt painful.
    OMG, you have such a generous spirit. Keep it up.

  7. Kyle, thanks for giving up your head tapping ways! Thx

    Paris Pastry, yes love your blog!

    Thanks all!

    xxx Rose



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