Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nothing is Eternal...

O! Haha! That’s hilarious! I can’t believe someone would be so absent-minded as to leave your email on the CV they copied FROM you! Lol!

I had a pretty fun weekend myself. I was at a benefit last night at Cipriani’s and literally danced the night away with el novio! It was a beautiful party filled with very interesting guests…including one with which I had a very unexpected encounter…Remember V.? She’s the girl I went to school with, and who’s parents’ Rolodex got her a sick job at the X Group in communications for the luxury brand.

Well, get this, we ran into each other in the restroom as we were powdering up, and I made an incredible discovery: her stint up the yellow brick road of eternal employment is over! She’s been laid off, AND, she’s doing an internship!! Yes, the girl who looked so down on me, during my internship at the X-group just a few months ago, is now herself interning at a tiny PR firm in Soho! The yellow brick road, ain’t so yellow and bright anymore is it!?!? It’s one thing to go up the ladder…it’s another thing to tumble down!!

We chatted a little bit, she had heard from a mutual friend that I had finally gotten myself a full-time gig, and I could tell her pride had dropped and that she was looking to me for help…a contact…advice…She was desperate. In 2010 apparently one’s parents’ Rolodex just doesn’t quite suffice…I’ll be honest, seeing her, I felt bad. Having been in her shoes I know what it’s like: the pain, the uncertainty, the anxiety…

And so, with that, I did something I haven’t yet done…I pulled my pocketbook out and handed to her, what is to me the “Oscar” of a newly hired full-time staffer: my business card. I had a brief moment of intense pride, as she took the card from me. She analysed it, reading my title; felt the embossed print; and looked at me with a smile. Then and there I felt good! Flora, the Eternal Intern who had fought her way up that yellow brick road to Eternal Employment had finally made it! Wohooo!

I agreed to speak over coffee, but that’s as far as it will go. V. too will have to learn you have to fight hard today to get what you want!


Flora xoxo

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