Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Working Girl in NYC

Ophelia! That sounds beautiful!! Any chance you'll be whizzing by the Big Apple on your way to Victoria?? Please say yes!

I'm at home right's been quite quiet weekend. The novio being back in London and I'm just trying to enjoy my very first weekend as an Eternally Employed Ex-Intern (wow that was long!)...

My first week has gone incredibly well...and oddly enough, being employed has turned out to be not that much different to being an intern ;)

The very same nerves were in action on day 1, as for any internship I've ever started...

- Should I get there a little early? Is 10 minutes too much? Is 5 minutes ok?
- What should I wear? Is this too casual? Oh shit this looks way to over-dressed...
- How's lunch gonna work? Do people bring lunch? Do they go out? Will there be a cafeteria?
- I wonder how my office mates will be....

An eternally spinning mind for an ex-eternal-intern!

Of always...those very nerves disappear the minute you have your very first hand-shake! Miraculously, instinctively, you settle into the new rhythm of things, a new routine, a new environment.

Being an eternal-employee in the fashion industry in New York, however, is a little frightening I have to say...exciting yes, but a little intimidating!! Responsibilities galore, having to (eventually!) make decisions, taking initiative..ahhhhh...all the aspects that are so very alluring about having a full-time job here, are also those that are currently making my head spin!!

Thus, the reason for such a quiet weekend! Friday night I went to movies with a few girlfriends from the Junior League, yesterday I had a simply fantastic brunch at Isabella's and strolled through the park all the way home...And today...well once again, I'm actually gonna simply enjoy this day off! Relax and refill myself with energy for the week to come!

Ok girls, time to get up, get dressed and get active for my very first eternally-employed Sunday!!



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