Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's for Lunch?

Ophelia, I know the feeling. I battled long and hard to get to this full-time gig…It’s a tough battle!

Girls, I have a much less important problem on my hands: I haven’t had a lunch date in a week!

Let me explain…Ever since I started here, I struggle every day to figure out with who the hell I’m going to have lunch with. All the girls already have their little posses and so few have ever come over to invite me to lunch!

It’s a problem I never faced as an intern. Back in my EI days, the “intern” solidarity meant that come noon BBMs would be buzzing, emails would be flying and whispering would be whizzing…it was time for lunch, and we would all go together!

Today, however, as a full-time “employee”, this scene has been reversed…come noon, I’m sitting at my desk, my stomach rumbling, and my phone & email resolutely quiet. What is worst, is that this one co-worker litteraly came by my desk this morning and asked my neighbour “do you wanna grab lunch?”, my neighbour declined (too much work), and so I expected her to turn to me…the new girl…the nice, pleasant new face in the office…but NO! The little scoundrel just walked away…I didn’t even have the time to offer her my pleasant company over a Pret a Manger salad!

But get ready, I then get my courage up, go to her desk and offer her my company......and......she looked so confused at my offer and so un-enthusiastic, so bored by me...I just let it go...I honestly litterally just walked back to my desk so perplexed...

WTF?? Am I a freak?? Do I seem oh so uninteresting that no one wants to have lunch with me? I literally feel like I’m back at elementary school…the new kid that sits alone with her lunch box in the cafeteria. Who thought landing that amazing full-time job would lead to anxiety around lunch?!

This feeling is terrible and I just can't sit here and wait for it to pass! Listen, as I’m writing you two my courage has suddenly risen… I’m not only gonna get a lunch date…I’m gonna get myself an A-class lunch date! Heading over to my bosses office to see if she‘s free…If I’m going to plea for a lunch date, it better be a good one! Will report back after lunch ;)




  1. I'm new too at my job and feeling the same pain. I make every effort to mesh with the already established cliques and it's not that they're not nice, but they seem completely disinterested in me. No, I don't need the red carpet rolled out, but one would think that they'd be welcoming, ask me about myself, ya know...the typical new person conversation. But no, they sit there and talk amongst themselves and I'm like a "viewer." I even will participate in their conversations and it's like my comments don't even register. What's kinda bordering on not nice...but I think they are nice girls and I know I'm not weird or freaky!

  2. You honestly hit the nail on the head with your comment!
    That is EXACTLY how I feel! A complete and utter "viewer". It's tough, like you I really have made many efforts to integrate myself into the "team"...Maybe it just takes time! Let's see how things go in the next few months - I hope to report good news!
    Thanks for the comment! Flora xoxo



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