Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Big Eternal Employment Catch in Perspective?

Hey Rose!

I am indeed alive! In fact I am finishing my ab-fab internship this week - reason for my major MIA-ness lately... I've been trying to get everything finished up, grab drinks with everyone and basically overdo myself to the point that I've now caught a horrible cold (I can blame it on being an overworked intern...but I think it's more linked to being an "oh-so-cold" intern in an overly air-conditioned office space!)...

So mea culpa for the dissapearance act!!

Girls, it's July 4th this weekend...what are you guys doing?? Rose are you heading anywhere?? Ophelia how are you going to celebrate in Paris??

I'm thinking of heading down to the Keys...Yes, it will be hot, hot, triple hot, but I like it!! The water will be warm, the fishing amazing and the tourists will be too busy up in the Hamptons to make it all the way down there!

It's also a perfect place for me to go 100% forward with the job/networking hunt...Like I said last time, I've had a definite big bite (yes...fishermen's terms...) and I'm still reeling that bite in...We will see shortly what happens...if the bite turns into a catch...if a catch turns into my oh-so-desired Eternal Employment! I'm hoping to land a Grand Slam with this one!

Ok chicas, must focus again...just wanted to reassure you that yes, this Eternal Intern is still alive and well!!!! And now, all she has on her mind is heading down to the Keys for some good weekend fishing...ahhh la vida!!

Big besitos and talk soon!

Flora xoxo

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