Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back on Track

Hello girls,
Rose, enjoy your movie!  Flora, have a lovely time in FL!  I'm jealous!

As for me, it is hot hot hot in Paris (35 C°, 95 F°!) today and it's also moving day!  I get the keys to my new apartment this evening and then, suitcase by suitcase, box by box the boyfriend and I start the long, strenuous process of moving!  En plus, I have had to take the day off from work (yes, I did say "work"... more on this later!), to move.  The lovely CS has been so kind to let us crash in her apartment, but I am sure she will be happy to return from her summer travels to an empty, tidy apartment!  Heureusement, the new apartment is just around the corner, so the move shouldn't be too difficult... but in this heat, who knows!  The next step is, of course, the housewarming party which will take place next weekend.  I already have a few ideas up my sleeve!

And now... the work situation....  Well, it's not the "Eternal Employment" that Flora may have "caught" but it is something... and something good!  I have scored an Editorial assistant position (I fall somewhere between an intern and an assistant!) in a super cool, respected fashion magazine.  I won't say which one (I'm so mysterious!), but I can say it's not Vogue. That said, the one and only Karl Lagerfeld is a frequent contributor (he is a "cher ami" of my boss!) and with any luck our paths will cross.  I wouldn't even know what to say to Karl Lagerfeld, but just to meet him would be out of this world!  We are a small team of only 10 (5 in the office, 5 freelance!), so I will be right in the middle of all the action.  In fact, tomorrow I will be at the studio when the Artistic Director (and head Photographer) shoots a very well-known former supermodel!  All this and it's only my first week!

And I cannot tell you how many calls I have gotten this week offering me internships.  I went to several interviews last week and it would appear that I got them all!  It just goes to show you... all you need to find a job is another job!  Great timing!  haha!  

Well mes amies, after a month of instability, it seem that this Eternal Intern is finally getting back on track.  I'll report back tomorrow once I am settled in my new place!

Bisous, Ophelia

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