Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Unlucky Intern

Bonjour Eternal Interns,
I am so sorry for my latest disappearing act.  Sadly, everything that could go wrong in the life of an Eternal Intern has gone wrong!   My last week at the magazine came and went with a horrible send off from Victoire.  In fact, there was no send off at all!  I left at the end of the day and received a less than friendly email on Monday asking why I wasn't at work.  I reminded her that my internship finished at the end of the month and, in true Victoire fashion, she didn't even respond!  Nothing!  Not a word.

En plus, the boyfriend and I have yet to find an apartment, so we are currently crashing on the couch of a very kind friend.  Thank goodness for the lovely CS and her fabulous apartment or we would truly be SDF on the streets of Paris!  We have appointments next week to look at places, but so far everything has either been unimaginably expensive or dark and dingy!  As with the job situation, I am waiting for "The One"!  The perfect apartment!  In the meantime, I am still collecting lots of great pieces to furnish this amazing apartment when I finally find it!

And speaking of jobs...  guess who is once again sans emploi?  It is difficult to apply for jobs and look for apartments at the same time.  I feel like I should focus on one so as not to spread myself to thin.  Luckily, my friend has just landed a fabulous new job so I have renewed hope that things will come together for me!  Fingers crossed!

I'm sorry for being such a Debbie Downer after my long absence, but sadly I don't have much good news to report!  Heureusement, it was warm and sunny in Paris this weekend.  At least the weather doesn't match my current mood!  haha!

Bisous, Ophelia

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