Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two Juvenile Interns?

Ophelia!! So nice to finally have your news!! I was so worried...Keep your head up high mi amiga, all will soon be ok! How's CS doing...I haven't seen her in ages! Please say hello.

As for me, I just woke up! A little late...and with a slight headache!! Remember CJ (she boarded with us back in high school...), she just moved back to NY after a few years abroad and is staying with me this week. It's been so lovely having her here!! Finally a little noise and movement in the apt! The studio is small but we've managed to organize everything in this oh-so-tight space.

It's funny because having CJ here, makes me feel like I'm back at boarding school!  O, remember the days of roommates, cafeteria food, bathroom sharing, wearing flip-flops in the shower-stalls, and trying to sneak out past curfew? OMG!! Well, those are definitely distant memories today...but this Eternal Intern lived a "high school memory" moment last night - courtesy of CJ!

We had gone out to celebrate my friend G's bday down on Waverly at Babbo's... It was super fun, but I was dead tired, so post-birthday festivities (and past my usual early bed-time...hehe) I headed back uptown in the first cab I could find.  CJ, however, was still pumped with energy (the jet lag had finally kicked in...) and decided to cab it up with me uptown but stop off at some friend's party over on CPW...

I was so tired I barely listened to her speak about this apparently oh-so-fab party...She spoke to me about it the entire way up but I was in such a daze and just so tired that I totally zoned out and almost fell asleep right then and there!  As we dropped her off... she strut off in her sky-high Louboutins and oh-so-mini mini and quickly disapeared in the majestic lobby...

I, on the other hand, battling to stay awake, ran up my shaddy staircase, got inside and passed out! 30 minutes later, however, as I had just started to fall asleep I get a's CJ.  I my suprise she's whispering and telling me to get over there ASAP: JX is there!!!! Yes, you heard me correctly JX!! Simply the world's most fashionably-Sienna Miller-like-absolutely-fabulous-Kate-Mossish-but Grace-Kellyesk woman!! Ahhhhh!! Ophelia, the minute I heard the actresse's name, I got a sudden burst of energy.  I jumped out of my bed, tore my PJs off, covered my face in Guerlain terracota, threw my previous outfit right back on and jumped into a cab...I wouldn't miss seeing JX for a second!!

I got to the building (in a less elegant manner than did CJ) and just as the doorman guides me into the elevator I see the next door lift open and who's stepping out: JX! Yessss I totally saw totally close to her...She was like a meter away!! But nooooooooooooooooo she was leaving the party!!!! Noooooo!! Has this Eternal Intern come all this way to just "catch a glimpse" of this woman??

Wearing her off-the-shoulder Lanvin dress, 6 inch Blahniks and a very good looking blond chico on her arm, she strutted right out the door...another party to go to I guess...

Dissapointed, I got upstairs, totally unglam, saw CJ and decided to try and make the best of the soiree regardless! We poured ourselves a few cocktails in memory of the good-old days and our crazy stalkerish behaviour of the evening and soon decided (well, at about 4am...) to finally really call it a night... juvenile of us!!!

Miss I'll keep you posted on more of our antics...but for now...brunch is in order!

Flora xoxo

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  1. Wasn't the JX sighting worth getting out of bed for?! haha!



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