Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Intern Sans-Abri

Hello my lovelies,
How are things?  I am sorry for not writing sooner, but it's trouble in Paradise for your dear friend Ophelia!  Victoire is determined to make the last two weeks of my internship miserable (and she is succeeding!) and my lease is up in two weeks and I haven't found a new apartment yet!  Normally, I love looking at apartments but the added stress of being sans emploi is weighing heavily on me.  I would love to find a gorgeous place like yours, Flora, but I doubt I'll stumble on a little gem in the 6eme before I am forced to move in two weeks!

In the meantime, between my frantic visits to some of the most depressing apartments I have ever seen,  I have been planning on how I will decorate my fabulous pied-à-terre when I finally find it!  Like the dream job, the dream apartment is on the top of this Eternal Intern's wish list!  It seems that everyone I know is either engaged, working at some fabulous job or buying an apartment!  I don't have any of those!  Not a one!  Not that I mind feeling like a child compared to my grown-up friends (who am I kidding, I hate it!), but don't I at least deserve an adult apartment while waiting for the job situation to line up?  haha!

I just came from yet another dump and I am filled with a sense of dread that I will never find the One!  At least I can rest assured that when the lease has been signed, I'll have plenty of beautiful things to fill up my fabulous new home!

My Apartment Must-Haves: 

A pretty desk to write those handwritten notes and Thank You cards I love so much!  

A library (Ok, so I won't have a library for a zillion years, but a girl can dream!)

Le Creuset Cookware.  Living with the Global Gourmand means a great kitchen!  

Fresh peonies...  My fave!  

Well les filles, I must run!  More apartments to see!  As soon as I'm settled, you both owe me a visit!
Bisous x x x Ophelia


  1. I think we'll need a 2nd mortgage for that creuset set alone, but you do have good taste


  2. The real problem with unpaid interning that it's a "Tragedy of the Commons" situation - where the action of each individual (intern), done in that individual's self-interest, ends up harming everyone.

    Working for free is a race to the bottom - you are now discovering for yourself that it drags down everyone's wage, because you are undercutting each other for $0. Not only that, but it's gone on so long now, that employers are skipping hiring more experienced, PAID workers - with morons like you who work for nothing.

    So don't just blame the employers - YOU guys trained them to expect free help. It's your own collective fault that you are now stuck in unpaid internship hell.

    It's a proven fact that the judgment sector of the brain does not mature until after age 24 - hence why you can't rent a car until you're 25. "Interns" who work for free are just another reflection of the storied lack of judgment in youth.

  3. I couldn't agree less with that comment. This is about getting into notoriously difficult industries. They are paying their dues and have clear and focused goals. These girls have guts and drive. Can you say the same about yourself? They are accepting work for free in order to grow as people and gain invaluable experience that will put them on the path to very lucrative careers. These girls are clearly not standing by waiting for a job. This blog is a journal, a story that many people in similar situations can relate to.




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