Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Half Empty Intern

Ophelia! You are so lucky to have been able to escape...even just a few days...Right now, an escape is exactly what I need...

I know I know, this sounds a little crazy. I have indeed been overly happy, joyous, positive etc… about my ab-fab internship...but girls I'm not going to hide the fact that I'm once again suffering from Eternal Exhaustion…may I add Eternal Annoyance?

See, after long hours at work preparing upcoming soirees, finalizing press releases, putting finishing touches on media plans and answering endless emails and calls, for the past little while I’ve been coming home to a not quite renovated, barely furnished, tv-less, and most importantly: empty cocoon of a studio...

The missing factor: el novio.

Yes, it’s been a short while since he left to pursue his Ivy League dream of an MBA, and yet it has only recently hit me - in this new studio and incredibly busy new internship - how empty things feel without him.

Look, I know…I’m not going to over-dramatize things here…I’m lucky enough to have the guy, the internship and the studio…but sometimes I feel as though I’ve only got half of everything…I know this is a strange concept but listen to my depressing philosophy…

I’ve got the guy…but he’s out of state buried in his books.

I’ve got the job…but it’s an internship with a deadline approaching.

I’ve got the apartment…but it’s a 20m2 box, that for about a week and half had no heat or hot water…

I know, I’m clearly not thinking straight today…and I’m undeniably suffering from a “glass half empty” type of day…I’m sorry to blurt it all out to the two of you…

Chicas I think I need an escape pronto…perhaps a little sun, sand and sea could fill this intern’s glass half full?

What do you think?

Signing off for now,

An annoyed Eternal Intern…aka Flora xoxo


  1. Cheer up, things will get better :)

  2. Cheer up! This weather has me depressed as well, though.



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