Saturday, February 13, 2010

Home Sweet EI Home

Rose! I know the pain...being an Eternal Intern...on an Eternal Intern budget can often be tough, but with a dab of imagination and a wink of innovation you can pull anything off! As a matter of fact, remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned I was apt hunting? As I had explained, my current pad is out of my EI budget now, given that el novio has temporarily moved out for his MBA...
Well, this new EI budget has definitely had a big impact on my future living conditions!! Gone are the days of full kitchens, living rooms and walk-in closets...Instead, hello studios, small windows and spider webs...

As you know, two weeks ago I was depressed over the loss of THE apt...the one...the perfect studio that I had found, within my EI budget...Innovation, determination and hope, however, have recently turned my luck around. I am now pleased to announce: I have a home!

I have a home - a brownstome home - within my EI budget, between my desired avenues (Yes I have not moved far away), on a tree-lined street, big windows, fireplace, and with all the charm I love! Home sweet home at last!

What is the gimmick? How get such a deal? Well my friends it is indeed determination, and fearlessness...

First of all, this place is a hidden gem in NY...the type of place that one only gets by 'bouche a l'oreille'...from friend to friend...So first of all contacts helped - a friend refered me. Secondly, the price was right - the owner is old and not in need of much extra cash (she's happier trusting her tenant, than seeing the big bucks pile up!). And finally, I'm not backing down from what is going to be some real elbow grease: renovating fun!

Yes yes mis amigas...this place has all the charm, but also all the cracks and squeeks! It needs a full, bathroom, living space (yes the surface is small!)...all needs a "rafraichissement"...a little coat of paint here and there...or two or even three!

I am thrilled and beyond thing though: there is no heat and no hot water yet!! All has been shut! And I just found out it's going to be a week before all is working again!!! How to survive??? I'm curled up in my duvet right now, with 2 pairs of socks, 2 leggings, 3 sweaters, a scarf and a bonnet... Welcome, thus, to EI living between Mad and Park!! See, Rose, you can have it all....well maybe not totally everything ;)

Wishing for warmer weather, this EI is signing off...unpacking to move forward with pronto!!

I miss you girls and wish you both Happy Happy Valentines celebrations with a little head start - ps, Ophelia what are you cooking up for V day??


Flora xoxo

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