Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heartbroken over brick and mortar...

Rose! I missed you! So happy that the internship is going well (well, Rolodex-style well!). I do have to say, however, I am not a big proponent of the "intern around the clock" phenomenon that seems to be all too common over there on the West Coast...

To bring you up to date my dearest Rose, I was talking to Ophelia last night lamenting over the fact that I STILL have yet to find 'the one' to replace 'THE one'...let me explain...

Last week I fell in LOVE with THE apt, THE studio, THE perfect home away from home! I was virtually promised this gem...until...3 days later I find out that the real estate agent was a complete bafoon and leased it out to another! I was furious! Absolutely furious! Apparently the dossier chosen was that of an Eternal Employee...and not an Eternal Intern...what prejudice!!!

Rose, I felt like I had just gotten dumped by the man of my dreams...the same way a girl envisions her life with a guy...plans her future wedding (1 month into the relationship...ooops!)...has the gown, ring, caterer picked out...and the honeymoon...Well this is how I felt with respect to this miniscule (but oh so charming!) UES, townhouse, bright windowed gem!

I had already picked my Scalamandre curtains...Farrow & Ball wall colour...miniscule fridge to fit into miniscule kitchen...bref everything! And then, a slap in the face: the apt isn't mine!! I am heartbroken, devastated, absolutely brutally brought back to reality...

And yet, the sad thing is...I'm still dreaming of this studio...I still think it may one day come back to me and be mine...only mine...I'm still friggin decorating it in my crazy head!!

The same way a boy can make you go nuts and spin round and round in your head post-breakup...this apt is making my head spin 24/7!

I hope I get over this break-up prontissimo...or at least find the next "one" to get my mind off of this one...

Hoping my intern status won't hinder my try to score "the next one"...C'est dur la vie of an intern! Bisous,

Flora xoxo

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